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Simpson is one of the foremost manufacturers of pressure washers and over the years, the company has developed some of the finest products in the market. Among the heavy-duty pressure washers form Simpson,  Simpson MSV2623-S is a noteworthy product and can be considered the company’s epitome of technology, expertise and good design.

Features of Simpson MSV2623-S:

The thing that is evident by looking at it is its compact design and lightweight structure. Even though this is a heavy duty product and gives water pressure equivalent to some of the top pressure washers in the market, it is less in weight compared to most high end machines. This is certainly an edge and allows you to roam around with the machine without constraining yourself. Besides, compact structure also allows storing the machine in limited space. The net weight of the machine is merely 57 lbs.

Simpson MSV2623-S

Multiple Nozzles:

A good pressure washer can hardly work with a single nozzle. This is because users need services with varying amounts of water pressure and for this there should be multiple nozzles. This requirement has been addressed on Simpson MSV2623-S, just like on other quality pressure washers in the market, and there are four nozzles that come with the main device. These nozzles can provide different water pressures appropriate for different surfaces.

Onboard Storage for Accessories:

Even though the physical structure of Simpson MSV2623-S is very compact, it still manages to provide all the features that you would find on other heavy duty machines. Other than performance and services, it also comes with onboard storage for accessories, so that you can take all the accessories and tools with you wherever you go with the machine.

Control and Maintenance:

The simple yet elegant design of Simpson MSV2623-S allows for easy maintenance. The detergent tank is very easy to clean and the addition of siphoning tube to go with the detergent tank is particularly useful. Besides, there are 10 inch pneumatic tires under the machine which make its mobility very easy. Whether you need to do the cleaning in your garage or in your lawn, just drag the machine there without any problem.

Customer Precautions:

The quality of performance and life of any machine depends on the way it is used. If the oil is regularly spilled while pouring into the engine and if water keeps leaking as a result of loose screws, this would certainly affect the performance. So it is advised to read the owner’s manual in detail and follow the instructions before actually starting and using the machine. Similarly, also make sure that you clean the filter after regular intervals if you do the washing regularly. However, if you do the cleaning only once in a while, if would be alright if the filter is not washed and cleaned regularly.


While Simpson MSV2623-S can hardly boast of any feature that is not available on other pressure washers, its compact design and low weight is certainly something worth considering. If you have problem with lifting or dragging heavy machines around, this can be a pretty good choice for you.

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SIMPSON MSV3024 is fitted with special HONDA premium engine which is sufficient to guarantee its worth. The powerful GCV190 OHC Engine makes sure that the machine gets instantaneous start every time you run it and also provides reliability and long lasting performance of the machine. In its price range, SIMPSON MSV3024 is certainly a great product for home use.

Power Transmission between Engine and Pump:

The power transfer between the engine and pump on SIMPSON MSV3024 is direct, thanks to the GCV190 OHC Engine which is also fitted with brass head axial pump providing the engine sufficient production against any possible mishap. The direct transfer of power between engine and pump also makes sure that engine instantaneously starts up and the power transmission is streamlined.


Lightweight Structure:

The physical structure of GCV190 OHC Engine is very compact and lightweight. Thanks to its compact structure, you can store it in limited spaces and can easily drag it anywhere you like. The water pressure that SIMPSON MSV3024 provides is 2.4 gallons per minute which, although not best, is great given the small price of the machine compared to high-end products. This water pressure is more than sufficient to wash your home driveway, sidewalk and vehicles.

Multiple Adjustable Nozzles:

SIMPSON MSV3024 also accompanies five different nozzles which can provide varying degrees of water pressure. You can choose the nozzle that would best fit the requirements of the surface that you are cleaning and use it. In addition to nozzles, there is also a 30 inch high pressure hose which allows you to do the washing and cleaning in narrow spaces and around and under hard objects, especially if you are washing the vehicle and cannot drag the machine under it.


