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Hoover U6485900Hoover is one of the foremost manufacturers of manufacture of bagged and bag-less vacuum cleaners. Besides, the company has also consistently manufactured some of the best vacuum cleaners from all categories and classes. Whether you want an entry level vacuum cleaner or are looking for an advanced machine with cutting-edge technology, Hoover machines can satisfy you. Hoover U6485900 is among the moderately priced vacuum cleaners from the company and strikes a great balance between price and quality.

Important Aspects of Hoover U6485900:

Keeping in line with other Hoover vacuum cleaners in the market, Hoover U6485900 is also equipped with the patented Wind-tunnel technology. This technology gives better suction power to the vacuum cleaner which obviously results in increased overall efficiency. With this technology, multiple suction channels are created in the machine making sure that the kind of embedded dirt that is hard to remove by ordinary vacuum cleaners is reliably trapped. Besides, there is also special Dirt-Finder system on which is triggered by the Wind-tunnel tech. This system mainly aims at cleaning the dirt embedded deep in the carpet strands and other places.

Another feature similar with other Hoover vacuum cleaners is the presence of HEPA media filters on the machine. These filters are by far the best in the market and are recommended by specialists for all people, particularly for people who are prone to dust allergies. This is because HEPA filters make sure that dust and debris is captured up to the level of 99.97 % which is the best that has been achieved on vacuum cleaners as yet. Besides, these filters also make sure that no dust is escaped into the air, thus removing any danger of getting dust allergies.

The height of the vacuum cleaner can be adjusted into three positions appropriate for different floor heights. Besides, the machine can also be switched to different floor settings designed to act efficiency on all types of floors without any interruption of the operation.

Self-propelling ability of the machine facilitates enhanced mobility and easy maneuverability. Whether the machine is moved in the forward direction or backward, the movements are as smooth as wind.


– Trademark Hoover technologies in action.

– Dust bags can be cleaned whenever required and then replaced.

– Choice to use accessories and tools with the machine. These accessories and tools include the pet tool for pet hair removal, upholstery tool for cleaning the stairs, crevice tools for vacuuming in narrow spaces and a hose.

– Height can be adjusted in consideration with the floor type.

– 3 year limited manufacturer warranty.


Noise of the machine was complained about that it produces more noise than other vacuum cleaners. However, this particular condition is observed when the dust bags in the machine are filled to capacity and the vacuuming is continued. A proper way to avoid extra noise is to make sure that whenever dust bags are full, they are cleaned before further operation.


Obviously, with a reasonable price, wide range of useful feature and 3 year limited warranty, this machine can be a wonder for home users. Given its high-tech capabilities and range of operation, it certainly can be included among the best vacuum cleaners in the entry level category.

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Hoover F7412-900There are so many high-tech and fancy vacuum cleaners in the market today that it becomes very difficult to decide on one if you don’t have any technical expertise. Good thing is that a lot of these vacuum cleaners are developed by companies with wide experience in the field and hence turn out to be quite reliable. This is particularly true about vacuum cleaners manufactured by Hoover. Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner F7412-900 is an example of these high-tech vacuum cleaners aimed at home users.

Specs on Hoover Dual V Carpet Cleaner:

A lot of features that are present on other high-tech vacuum cleaners from Hoover would be found on this remarkable machine as well. To begin with, just like the finest machines form the company, Hoover Dual V Carpet Cleaner is also equipped with the Spin-Scrub technology. With this technology in action, all the individual fibers of a carpet are washed and cleaned with utmost efficiency. Besides, there are three available settings for cleaning and washing, one of which you can use for any particular type of cleaning.

You will find a lot of automation processes on Hoover Dual V Carpet Cleaner, which means that you would have to exert least manual effort. The detergent mixing system of the machine is also automatic. With this system in action, all you need to do is add water to the machine and mix it with the detergent of your choice. After that, the machine would make the decision about the quantity of this mixture needed in a particular type of cleaning and you don’t need to bother about that.

This important technology that is used in Hoover Dual V Carpet Cleaner is the Dual-V technology. With this technology, it is made sure that equal suction is distributed along the entire cleaning path to provide reliable performance. Powerful suction makes sure that water is sucked out of the carpet in no time, leaving the carpet as good as new. When water is not used in the cleaning process, this suction is powerful enough to trap all the dust and dirt in a very limited time.

