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A pressure washer can serve several different functions, which is why many people choose to purchase one for their home, business, or both. Both Stanley and Sun Joe provide high-quality pressure washers and have excellent ratings for their products. So, we’ll look a little closer at both of them to help you decide which one offers the features you need. You just need to determine what you’re going to use it for first.

Stanley SHP2150

Stanley SHP2150

This electric pressure washer offers 2150 PSI, and four quick connect nozzles. The nozzles are each color-coded to make it easier to choose the right one for each task, and to get them set up and ready fast. With a 25 foot hose and a 35-foot extension cord, you can reach around your entire yard with less movement than you’ll get with similar units.

Complete with a leakproof, brass connector to attach to any standard garden hose, the Stanley SHP2150 includes practically everything you need to get your next project done. You’ll have a foam cannon and detergent tank, an O-ring replacement kit, high-pressure wand and hose, and a washer gun. You’ll also get a full two-year warranty and customer support for the lifetime of the unit.

You can use the nozzles to clean driveways, vehicles, buildings, and more, including concrete, steel, siding, and plastic. Just take a moment to pick out the best combination of a nozzle, detergent, and sprayer and you’ll have the job done fast.

Quick Features:

  • 4 quick connect nozzles
  • 25’ hose
  • 1.4 GPM
  • 2150 max PSI
  • High-pressure foamer
  • Leakproof connections
  • 2-year limited warranty

Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000

The Sun Joe SPX3000 offers dual detergent tanks to make it easier for you to clean different surfaces at the same time. You’ll also have five different quick connect nozzles for different surfaces and types of cleaning.  For high power, low power, soap, and mid-level jobs, you can choose between each of the various nozzles, which are color-coded to make it easier to find what you need.

On top of that, you’re going to have a 34” extension wand for hard-to-reach places and a 20’ high-pressure hose to get plenty of power. With the 35’ power cord, you’ll have no problem getting as far as you need to around your yard. Not to mention you’re going to get a needle clean-out tool, hose adapter, and a total stop system trigger to turn off the unit when it’s not in use. Complete with an 1800-watt motor and 2030 max PSI, the Sun Joe SPX3000 can definitely get the job done.

It can clean buildings, vehicles, decks, driveways, lawn equipment, and anything else you might have. Not to mention, you can remove things like mildew, oil, tar, rust, and grease from concrete, brick, siding, steel, and more.

Quick Features:

  • 5 quick connect nozzles
  • 20’ hose
  • 1.76 GPM
  • 2030 max PSI
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Dual detergent tanks
  • 2-year warranty


While both of these units offer excellent features and versatility, the Stanley SHP2150 provides a slight edge over the Sun Joe SPX3000. While the Sun Joe offers an extra quick connect nozzle, that’s where its benefits seem to end—yielding to the Stanley.

 That doesn’t mean that the Sun Joe isn’t a good choice, just that it doesn’t have quite the options and abilities that you’ll get with the Stanley.

Stanley offers a higher PSI, at 2150 rather than 2030. It also provides a high power foam cannon that will make cleaning even the dirtiest of surfaces a whole lot easier. It also has a longer hose, which paired with the 35’ extension cord gets you even further without having to worry about moving around. You’ll get the same two-year warranty with both units, but with the Stanley, you’ll have leakproof connections, lower gallons per minute (which is better for your water bill and the environment), and a replacement kit. 

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Power washers make cleaning the exterior of your home and your vehicles a lot easier. If you have your own pressure washer at home, you don’t need to take your car to the wash. You don’t have to hire anyone to clean your house’s siding. You can remove oil stains from your driveway, get the deck ready for summer, and give the garage a makeover. Let’s take a look at two top-selling power washers from Karcher to see which one is best for you.

Karcher K3 Electric Power Pressure Washer

Karcher K3

Karcher K3

The Karcher K3 is a light-duty pressure washer designed for occasional use at home. It has a maximum pressure of 1800 PSI and consumes 1.5 gallons of water per minute. This amount of power is perfect for cleaning wooden decks, vehicles, and vinyl siding.

