Stick Vacuum Reviews

Stick Vacuum Reviews

hardwood floor vacuum
hardwood floor vacuum

This is not only stick vacuum reviews, but it is also buyer’s guide. Consulting a stick vacuum buyer’s guide before actually purchasing such a device can be extremely helpful and can save you lots of time and money in the long run, as lots of people make the mistake of choosing and buying household appliances based only on the price criterion.

Unfortunately, there are several other aspects that can interfere with the tool’s performances and compromise its apparent value, so in order to make the best decision, you should get familiar with the characteristics that are generally neglected but can become disturbing in time.

Given below is a quick list of questions you should try to answer before purchasing a certain product. Give yourself the time to browse through this brief stick vacuum reviews and feel free to add your own questions, for a better informed decision!

Q: What is a stick vacuum cleaner and what does it do?
A: As its name implies, a stick vacuum cleaner is a cleaning machine shaped like a stick, used for more or less complex cleaning tasks around the house. Stick vacuums are different from traditional cleaning machines as they are generally cordless, more lightweight and easier to manipulate and move from one place to another.

Stick vacuums, just like regular ones, are used for removing dirt, debris and dust particles from carpets, floors, countertops and from all surfaces around and under furniture pieces.

Q: How many types of stick vacuum cleaners exist?
A: To answer this question in our stick vacuum reviews we have to take into consideration different criteria, such as the presence of cords, dust bags, handles and wheels. Stick vacuums are either:

√  corded or cordless

√  bagged or bagless

√  upright or handheld

√  wheeled or without wheels

Q: What are differences in the various types of products?
A: Cordless cleaners work on batteries and require no extension cords and no plugging in for functioning, while corded cleaners need to be plugged in in order to function and perform any cleaning task.

Bagless cleaners use dust cups for collecting dirt and small dust particles, these cups being very easy to detach, clean and mount back. Bagged vacuums have dust bags that need to be replaced regularly, thus they’re more costly in the long run. Bagless cleaners are less costly and more convenient but bagged ones ensure a better level of filtration.

Upright models have an elongated shape and can only be used as stick vacuums, being ideal for cleaning hard to reach areas. Handheld models are more compact and comfortable, being ideal for quick cleanups and removing dirt from furniture and upholstery.

As for the wheels, upright models usually have a narrow rectangular base, a thin vertical housing and no wheels, but some of these vacuums incorporate some small wheels for easier transportation from one place to another.

Q: Are there similarities between these models?
A: Stick cleaners share very similar designs and shapes, have similar accessories and are created for similar purposes. Most of them include a crevice tool and a dust brush powered by

hardwood floor vacuum
hardwood floor vacuum

a motor, with flex or extensible hoses for increased versatility.

Q: Do stick vacuums require maintenance?
A: Our stick vacuum reviews says these tools require minimum maintenance but some procedures are needed from time to time, in order for the device to ensure the best performance whenever used for clean ups. Basic maintenance procedures required by these machines are:

√  emptying and cleaning the dust cup regularly / after each use

√  cleaning, rinsing and replacing the filters on a regular basis

√  cleaning the machine itself with a gentle cloth and warm water from time to time, especially if stored out in the open

Q: Are these cleaners durable enough?
A: Stick vacuums are made of resistant materials, so they’re durable enough to worth the investment. However, keep in mind that all materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Most models are made of large, molded plastic parts and feature detachable plastic components – the dust cups – as well as some rubberized parts – the hoses connecting the fan to the cup and the bumpers around the housing’s edges.

For comparison, in traditional cleaners, dust bags are made of fabric or paper, thus they’re less resistant and more prone to getting damaged during the replacement routine.

Q: Does this mean dust cups never break?
A: As said earlier in our stick vacuum reviews, dust cups in stick vacuum cleaners are made of strong, sturdy materials, such as polycarbonate, which is virtually shatterproof and unbreakable and has an extremely long lifespan.

Q: How does the cleaner empty the dust and trash?
A: Stick vacuums collect dust and dirt in the dust container, through a more or less complex filtering system, depending on the producer. From the dust container, debris is removed with the help of another cleaner or by simply detaching the cup, eliminating dirt and dust particles and remounting the piece in the machine.

Q: Is the brush head detachable?
A: Most stick vacuum cleaners feature a detachable brush head, which can be easily removed and mounted back whenever needed. This makes the devices very versatile and adaptable to a variety of cleaning tasks.