Components and Tools on the Machine:

It is hard to imagine of a Hoover vacuum cleaner that does not come with a variety of useful components and tools. Same is the case with Hoover Dual V Carpet Cleaner. On this machine, we have the carpet and upholstery tool for cleaning carpeted stairs, curtains and carpets etc. Then there is the inevitable pet hair tool that is a must have for people who have pets. This tool makes sure that you are never bothered about annoying pet hair on your carpet or couch. Similarly, the crevice tool has its own dedicated function and is used for cleaning in narrow spaces. All these tools considerably enhance the functional power of the machine.


Hoover vacuum cleaners generally need no praise, since they are already a market standard. For a home user looking for a quality vacuum cleaner that can last for a long time and that can continue to provide reliable performance, this one certainly is a great choice. Available at a very reasonable price, it also has a yearlong manufacturer warranty.

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Hoover UH30600With the passage of time, just like everything else, vacuum cleaners have been seeing a lot of technological innovation and accomplishment. Major companies are manufacturing vacuum cleaners that use cutting-edge technology in their operations. A similar machine with high-tech features and great performance is Hoover UH30600 mainly designed for home users.

Main Features of Hoover UH30600:

Wind-tunnel tech is a unique feature of Hoover vacuum cleaners and this remains true with Hoover UH30600. Thanks to this remarkable technology used in the machine, the air-flow path is divided into three channels. This multiple channel operations increase the power of suction and thus make sure that minutest dust particles are sucked and trapped by the vacuum cleaner.

The bags used for capturing the garbage are made with HEPA media. HEPA technology is employed to increase the efficiency of the filters and bags. With this technology in action, the vacuum cleaner makes sure that 99.97 percent of the dust and dirt is cleaned down to 0.3 microns which is the best you will achieve on any vacuum cleaner in the market. Besides, the bags have been designed to provide utmost operational efficiency. Whenever the bags are filled, an indicator on the machine beeps so that you can clean the bags without congesting them. The bags are released with a simple push of a button directly into the trash can and you don’t even need to touch them. This easy operation of the bags makes sure that they last for a long time and hence decrease considerable cost.

In total, there are seven different settings for different kind of floors. You can switch between the floor types with a simple twist of a dial. Whether you are cleaning your carpet or vacuuming bare floors, the settings cover all these types.

Tools and Accessories with Hoover UH30600:

The tools and accessories that accompany Hoover UH30600 include:

– A crevice tool which is 12 inch long. This tool with its extended length is more than sufficient to get rid of all the dirt and dust trapped in narrow spaces and crevices.

– An extension wand which is connected with the machine and used to clean stairs and places which are otherwise hard to reach.

– Pet hair removal tool which, as the name suggests, is to get rid of the pet hair which can easily get trapped in carpets and couches.

– Power cord whose length is 30 feet. With this length, you can continue the vacuuming operation in moderate and large rooms without interrupting it at regular intervals.

Final Verdict:

Hoover UH30600 is easily one of the best and finest quality vacuum cleaners available in the market. The name Hoover is itself a standard in the industry and the products manufactured by the company come with a long operational life and reliable performance. Hoover UH30600 has all the features that a home user can ask for. Besides, it utilizes the latest technology prevalent currently in the vacuum cleaners. For people who have to clean moderate and even large sized rooms, this machine is one of a kind with guaranteed performance.

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Hoover UH30310Hoover UH30310 is a remarkable vacuum cleaner from the class of bagged and upright vacuum cleaners from Hoover. There are a lot of innovative features on the machine to make is highly useful for home users. It’s amazing wind-tunnel technology and remarkable HEPA filters are some of the features that have made this machine very popular in a very little time.

Technologies and Features on Hoover UH30310:

To begin with, Hoover UH30310 is equipped with the remarkable Wind-Tunnel technology system. This technology aims at maximizing the efficiency of the machine. With this technology in action, Hoover UH30310 makes sure that dirt embedded deep in the carpet fibers is removed to the minutest scale. Besides, the system also makes sure that the cleaned carpet is safe from any kind of scatter or stains.