– Easy assembly. The entire components take over 10 minutes to assemble and the engine starts instantaneously once you put the fuel in it.

– Double sealed premium tires to facilitate easy mobility of the machine.

– High flow rate of 3000 PSI.

– Water pressure of 2.4 gallons per minute which is more than sufficient for home use.

– Five different nozzles with varying amounts of water pressure.

– GCV190 OHC Engine for swift start and smooth performance.


– While there are a lot of useful features on SIMPSON MSV3024, customers do also have some concerns. For instance, a friend of mine had problem dealing with the water inlet which is located on the back side of the machine. For this reason, you have to push it whenever you need to move the pressure washer. This seems to be a slight design flaw and it would be better if pulling mechanism is installed which is easier than pushing which can risk in damaging the water inlet.

– Due to the low water inlet, the hose inlet also creates trouble. At times, it can become rather difficult to connect the hose properly without using wrench on it. It would be great if Simpson could work on these design problems because there does not seem to be any problem with respect to the performance.

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Simpson PS4240S is a relatively heavy duty and heavy weight machine from Simpson. But its size and weight is equally complimented by some pretty amazing features and structural innovations. Even though it weighs over 170 pounds when filled with the fuel, it’s easy to drag it around, thanks to the smooth and durable wheels under it.

Adjustments and Positions:

To begin with, Simpson PS4240S is fitted with a triplex pump and contains ceramic pistons. These pistons provide smooth performance over long periods of time and are highly durable. The unloader of the machine is adjustable which significantly increases the range and variety of the machine.

Simpson PS4240S

Multiple Nozzles:

Like any good pressure washer, Simpson PS4240S comes with five nozzles which are very easy to connect. These five nozzles provide varying amounts of water pressure and soap. You can mix the soap in the detergent box and use any of the five nozzles for the required job.

Onboard Storage for Handy Equipment:

The equipment and components that compliment the cleaning process of the machine have an onboard storage on Simpson PS4240S. The advantages of onboard storage are pretty evident. You don’t need to interrupt the cleaning to go in some other room and bring the components. Instead, everything you need is right there on the machine and is very handy.

Premium Tires:

Simpson PS4240S is probably one of the heaviest pressure washers for home use. But this should not bother you in the least because of the presence of high quality and durable pneumatic tires under the machine. These 13-inch tires are double sealed and make sure that the mobility of the machine on any surface is like a walk in the park. You can drag the machine along anywhere you like without any problem.

Customer Response:

The overall customer response for Simpson PS4240S is highly positive. It has proven its worth with smooth performance, ready to operate engine and easy mobility. However, it’s important that you follow the instructions on the owner’s manual, especially the ones regarding the quantity of oil needed for the engine. Of course some people have had problems with broken components on delivery but this is a delivery problem and has nothing to do with the machine itself. The water pressure of 4 gallons per minute on this machine is virtually unsurpassed by any other pressure washer for home use.


Simpson PS4240S is certainly a class in its own regard. Cleaning driveways, cement sidewalks, furniture, walls and vehicles of all sorts is a simple and easy process with this machine. Its immense water pressure makes sure that you can do the cleaning in least possible time, while not wasting any time and energy. Besides, the machine itself is very durable and not only the physical structure is long lasting but the features also continue working efficiently for a long time. If you are a home user or even if you own a vehicle garage where you frequently need to wash your cars, this seems to be a great product for you.

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Generac 6412 is one of the most versatile and innovative pressure washers form the company which has been designed to provide dedicated requirements for specific kinds of cleanings. For instance, there are dedicated settings on Generac 6412 for different kinds of cleanings. High water pressure and powerful performance allow Generac 6412 to be included among the top pressure washers from Generac.

Generac 6412

Multiple Cleaning Settings:

One of the most unique aspects of Generac 6412 is availability of separate dedicated settings for separate kinds of cleanings. For instance, there are specific settings for washing and cleanings of vehicles, driveways, decks and masonry. These dedicated settings allow you to adjust the water pressure and timing for different surfaces.