Q: What should I consider when it comes to handles?
A: Not all models have handles, but those who do have them are more comfortable and ensure a safer grip while manipulating the machine. Larger handles make the device easier to handle but may not be so convenient when it comes to storing the tool in small closets for example, so it’s up to you to decide whether you want a handled model or not.

Q: Are stick vacuum cleaners effective in removing pet hairs?
A: Yes, most stick cleaners include specially designed pet hair accessories such as turbo brushes, powered by motors, which can remove even the shortest and tinniest hairs from carpets, bare floors, stairs and automobile upholstery.

Q: What type of surfaces are these tools recommended for?
A: Stick vacuum cleaners work perfectly on all types of surfaces, from carpets, small spills and tapestry to bare floors and hardwoods. As mentioned previously in our stick vacuum reviews, they’re recommended for quick clean ups in the car as well, so they’re not only versatile but also convenient and economical in the long run.

hardwood floor vacuum
hardwood floor vacuum

Q: What types of filters do these devices use?
A: Stick vacuum cleaners – upright or handheld, bagged or bagless, corded or cordless – feature complex systems of filtration that retain most of the particles removed from the targeted surfaces. But besides capturing dirt and dust particles, these filters have to prevent them from escaping so the best vacuums are those who manage to retain all dirt inside the dust cup.

In simpler words, best stick vacuums are those using filters with micro-sized holes measuring up to 0.3 microns. These guarantee even the tiniest microscopic particles which go unnoticed for us humans are retained by the filtering system. These filters are called HEPA and are able to remove up to 99.9% of all particles in the air.

Q: What is the typical warranty for a stick vacuum?
A: There’s no typical warranty, this depends on the producer. Some products are shipped with a 2 years warranty for the machine itself and a 1 year warranty for the filter, while others include a limited lifetime warranty for all accessories and components.

Q: Should I buy a cheaper or more expensive vacuum cleaner?
A: It’s up to you to decide how much you want to invest in a cleaner, but keep in mind price shouldn’t be the main criterion for choosing such a tool. As you surely realized after reading our stick vacuum reviews, all the mentioned characteristics – regarding the dust compartment, the cords, the wheels and handles – should play a significant role in your final decision.

Q: The most expensive stick vacuum on the market is quite heavy. Can’t I get the same results with a more lightweight one?
A: Most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. There are lots of accessible tools, made of renowned producers, which are extremely qualitative and resistant, provide excellent results and have all the needed features for standing out among other vacuums, so yes, you can get the same results and even better ones with a lightweight and more accessible device.

But make sure you know exactly the type of cleaning tasks you plan to use the tool for, as stick vacuums aren’t generally recommended for deep cleaning procedures.

Q: Are stick vacuum cleaners quieter than other models?
A: Stick vacuum cleaners aren’t necessarily quieter than traditional ones, but they can be, depending on the producer, model, power and speed settings. Some devices in this category produce a disturbing and irritating high-pitched whistle, while others can barely be considered noisy. This is why noise isn’t one of the most important criteria analyzed in our stick vacuum reviews.

Q: What are the pros of stick vacuum cleaners?
A: There are lots of advantages and positive aspects that recommend these tools for regular clean ups:

√  lightweight and easy to move around the house

√  cordless and bagless, thus comfortable, convenient and easy to use

√  requires minimum maintenance

√  takes little space for storage

√  appealing

√  powerful enough for daily cleanups

√  more accessible in terms of price

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Q: What are the cons of these tools?
A: Stick vacuum cleaners have a series of drawbacks, as follows:

√  they work on batteries, thus deliver constant power for a shorter period of time and need to be recharged after each use

√  less powerful than traditional upright vacuums

√  the smaller dust container needs to  be emptied quite often when used for longer clean ups

√  not recommended for deep cleaning tasks, lasting more than 30-45 minutes

Q: Where can I buy a stick vacuum from?
A: Just like traditional cleaners, those targeted in our stick vacuum reviews can be purchased from both online and offline stores. Online stores are more accessible and convenient, as they allow you to browse through a wider range of products, models and manufacturers, to shop faster and get an informed opinion upon the product you’re about to purchase, by simply checking other customers’ comments and reviews.

Offline stores on the other hand have the advantage of enabling you to touch and feel the device, to see whether it’s sturdy and well made or not, whether it’s lightweight and comfortable enough.

So now that you read our stick vacuum reviews and got familiar with the most important features to consider when purchasing such a machine, you can start browsing for the ideal device for your home.

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