This high-quality machine contains HEPA filters made with carbon which are the most highly recommended filters. Both for heath and cleaning purposes, these filters have proven advantages. For instance, these filters give you a guarantee that 99.9 percent dust particles would be efficiency trapped. Not only that, the filters also make sure that dust particles do not escape into the air. Thus the filters, on one hand, provide reliable cleaning for your floor and, on the other hand, eliminate any possibly of catching dust allergies. HEPA filters have the ability of capturing dust particles down to 0.3 microns which is the best you would get with any kind of filters.

The dirt bag on the machine can be cleaned without you even touching it. Once the bag is filled and needs to be emptied, all you need to do is push a button available on the machine. With this action, the dust bag is released directly into the trash, thus releasing all the garbage from it. Once empty, you can continue to use it for further cleaning. Besides, there is also a special indicator on the machine to check the level of dirt in the bag. Whenever the bag is full and needs to be emptied, this indicator tells you with a beep.

Tools on Hoover UH30310:

The crevice tool, just like on other vacuum cleaners, facilitates cleaning in narrow spaces. For instance, if you are cleaning your steps, you might want to clean the crevices between the steps. The crevice tool has been designed specifically for this purpose and provides utmost efficiency.

With a simple push button available on the machine, you can start or stop the working of the brush-roll. For instance, when you are cleaning on a carpet, you can start the brush-roll and while working on bare floors, you can choose to stop it.


– Wind-tunnel technology for efficiency and reliable cleaning.

– Efficient HEPA filters with guaranteed results.

– Dust bags that can be cleaned without any effort.

– Net weight of only 15 pounds which makes the mobility easy.

– 30 inch power cord to facilitate cleaning in large areas.


A minor structural flaw that a friend complained about is that when the unit is opened almost to the horizontal, it seems to bump into the hose connection. But this flaw is next to nothing when compared with the useful features of the machine.

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Hoover UH70210Hoover is a renowned name in the industry of vacuum cleaners. The company has distinguished record of manufacturing high quality vacuum cleaners for home and commercial use. Hoover UH70210 is among the products of the company that are equipped with cutting-edge technology and can compete with any other vacuum cleaner in the market.

Features on Hoover UH70210:

The physical structure of Hoover UH70210 is extremely compact and efficient when it comes to storage. The machine has a fold down handle that can be folded when storing the machine in some limited space. This takes away any concern you have about storing the machine.

Great thing about Hoover UH70210 is that it is not only integrated with just one kind of filters. Instead, the filters on Hoover UH70210 have multiple qualities. For instance, the machine has carbon filters which have the ability of absorbing the unpleasant odor in the room. It also has HEPA filters which are the best filters for vacuum cleaners. These filters make sure that every dust particle is well trapped and the surrounding air remains clean of any idle dust particles and odor. This makes HEPA filters highly recommend products for people who suffer from dust allergies.

There are five modes of cleaning available on Hoover UH70210. Every mode works for a specific kind of floor. A particular mode can be selected from the switch available on the machine.

There is a special scuff bumper on the front side of the machine. It often happens that, while cleaning, you bump into furniture which can result in damaging the machine. With this bumper at the front of the machine, you now don’t need to worry about damaging the machine. Even if you mistakenly run into some hard object, the bumper keeps the machine save from any kind of damage. This results in reliable performance for a long time.

There is a special system-check indicator available on the machine to make sure that all functions of the machine continue to act with efficiency. In case there is some operational error in the machine, this indicator tells it with a beep. For instance, if the filters of the machine need cleaning, the indicator will indicate it in due time so that you are avoid damaging the filters.

Tools and Components with Hoover UH70210:

There are various valuable tools and components that are included in the complete package of Hoover UH70210. These tools and components provide specialized cleaning and each tool can be used for a particular requirement. For instance, the machine, like other high-tech vacuum cleaners, comes with a pet tool whose rudder blades and powerful suction makes sure that your carpet or couch is completely freed of any unwanted pet hair.

The 27 inch power cord is another important accessory with the additional advantage that it can be rewound without actually winding it manually. Instead, you only need to tap the pedal of the machine and the cord would be retracted steadily inside.

You can use the upholstery tool to clean stairs and other places which are hard to reach. Finally, there is the crevice tool for cleaning in narrow spaces and a 12 inch extension wand.

With respect to efficiency of performance, price and components, Hoover UH70210 is certainly an excellent choice for home users.

