TP-Link AX6000 vs AX6600 Review

Choosing the perfect wireless router for your personal or even professional needs may seem like a bit of an overwhelming task. There are a ton of options available on the market and you may very well feel like the odds are stacked against you when it comes to choosing the right one. The good news however, is that here, we have selected two excellent wireless router options that may be in your best interest to choose from! And we will be reviewing them both in order to determine if either the TP-Link AX6000 or the TP-Link AX6600 may be the best fit for your needs!

TP-Link AX6000

If you are looking for a Wi-Fi router that is priced right and works awesome, the TP-Link Archer AX6000 may be just what you are looking for. The TP-Link AX6000 is not necessarily as fast in speed as some competitors, the TP-Link AX6000 really measures well and goes on to successfully deliver all of the features you want and need, while also providing you with the necessary security to safely utilize this router in your home or office.

The TP-Link AX6000 provides users with more than enough bandwidth for avid gamers, and when you incorporate router-based security along with 8-wired Ethernet ports, this router goes above and beyond its connectivity, especially when compared to wired devices. Simply put, the AX6000 is one of the best Wi-Fi 6 routers available on the market.

More Features of the TP-Link AX6000

Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet

Frequency Band Class: Dual-Band

Data Transfer Rate: 5952 Megabits Per Second

Brand: TP-Link

Wireless Communication Standard: 802.11n, 802.11ax, 802.11b, 802.11ac, 802.11g

Number of Ports: 9

LAN Port Bandwidth: 1G/100M/10M LAN Ports

Voltage: 120-240 Volts

Control Method: Voice

Controller Type: Amazon_alexa

TP-Link AX6600

The TP-Link Archer AX6600 most certainly looks like a more expensive router due to its ultra refined design and also its super high quality plastic material that is utilized on the router itself. The TP-Link AX6600 is a bit more bulky and is also a bit heavier so as to fit 8 different external antennas for a Tri-Band WiFi network. One thing that really sets this one apart from the rest is that there is one antenna for each and every WiFi Stream!

The AX6600 also comes with a super-fast Quad-Core 1.5Ghz CPU, which supports WiFi 6 up to 160Mhz on the second 5Ghz channel which provides you with maximum speeds upwards of

4804Mbps. In other words, if you have a 160Mhz supported device, you are going to see some crazy fast WiFi speeds with this router. In terms of connectivity, the AX6600 gives you a 2.5G port which is incredibly beneficial for anyone who has a faster 2Gbps Internet connection. TP-Link also went on to use metal shielded Ethernet ports on the AX6600, which assists in improving overall stability. And this router even comes with a dual USB port that can be utilized for file sharing purposes as well.

More Features of the TP-Link AX6600

Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB

Data Transfer Rate: 6579 Mb per second

Frequency Bands Supported: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz

Item Dimensions: 10.91 x 7.32 x 2.16 inches

Item Weight: 1.96 lbs

Total Ethernet Ports: 5

Wireless Communication Standard: 802.11ax, 802.11ac, 802.11g, 802.11b, 802.11n


When it comes to deciding which is going to be in your best interest to choose from between the TP-Link AX6000 and the TP-Link AX6600, you really need to simply inquire as to what exactly it is that you are looking to get out of a wireless router in the first place. If you are simply needing just a bit of a boost to amp up your existing system, the AX6000 is an awesome choice that is really priced right as well. However, if you are needing a bit more of a bulkier option that will really give you some unmatched speeds, the AX6600 is more than likely going to be the best fit for you. Be sure to put forth a little research into your existing equipment and then go from there with regards to making sure that either of these routers is going to be successful in helping you to achieve the speeds and options you want!

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