Eureka 4870MZ Review

Eureka 4870MZ is one of those vacuum cleaners which are a well known name in the industry. This specific machine was recently included among the best vacuum cleaners by top rated industry publications. Various reasons such as durable performance, multifarious features and competitive price play their role in this decision. What do you find on … Read more

Eureka 3670G Review

In contrast to the high end vacuum cleaners, when it comes to low-end machines, you only have to consider a few things. You have to consider the ease of its cleaning, that is, the mobility of the machine during cleaning, and its noise levels. Other than that, you have to consider the efficiency of its … Read more

Eureka AS1002A Review

Eureka AirSpeed Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum is one of the most durable bagless vacuum cleaners from Eureka, proving long lasting and high quality performance. The quality might not be as great as the high-end vacuum cleaners but there is also a huge difference in price which pretty much compensates. As for the vacuum cleaners in … Read more