Powerful Engine:

Generac 6412 is fitted with a powerful engine which makes it suitable to fulfill all sorts of needs of a home consumer. Its engine can deliver PSI rating up to 3000 and it gives a water pressure of 2.8 gallons per minute. This high water pressure saves you considerable amount of time during the cleaning process and also makes sure that no water is lost. There is a perfect balance between the axial pump and the engine, with the later located well above the ground thus providing easy hose connections.

User Interface:

There is a neatly defined control panel at the top front of Generac 6412. This panel displays all the settings of the machine, easy to understand and operate. Making operational adjustments and using different settings is very simple with this user interface. There is a special LED indicator on the front side which blinks if the oil or water level in the machine is low and it needs to be refilled. So you don’t have to bother to check the fuel level at regular intervals. In case the fuel supply is very low, the machine shuts down automatically in order to avoid any kind of damage.

Choice of Cleaning Tasks:

Adjusting your machine as per the requirements of a particular cleaning task is a breeze with Generac 6412. Using the up-front control panel, you simply have to select one of the four cleaning settings. Generac 6412 would itself provide appropriate water pressure and flow for your chosen cleaning task.

There are 11-inch wheels under Generac 6412 designed to provide easy mobility regardless of the nature of the terrain. Finally, we also have a folding handle, like several other pressure washers from Generac, using which you can simply fold the machine into a very compact form. This compactness of the machine provides easy storage.


Pressure Washers from Generac have a record of high quality performance for a long time. Other than the actual performance and versatility, the assembly of these machines is also very simple. Then the user controls are simple and straightforward and if you find yourself struggling with the settings of pressure washers, this machine can make the task very simple for you, because it can automatically adjust itself according to the specific cleaning type that you select from the control panel. Finally, two year manufacturer warranty further increases the worth of the device.

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Among the latest high quality pressure washers form Generac, 5995 series is among the consumer favorites. Generac 5995 has a relatively moderate weight and yet provides all the high end features that are usually found of heavy duty pressure washers, including high water pressure per minute.

Generac 5995

Power Specifications:

Good thing about Generac 5995 is that even though it is lightweight compared to many other high-end devices in the market, it manages to provide high water pressure and PSI levels. It has a capability of providing water pressure of 3.2 gallons per minute while maintaining a PSI of 3300.

Automatic Premium Engine:

Generac 5995 comes with special Generac 302cc OHV engine which is powerful enough to fulfill the power needs of the machine for a long time. This engine is also equipped with automatic shutdown capability upon detecting low fuel, in order to save the machine from any kind of damage. An unloader valve is also integrated in the machine to provide easy engine startup.

OHV Engine:

The engine of Generac 5995 is over-head valve horizontal shaft engine. This kind of engine prolongs the life of machine by making sure that the engine remains secure against any possible technical flaw by shutting down itself. There is also a perfect balance between the engine and pump over the wheels and axels in order to provide smooth maneuverability regardless of the nature of terrain. The durable roll-cage frames protect both the pump and the engine from any kind of damage.

The cushion-grip of the spray gun on Generac 5995 provides firm grip and reduces the strain on your muscles. The spray trigger is very easy to pull and the multiple nozzle tips can be replaced without any problem. Finally, there is an onboard storage available to store all the extra tools and components that you might need during the washing process.


The only concern about this machine happens to be a structural inconvenience. A friend of mine used this machine for a while and although he was satisfied with the overall performance, he thought the protective roil cage was a bit too large which made the mobility of the machine a bit problematic. Other than that, there do not seem to be any serious concerns for the time being.


Generac 5995 is certainly a deal worth your money. It clearly has an edge of being lightweight while providing all the features that a home consumer could ask for. Whether you want to remove the old paint off your wall or mud off your vehicle, whether you want to clean the driveway or just wash the cement walls, Generac 5995 is always ready to deliver the job in limited time and without wasting extra water. Of course, for users who are not used to working with pressure washers, the assembly and operation of the machine might seems a bit difficult, but this is precisely the reason why you should read and understand the owner’s manual before operating the machine. Two year manufacturer warranty can be considered an added advantage.