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Hoover F5914-900Are you a looking for an efficient steam vacuum carpet cleaner? Then you should give the Hoover F5914-900 a try. The general consensus by consumers who have tried the steamvac all agree that it delivers fantastic results and is also very affordable when compared to the competition. When looking for a vacuum cleaner most consumers base their decisions on power, longevity, and of course, price. I can confidently say that the Hoover F5914-900 definitely meets those requirements.

Hoover F5914-900 Powerful Motor

Using a very powerful 12 amp motor allows the Hoover F5914-900 to do a thorough deep clean of your carpet. This helps to eliminate dirt, grime,and bacteria along with dust that otherwise would have been trapped when using regular vacuum cleaners. It deep cleans using hot tap water and carpet solution. What makes this steam vacuum cleaner even more powerful is the “Clean Surge” feature which shoots out the cleaning solution that helps to eliminate spots and stains.

What Separates Hoover F5914-900 from Other Steam Vacuum Cleaners?

1. Incredibly easy to clean unit: Many carpet steam cleaners just move the dust, dirt and bacteria from one location to the next, but what separates the Hoover F5914-900 from those other cleaners is the pop out brushes and collection tank that stores the dirt for easy removal. This ensures that you are not just “storing” the grime, but can safely and effectively remove it from your vacuum cleaner.

2. Fast Drying & Fast Cleaning: If you are expecting visitors, then this steam vac is definitely the carpet cleaner you’ll want to have in your cleaning arsenal. It has a heated drying option that will allow the carpet to dry much faster than just allowing it to dry naturally on its own.

3. Multi-Functional: The spinscrub features can also be used on upholstery making this vacuum very versatile. You can also use it on stairs, and your furniture using the hand tool options that come with the vacuum.

4. Long Lasting: Unlike other vacuum cleaners, the Hoover F5914-900 has no belts, as that’s the main issue found with other steamvacs as their belts break. Every vacuum supplied by Hoover you can also be assured has undergone rigorous testing in their American engineering lab. This testing is done to accelerate the usage to estimate the shelf life of the vacuum.

Why you should purchase the Hoover F5914-900?

Whether it is the spinscrub feature which is multi-directional for deep cleaning or the forced heated air, it’s safe to say that this steam vacuum cleaner is a must have for anyone looking to keep their carpet clean. Not only will you have a cleaner carpet, but by using the extension tools for your upholstery you’ll have cleaner furniture, drapes, and floors.

Keep in mind; you’ll also have no messy tanks to clean, as the exclusive two tank system stores the dirt and grime in a separate area ensuring easy disposal. Of all the features though, the one that stands out most is the “surgecontrol”, which allows you to get those stains removed from the areas of your carpet that are walked on the most.

These features and benefits alone clearly show you why you need the Hoover F5914-900. It’s a great additive to your cleaning arsenal, and it provides extreme value for your money.

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Hoover FH40010BHoover has become a standard in the industry of vacuum cleaning and the machines manufactured by the company have received wide acceptance from the home users. Hoover FH40010B is among the entry level vacuum cleaners from the company and just like the other machines from the same category, this vacuum cleaner has also received wide acclaim and appreciation.

What’s Remarkable about Hoover FH40010B?

Hoover FH40010B is equipped with amazing multi-tasking capabilities which you would hardly find on most other entry level vacuum cleaners. This machine has the ability vacuuming, washing, scrubbing and rinsing and all these tasks are carried out with utmost efficiency. Whether you want to clean your carpet, your bare floor or curtains and couches, Hoover FH40010B can do it all for you.

There is a special water extraction feature on the machine using which it can suck the water used in the cleaning process within minutes. Your carpet is dry in no time and clean as new.

The dial on the machine indicates three operations available on it. These operations are vacuuming, washing and drying. You just need to turn the dial to the required position and carry on with your required mode of cleaning.

The tank in Hoover FH40010B is divided into two parts. One part is reserved for the clean water while the other part contains the dry water which has already been used. This removes any need of changing the water at regular intervals and you can continue the washing until all the clean water has been consumed. Then you can just take the tank off and fill it with more clean water after draining the dirty water.

