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Miele S7580BOLEROWith the passage of time, the importance of automatic vacuum cleaners with a lot of useful features and compact design is increasing. Due to this reason, many companies in the market prefer making smart designs employing cutting edge technology. Miele S7580BOLERO Bolero upright vacuum cleaner is one such product developed by Miele. This machine features a lot of unique aspects along with its easy to handle physical structure.

Reliable Suction Levels:

Suction of Miele S7580BOLERO can be controlled automatically. Suction levels and power can be adjusted according to the needs and nature of the specific kind of floors. For instance, you would need different power levels of suction while vacuuming bare floors and carpets, and this need is meticulously taken care of on this machine. This is a great relief for people who don’t like to play around with the technical settings of the machine and just want to cleaning done.


Swiveling capability of the machine is significantly enhanced thanks to the special machine handle which is ergonomic in nature. Easy maneuver and mobility around hard objects such as furniture is facilitated because of this remarkable feature. Naturally, you need to frequently turn and twist the direction of the machine during the cleaning process and this feature aims at making that easy.

Advanced Filteration:

Just like the very best high-end vacuum cleaners designed for home users, Miele S7580BOLERO is also equipped with sealed HEPA filtration system. The HEPA filters are highly durable and can be used for a long time after being cleaned at regular intervals. Cleaning of these filters is also very easy. You simply need to wash them under a running tap water and then dry them, which does not take more than a few minutes of your time.

Components included with Miele S7580BOLERO:

Miele S7580BOLERO comes with several useful components and parts which compliment the process of cleaning and can be used for specialized purposes. Some of these tools include pet tool to clean the pet hair from couches and carpet, crevice tool to help clean in narrow spaces and around hard objects, telescopic wand and upholstery tool for cleaning over the stairs. The machine consumes 1,200 watts of power but noise levels are suppressed down to the minimum levels.

Customer Response:

Overall customer response for Miele S7580BOLERO is quite high. Things like sleek design, easy controls which significantly enhance the ease of cleaning for an average user, low noise levels and easy mobility have made this machine among the customer favorites. Long power cord available with the machine makes vacuuming an uninterrupted process so you won’t have to unplug and re-plug the machine while cleaning large areas. Besides, there is no exhaust odor and all the cleaned dirt is reliably trapped in the filter, without any dust particulars escaping in the air. However, the power cord with the machine can sometimes get a bit warm but that is not a serious problem since extended use of any machinery can cause it to get warm.

Final Verdict:

Obviously there are a lot of features on Miele S7580BOLERO that make is extremely useful for home users. If you are looking for a high-tech and high-end vacuum cleaners with automatic controls, a lot of useful features and helpful components, you should definitely give a try to Miele S7580BOLERO.

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Miele S7260 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S7260 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Isn’t it a feeling of utter helplessness when you can see dust accumulating in the little nicks and crannies of your house and you can’t do much about it? Fret no more because here is a machine that will vacuum away the tiniest particle of dust with just a whiff of its motor. The Miele S7260 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum Cleaner is workhorse and it punches in enough power to keep your surroundings squeaky clean.

Product Description

With patented Swivel Neck technology, automatic height adjustment, air clean filters and turbo brushes, this cleaner comes bundled with enough ammunition of its own. Ideal for cleaning different kinds of surfaces with ease, the Miele S7260 not only keeps the dust away but also neutralizes the pet odor or other funny smells that might be bothering you.

Swivel Neck Technology

Workout those wrists as the Miele S7260 uses patented Swivel Neck technology that lets you turn it around the tightest corners or even extend it to a flat to the ground position with spectacular ease and comfort.

Automatic Height Adjustment

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! The Miele S7260 makes sure every inch of your space is cleaned irrespective of its height or position. The machine uses spring loaded brush rollers that automatically adjust to the height of the surface being cleaned.

Air Clean Sealed System

We really mean it when we say it cleans all the dust, dirt and allergens you want. Using an Auto-Seal filter bag and a HEPA filter the Cat and Dog claims to clean up to 99.9+ percent of all that dust and grim in its path.

LED Headlight

The purpose of cleaning would be defeated if you can’t see what you clean right? The Miele S7260 understands that and just so that you can marvel at the spot that it just swiped for you, it shines a bright LED headlight wherever it goes.

Active Air Clean Filter

Your beloved pet can now roam freely – the Cat and Dog makes little of the pet odors that might be common in many households as it uses active charcoal layers to absorb and neutralize unwanted odor.

Mini Turbo Brush

Conventional vacuum cleaners still grapple with carpets and upholstery or tiny particles that cling on to carpets like pet hair. The S7260 uses a Mini Turbo Brush to clean out all such particles.


Although a machine like the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum Cleaner would come out tops on most vacuum cleaner searches, some feel it’s a little heavy while some find the use of the hand tool a little difficult.


The S7260 is a great vacuum cleaner with a slew of features that would make this ideal for people with varied cleaning requirements as it chomps up just about anything you throw at it. While the weight may be an issue, it is definitely worth a try with some features like the Active Clean Filter being a hit with many customers using it.