WORX WG509 vs WG512

Clearing your yard can be a tedious job that requires multiple tools like a blower, vacuum, and mulching tool. But what if you could have all three tools in one? Worx offers two models, the WG509 and the WG512, as excellent 3-in-1 yard clearing tools. We are going to compare them based on airflow, speed, andmulching ratio.

Worx WG509


The Worx WG509 offers excellent versatility as a 3-in-1 unit providing blowing, vacuuming, and mulching capabilities, allowing you the benefits of three tools but taking up the space of one. The tool is very easy to switch between modes, making your work simple and fast.

Leaves that can damage your lawn will no longer be a problem. You can turn them into a beneficial mulch for your flower beds. Working in small spaces is also no problem due to the WG509’s precision-pointed nozzle. It comes with an attachable bag to transport your clippings short distances. The mulching ratio is 18:1, which translates into turning 18 bags of leaves into 1 bag of mulch.

It only weighs 8.6 pounds, making it easy to handle, even one-handed. If you find yourself struggling to use most tools, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the WG509 because of its lightweight build.

This leaf blower is designed to get into all the hard-to-reach places. You won’t have the usual problem of your leaves going everywhere but where you want them to go. It features a tube design that curls around the lip so that it can go under all your garden fixtures and lawn furniture.

It features 350 CFM of air volume and packs a punch with air speeds of 75 to 210 mph. You’ll get a lot of power for a reasonable amount of amperage. You could run this blower all day and make little impact on your energy bill.

Worx WG512


The Worx WG512 is another versatile 3-in-1 blower, vacuum, and mulcher. A simple flip of a switch will allow you to change modes.

When compared to the WG509, the WG512 has a lower mulching ratio at 16:1 but a greater maximum airflow at 600 CFM. The two models have comparable weights.

The WG512 only offers speeds up to 75 mph, making it less effective at blowing wet leaves and heavier debris than other models.

It comes with a detachable, reusable, and lightweight disposal bag. It can hold up to 1.2 bushels of mulched leaves, which is approximately 8 gallons. The bag has an easy-access zipper on the side for emptying it once it’s full. The strap is easily adjustable for people of all heights, making it comfortable to carry.

Because of its light weight, the WG512 can easily be operated with one hand. You’ll be able to clear your entire yard without getting tired.

It features a metal impeller that will cut your leaves in two stages. This ensures that you get the 16:1 ratio. You can either make high-quality mulch for your plants or produce less waste for trash pickup.

The combination of the blower and the vacuum will save you an immense amount of time. You’ll be able to make a nice, neat pile and then vacuum all the leaves. Additionally, you’ll only need one tool for the entire job, making it a convenient, money-saving operation.

The WG512 offers a power cord retainer to ensure that the power cord does not pop while you are working. However, the power cord is short, requiring an extension cord for any serious lawn work.

Assembly is extremely easy, getting you going in a matter of minutes. The tool is excellent for the collection of both small and large leaves; however, it is not ideal for handling wet leaves. Additionally, the feed tube does not favor taller users as it is not adjustable and is relatively short.

Our Recommendation

As you can see, both tools offer excellent features. The Worx WG509 has speeds of 75 to 210 mph, air volume of 350 CFM, and a mulching ratio of 18:1. We recommend this tool for users with larger yards to maintain.

The Worx WG512 has a maximum speed of 75 mph, air volume of 600 CFM, and a mulching ratio of 16:1. We recommend this tool for users with smaller to medium yards to maintain.

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