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Champion Power Equipment 76522 is among the most powerful high-end pressure washers for home use. Having a PSI of 3000, this machine can deliver up to 2.5 gallons of water pressure per minute. The overall structure and build of the machine is solid with an elegant design and smooth performance.

Champion Power Equipment 76522

Easy Assembly of Components:

Even before you see the actual performance of the machine, you encounter with its assembly and a machine which is hard to assemble leaves a bad impression which remains even if its performance is good. But the assembly of Champion Power Equipment 76522 is fairly simple and takes about 10 minutes. You need to tie a few screws and it does not require any kind of technical expertise.

Distinguishing Features:

Champion Power Equipment 76522 is in the class of most powerful pressure washers for home use. Its extended gas tank can accumulate large amount of fuel and can work continuously for 8 hours. Another good thing is that the controls of the machine such as water in, outlet, restart etc. are placed at the front of the machine. So with these controls at the front, you don’t have to go to the back of the machine every time you need to change the controls. The mechanism of electric start makes the operation even easier but you only have to pull the trigger and the engine would be ready to run.

There are also four stainless steel wands that you can use with Champion Power Equipment 76522. These different wands provide varying amounts of water pressure and can be used for different surfaces. There is a storage area for all the accessories onboard so that you won’t have to interrupt your cleaning every time you need a tool.

Champion Power Equipment 76522 is also CARB certified to be sold in all the 50 states of the US, unlike several other pressure washers which have limited CARB certification.

Overall Performance:

Champion Power Equipment 76522 works like a charm on all sorts of surfaces and vehicles. After you put in the oil and water, the start time of the machine is negligible and it seems instantaneously ready for use. The options of auto off and restart also work fine. This feature is particularly useful because it saves fuel and water and also makes sure that the machine shuts off in case any technical problem is found.

User Concerns:

The placement of the battery on the machine seems a bit out of place. Even still, it works perfectly well with high pressure hose but working with low-pressure hose presents a problem because it tends to depressurize the system and water occasionally dribbles into the battery. Although this might not be a problem with respect to electricity because it is a low voltage machine, but still it can cause erosion in long run. An easy solution to this problem is to cover the chassis and the hose connections with plastic. But still the company should consider changing the position of the battery.

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Generac 5997

Generac 5997

Generac 5997 is among the most powerful pressure washers mainly developed for home use from Gererac. Although the product is not specifically aimed at commercial use, it can certainly be useful on a small scale because it is among the high-end products. Users from all walks of life have used this product and the overall reaction is highly positive.

Distinguishing Features:

– The first thing that you are going to notice about Generac 5997 is its solid build. There is a quick release pin on the cart that it is mounted on. You can use this pin to fold down the handle, thus giving the machine a very compact form for storage in a limited space.

– Assembling different components of the machine is like a walk in a park and takes not more than a few minutes. You only need two screws to put the hose holder in its place, in the absence of any extra parts for specific needs. After that, just add the oil and run the engine. But do make sure that you read the instruction on the owner’s manual before filling up the box with the oil because it mentions the quantity of oil that you should not exceed for better performance.

– There are five different kinds of nozzles which have been designed for specialized tasks. You can use these nozzles according to your specific requirements. The presence of five nozzles certainly increases the range and versatility of the machine.

– Generac 5997 provides high pressure for all purposes. Whether you want to clean your driveway, furniture or concrete walls, this machine is more than reliable. Even with such high pressure, the machine can continuously operate for several hours without any kind of problem.