The bottom of the machine is equipped with rotating brushes of reliable quality. These brushes provide high performance while scrubbing and cleaning the floors. Whenever you feel the need of cleaning the brushes, you can simply remove them from the machine and clean under running water. The cleaning area of these brushes is 13 inches which ensures that maximum area is covered during cleaning.

The handle of Hoover FH40010B can be folded for easy mobility. This feature coupled with the compact design and low weight of the machine is very helpful in eliminating any storage problem. Power cord of the machine is 27 feet long which facilitates cleaning in large areas without any need of unplugging it at regular intervals. While doing the vacuuming, you can also make use of various valuable tools and accessories available for specialized cleaning.

Assembly of various components of the machine is like a walk in the park. Besides, a product manual is available with the machine using which you can assemble all the parts in no time, without any technical assistance.



Hoover FH40010B can easily be included in the best vacuum cleaners available in the market, in this specific category. User response about the performance of machine on different kind of floors has been highly positive. If you are a home user looking for a cheap deal which can get you a quality vacuum cleaner and last for a long time, Hoover FH40010B can be great for you.

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Hoover UH70100RMHoover is among the most popular manufacturers of high quality vacuum cleaners in the market and over the years, the company has made some of the finest machines for home and commercial use. Hoover UH70100RM WindTunnel Upright Vacuum Cleaner is among the latest compact and durable machines from the company which has been consistently garnering highly positive reviews from the customers. Easy operation, compact design and reasonable price are the factors that have made this vacuum cleaner popular in the market.

Features of Hoover UH70100RM:

There are several cutting edge features that you would find on Hoover UH70100RM. To being with, just like other high-end vacuum cleaners from the company, this one is also equipped with the special WindTunnel tech for vacuum cleaners. Implementation of this cutting edge technology makes sure that the efficiency of the machine is enhanced on various fronts. For instance, it makes sure that during the vacuuming process, dust and debris that is trapped in narrow spaces and in carpet threats is sucked out without damaging the floor or carpet. The technology also provides minimum blowback thus significantly increasing the operational efficiency of the cleaner. However, even though the efficiency is increased resulting is considerable energy consumption, there is no suction loss.

Another important feature of Hoover UH70100RM is the availability of the special System Check Indicator. This indicator mentions when the filter is filled with dirt and needs to be cleaned. In the presence of this indicator, you don’t need to detach the filter at regular intervals to check the dirt levels. Instead, you can carry on with the cleaning operation without any worry and would be duly notified by the indicator whenever the filter needs to be detached and cleaned.

Finally, there are five levels of height adjustment for this machine. This means that you can adjust the height of the machine in accordance with your specific needs. This is particularly useful if you have to perform the cleaning operation on different kinds of floors and at varying heights.

Components with the Machine:

Just like any good high-end vacuum cleaner, Hoover UH70100RM also comes with certain components and parts that enhance the efficiency of the cleaning operation. For instance, there is a 27-inch power cord attached with the machine which allows for extra mobility during cleaning. With the cord of this length, you can roam around in large rooms without bothering to unplug and then re-plug the machine.

Other than the cord, Hoover UH70100RM also comes with a special 8-inch stretch hose to facilitate cleaning under furniture and in narrow spaces. This is particularly useful if you need to clean around solid objects such as furniture. You can simply attach the hose in front of the machine and reach under the hard objects.

Customer Verdict:

Overall customer response for Hoover UH70100RM is appreciative. The machine has been found particularly useful for vacuuming over carpeted areas, although it is no less efficient on bare floors. Customers are also happy with the fact that there is no odor as a byproduct of the cleaning process, unlike many other vacuum cleaners. Besides, assembly of various components and parts of the machine is also a very simple process. For a limited budget, this is certainly one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market for home users.

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Hoover UH70600Hoover is one of the well-known brands that create some quality vacuum cleaners. This can be seen in the new Hoover Windtunnel Max Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Upright Vacuum or the UH70600 as well. The Hoover UH70600 cleans efficiently with minimal struggle. The 12 amp motor is just perfect for clearing out all that dust from under your feet. Think of all the different surfaces you might want to use this on and take it for a spin – you will be surprised how well it works on almost any surface you throw at it – be it carpets, rugs or hard floors.

28 Feet Automatic Cord Rewind
This is one feature that everyone loves. It does not require you to make any efforts. It automatically rolls up the wire in a jiffy with the press of a button! Now you can continue to be lazy while the Hoover UH70600 does all the work for you.

