Simpson MSV2623-S Review

Simpson is one of the foremost manufacturers of pressure washers and over the years, the company has developed some of the finest products in the market. Among the heavy-duty pressure washers form Simpson,  Simpson MSV2623-S is a noteworthy product and can be considered the company’s epitome of technology, expertise and good design. Features of Simpson … Read more

SIMPSON MSV3024 Review

SIMPSON MSV3024 is fitted with special HONDA premium engine which is sufficient to guarantee its worth. The powerful GCV190 OHC Engine makes sure that the machine gets instantaneous start every time you run it and also provides reliability and long lasting performance of the machine. In its price range, SIMPSON MSV3024 is certainly a great … Read more

Simpson PS4240S Review

Simpson PS4240S is a relatively heavy duty and heavy weight machine from Simpson. But its size and weight is equally complimented by some pretty amazing features and structural innovations. Even though it weighs over 170 pounds when filled with the fuel, it’s easy to drag it around, thanks to the smooth and durable wheels under … Read more

Generac 6412 Review

Generac 6412 is one of the most versatile and innovative pressure washers form the company which has been designed to provide dedicated requirements for specific kinds of cleanings. For instance, there are dedicated settings on Generac 6412 for different kinds of cleanings. High water pressure and powerful performance allow Generac 6412 to be included among … Read more

Generac 5995 Review

Among the latest high quality pressure washers form Generac, 5995 series is among the consumer favorites. Generac 5995 has a relatively moderate weight and yet provides all the high end features that are usually found of heavy duty pressure washers, including high water pressure per minute. Power Specifications: Good thing about Generac 5995 is that … Read more

Champion Power Equipment 76522 Review

Champion Power Equipment 76522 is among the most powerful high-end pressure washers for home use. Having a PSI of 3000, this machine can deliver up to 2.5 gallons of water pressure per minute. The overall structure and build of the machine is solid with an elegant design and smooth performance. Easy Assembly of Components: Even … Read more

Generac 5997 Review

Generac 5997 is among the most powerful pressure washers mainly developed for home use from Gererac. Although the product is not specifically aimed at commercial use, it can certainly be useful on a small scale because it is among the high-end products. Users from all walks of life have used this product and the overall … Read more

Generac 6020/5987 Review

Generac is a well known and a highly respected name in the domain of pressure washers operated on gas. Generac 6020/5987 is one of the leading pressure washers from the company fitted with high capacity gas engine. This pressure washer is specifically aimed at home consumers and has been receiving highly satisfactory response from the … Read more

Karcher G2800XC Review

Karcher is a household name in the domain of high quality and durable pressure washers. Among the latest class of pressure washers form the company, Karcher G2800XC is a well known name and represents the finest quality pressure washers available in the market. Equipped with a powerful gas engine and a durable detergent box, Karcher … Read more

Power Boss 020454 Review

When it comes to pressure washers, power and energy-efficiency are two most important things. And there are not many pressure washers in the market that can strike a perfect balance between these two requirements. Power Boss 020454 from Power Boss, however, is among the rare machines that can boast of successfully combining both these crucial … Read more