Problems and Concerns:

Some people have had concerns about the right pressure of water. According to them, even when hoses are in place and are checked for any kinks, the water pressure is low. A solution to this problem is to turn the valve fully counterclockwise before you actually start the engine. Turning the valve fully counterclockwise would bring it to the lowest pressure level. Also make sure that you follow properly the instruction regarding the choke and the throttle. Making sure that you do these things, you would get the proper required pressure. So basically staring the engine to get the required pressure proved to be a bit tricky for some people but if you follow the proper procedure, as also indicated in the owner’s manual, you won’t have any kind of annoying problem.


Just like the other pressure washers from Generac for home use, Generac 5997 is also a useful product. Besides, this is one of the most powerful devices in this line of product and can serve almost all home and even some commercial level needs. Generac is a well-trusted name in the domain of generators and pressure washers and its products have proven results. Finally, three year manufacturer warranty is something that adds to the usefulness of the product.

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Generac 6020/5987

Generac 6020/5987

Generac is a well known and a highly respected name in the domain of pressure washers operated on gas. Generac 6020/5987 is one of the leading pressure washers from the company fitted with high capacity gas engine. This pressure washer is specifically aimed at home consumers and has been receiving highly satisfactory response from the consumers for several years.

PSI Power and GPM Capacity:

Generac 6020/5987 provides high PSI power and GSM capacity which are two most important factors of judging the efficiency of a pressure washer. PSI basically stands for pounds per square inch and it determines the pressure of the water coming out of the pressure washer. The PSI of Generac 6020/5987 is 2500. GPM, on the other hand, stands for gallons per minute and it is a measure of the water flow from the pressure washer. Generac 6020/5987 comes with a GPM of 2.3 which is significantly higher than most other pressure washers for home consumption.

OHV Engine:

Generac 6020/5987 is equipped with special OHV engine. With this engine, the pump is positioned high above the ground to make its access easy. With this facility, you don’t need to kneel down whenever you want to connect the hose connections and can simply reach to the pump while standing. Perfect balance between the engine and the pump over the axle provides easy maneuverability of the machine.

Three Nozzle-Tips:

There are three nozzle-tips which can be connected and disconnected with a single click. These nozzle-tips can be used for different purposes and can be adjusted accordingly. The axel pump also makes sure that heat is dissipated constantly so that the machine does not heat up. This mechanism ensures that the machine provides reliable performance for a long time. Besides, the trigger is also easy to press and manipulate which does not render any strain on the body of the person using the machine.


– Multiple nozzle options for different kinds of washing.

– Perfect balance of pump and engine which provides easy maneuverability.

– Easy assembly of components and easily available spare parts.

– Two year limited warranty.


– The problem that a friend in California complained about is that the pressure washer was not CARB compliant, but this is already mentioned on the website of the company as well as on their Amazon page. So if you are in California, make sure before purchasing that your unit is compliant with CARB.


Generac 6020/5987 is certainly a great choice for home-consumers. Of course if you are a commercial users you might want to look for a heavier and more powerful machine, but for the home users, it very well serves the purpose. In compact body, reasonable price and reliable performance, this certainly is a piece of machine worth your advice. But an unfortunate aspect for users in California is that since the devices are not compliant with CARB, they would not be able to use it. But there are other pressure washers from the company which comply by these rules and you can purchase them in California.

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Karcher G2800XC

Karcher G2800XC

Karcher is a household name in the domain of high quality and durable pressure washers. Among the latest class of pressure washers form the company, Karcher G2800XC is a well known name and represents the finest quality pressure washers available in the market. Equipped with a powerful gas engine and a durable detergent box, Karcher G2800XC features all the ingredients that a consumer can ask for.

Gas-Engine Washer:

The pressure washer fitted in Karcher G2800XC is powered by gas which makes is considerably more energy efficient compared to other such machines in the market. This washer works in conjunction with 25 feet long pressure hose which makes it very easy to perform the cleaning operation in narrow spaces and under and around the furniture. With a long hose it is also very easy to do all the cleaning over the stairs where otherwise it is a pretty cumbersome task.