Fabulous Filtration
The three main filter types on the machine include the multi-cyclonic filtration, rinse-able primary filter and the high quality final filter made with HEPA media. These three bring together absolute performance and can be cleaned out very easily to maintain efficiency.

System Check Indicator
Every now and then we get too busy with our lives and don’t bother to check if the machine needs any TLC. The Hoover UH70600 keeps an automatic check on systems. It will let you know when the filters require a cleanup.

15 inch Nozzle
Just the idea of going over multiple patches of that carpet can be a daunting task when you are on your cleaning spree. The Hoover UH70600 provides you with a large 15 inch nozzle to make your life easier. Now you just need to go over areas once and it takes care of covering a large portion in one go.

20 inch Extension Wand
You see the tiny specs of dust up on the frames that you can never reach? Wouldn’t it be disappointing when you have cleaned up everything else but just can’t reach some areas in the house? The Hoover UH70600 comes to the rescue yet again. This time it’s the 20 inch extension wand that does the magic trick. It extends out to places where your hands could never reach.

Upholstery/Dusting Brush
Cleaning is incomplete if upholstery is not dusted of all the grime and dust that gathers in it regularly. While most vacuum cleaners may clean your floor surfaces well, few have decent tools for cleaning your upholstery. The Hoover UH70600 is one of them.

Some customers have complained of a strong rubber smell when using the machine. The dirt canister has created problems for some as the door is on the bottom and requires some force to open which can create a bit of a mess if not done right. Others feel it is a tad bit loud on the ears when running.

The Hoover UH70600 does a much better job than most sub 100 dollar vacuum cleaners in the market. It has some of the top class features that a vacuum cleaner worth its money should have and uses technology smartly, not just to create a more efficient cleaning experience but also reduce the hassles of the customer. All in all, the Hoover UH70600 is a decent buy.

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Hoover U5491900Effective cleaning is as important as anything. The Hoover Wind Tunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum keeps things simple yet ensures that it gets the job done and does it well. Using features like patented Wind Tunnel technology and Embedded Dirt Finder, this piece of equipment is sure to be a permanent fixture in your house. The Hoover Wind Tunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum scores over others on common sense. It keeps power controls positioned just at the right places and focuses more on ease of use than just performance.

Embedded Dirt Finder

Available in some other models of the Hoover range as well, this nifty technology allows you to check whether a particular area has been rid of dust or not. Till the time it’s not, the vacuum will glow red, and turn green when it’s clean. Most customers were happy with this new feature as it helped them to know what is clean and what is not.

No Scuff Bumper

It is obviously not possible for you to be extra careful every time you vacuum your expensive furniture. The Hoover Wind Tunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum makes it easy for you by protecting you furniture with its no scuff bumper. Some customers especially liked this feature as it helped in saving expensive furniture from getting spoilt by the cleaner.

5 Position Carpet Height Adjustments

You may have cleaning requirement in different areas which may or may not be on the same plane. The Hoover U5491900 sorts this out for you with a five point adjustment that helps you clean everything.

29 inch Power Cord

It can get quite irritating pulling out and putting in the power cord every few steps you take while you break your own back cleaning up. The U5491900 gives you a 29 inch power cord which will suffice in most large spaces and let you concentrate on the cleaning alone.

Wind Tunnel Technology

The patented Wind Tunnel technology minimizes blowbacks or scatters on the carpet and easily removed embedded dust from all surfaces.


Some users have pointed out difficulty in adjusting the beater bar height while others have been annoyed with the tools falling off the back when vacuuming. These are only minor issues which can be resolved.

Most users loved the fact that this machine was lightweight and easy to carry around. The build quality was compared to Dysons by many who felt it was a great deal at a much lower price point. Easy assembly was another plus point for many who quickly put it together and started using it. In effect, these features helped solve the one major problem most vacuum cleaners have – that of portability. The U5491900 is quite portable and maneuverable.

In all, the U5491900 is product that does not disappoint. Some users swear by it while others are happy with the way it functions. The machine is ideal for everyday use and with its various features. It is easy to use and provides just the right tools for different areas it cleans. Make it yours if it fits the bill but be assured that you would be investing in a quality product.

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