Storage Options:

There is ample space on Karcher G2800XC to put the accessories and any personal belonging to keep them in easy reach especially during the cleaning process. With all these accessories in easy reach, you can continue the cleaning process without interrupting it at intervals in order to get the accessories.

Durable Pressure Washers:

Cutting-edge technology has been employed in the manufacture of the pressure washers for Karcher G2800XC. These pressure washers belong to the G-Series of highly quality washers which are tested multiple times by the experts before being launched in the market. The pump head of these washers is made of brass to give it a long lasting quality which also considerably reduces the maintenance costs.

Multiple Nozzles:

There are five different kinds of nozzles that go along with Karcher G2800XC. These nozzles can be attached and adjusted according to the requirements of the pressure. The 212cc powerful engine also provides the high burst of pressure that provides cleaning down to the minutest scale.

Unique Folding Handle:

One of the most unique aspects of Karcher G2800XC, and of other pressure washers from this class, is the facility of a folding handle. With folding handle, you can simply fold the structure of the machine into a very compact form so that it becomes very easy to pick it up. With the compact form, storage of the machine in limited space is also not a problem.

Rugged Design:

The rugged design of Karcher G2800XC specially aims at providing the machine with increased security against any bumps into walls and hard objects. There are some vacuum cleaners and pressure washers which have a front-end bumper to provide protection against bumps while the rest of the body remains vulnerable. With Karcher G2800XC, the entire body is made of highly durable and rugged material, removing the structural vulnerabilities.


If you consider yourself a rather careless user who is prone to bumps into walls and furniture and hence wants a machine with a durable structure, Karcher G2800XC can very well serve the purpose. Among the pressure washers in the market, this is certainly a product that clearly stands out.

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Power Boss 020454

Power Boss 020454

When it comes to pressure washers, power and energy-efficiency are two most important things. And there are not many pressure washers in the market that can strike a perfect balance between these two requirements. Power Boss 020454 from Power Boss, however, is among the rare machines that can boast of successfully combining both these crucial factors to provide and smooth and reliable pressure washing.

Powerful Engine:

One of the foremost features of Power Boss 020454 is its extremely powerful engine that leaves no room for any defect in the cleaning process. The Honda engines specifically designed for these machines provide high performance with great energy efficiency. Besides, it is also very easy to start these engines and maintain them over long periods of time. Great thing about these Honda engines is that their power level can be adjusted according to the requirements of a particular task. Overhead-Value Tech is employed in these engines, which make sure that the machine does not heat and long lasting performance is delivered.

High Pressure:

The water pressure from Power Boss 020454 is sufficient to relive you of all the dirt, debris and unwanted material on your furniture, fence, wall or driveway. The pressure is as much as 75 times compared to a normal garden hose, which is more than enough to tackle with any household problem related to water pressure. Various annoying stains such as paint stains, coffee spots and soils are removed easily from any give surface. Surfaces are restored in their original conditions by cleaning off all the dirt form them. Due to this high pressure, you can complete the washing and cleaning job in very little time and thus save your precious time. Great thing about Power Boss 020454 is that even though it provides very high pressure, it uses significantly low pressure compared to an average garden hose, and thus saves water.

Accessories with Power Boss 020454:

There are several useful accessories which you can use along with Power Boss 020454. The most important one is the 50 feet long high pressure hose which is made of durable steel material which resists any kind of wear and tear. Easy mobility over different kind of rough surfaces is made possible with the 12 inch wheels that are attached under the machine. So if you are walking through your garden, you can easily drag the machine along with you without straining your body in the least. There is also a plunger pump which is highly durable and provides high pressure output. There are various other minor attachments and tools as well, the details of which you can see from the owner manual and use them accordingly.


So far there has not been any serious user concern or complaint regarding Power Boss 020454. We can safely regard it as one of the most successful and highly demanded pressure washers in the market. Factors such as easy assembly of components, easy and reliable operation of the engine, high pressure and energy efficiency are some of the things that make Power Boss 020454 highly desirable from any cleaning point of view.

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