If you’re planning to tackle tough greasy spots and blast away old paint, you might prefer the more powerful Karcher K5 described below.

The K3 comes with a Vario Power Spray wand that lets you adjust the pressure by turning the dial on the nozzle. The flexible hose that connects the wand to the washer is 25 feet long. This is great because it lets you work without dragging the machine right behind you.

The power cord is also quite long at 35 feet. This is very convenient when you don’t have a GFCI power outlet outside your home. This Karcher GFCI power cord is designed to cut electricity to the machine if there’s a problem so you won’t be electrocuted.

If you have difficult spots to clean, the K3 comes with a second wand called the DirtBlaster. It intensifies the water spray to maximum power. The onboard detergent tank is also handy when you need more than plain water to clean an area.

Karcher sells a wide range of accessories for specialized tasks. For both the K3 and the K5 washers, you can use the Foam Nozzle, a Right Angle Wand, a Power Scrubber, and a Hard Surface Cleaner. You can also add an extension to the wand and the high pressure hose.

More features of the Karcher K3 Electric Power Washer:

  • Covered by a 2-year warranty as well as the Rapid Exchange Program
  • Rapid Exchange means you’ll get a replacement should the washer need to be sent in for repairs
  • Weighs 20 pounds


Karcher K5 Premium Electric Pressure Power Washer, 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM

Karcher K5

Karcher K5

You probably notice right away the differences between the Karcher K5 and the K3. Besides their outward appearances, the K5 has more bells and whistles than the K3.

For one, the K5 is designed for frequent use around the house. It puts out a higher maximum water pressure of 2000 PSI but consumes only 1.4 gallons per minute, less than the K3. A lot of this is due to the induction motor inside the K5.

While the K3 has a universal motor, the induction motor inside the K5 is water-cooled and much more durable. It’s also quieter than the K3, and much quieter than a gas-powered pressure washer.

Like the K3, the K5 comes with a 25-foot long hose and two wands. The DirtBlaster helps you clean up ground-in grime while the Vario Power Spray lets you tone down the pressure to protect the paint on your car.

Also like the K3, the K5 has an onboard detergent tank. But this one has a neat feature—adjustable detergent flow. Use as much or as little soap as you need.

And the K5 has another convenient addition. The hose reel makes it so much easier to manage the 25-foot long pressure hose. The reel is mounted underneath the top handle and has a hand crank to help you wind.

More features of the Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Washer:

  • Covered by a 2-year warranty as well as the Rapid Exchange Program
  • Rapid Exchange means you’ll get a replacement should the washer need to be sent in for repairs
  • Motor is CSA-certified for safety
  • Weighs 32 pounds



If you only have an occasional reason to pull out the pressure washer for cleanup, the Karcher K3 may be all you need.

If you plan to use a power washer more often and clean tough spots like greasy grills and oil stains, the Karcher K5 is better suited to that kind of use.

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When you want to power away oily grime from concrete, or make your home’s siding look new again, a pressure washer is the best tool to have. Let’s take a closer look at these two models to see which one will be the best for you.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe’s SPX3000 is the number one best-selling pressure washer (at the time of writing). It’s very versatile, powerful, and easy to use. Use it to wash your car, RV, or the exterior of your home. Get your deck ready for the summer, or blast away caked-on clippings from the underside of your mower.

It has two tanks to hold two different types of detergent at the same time so you can switch between tasks without making a trip to change cleaning fluid. Each tank holds 30.4 ounces of liquid.

Switch between the five Quick-Connect tips to change the water’s spray pattern. The tips range from 0 degrees for a full-power stream, then 15, 25, and 40 degrees for progressively wider and gentler sprays. The fifth tip is made especially for laying down soap.

The 34-inch extension wand helps you reach high places or underneath vehicles. Although the SPX3000 has two wheels to make it easy to move, the pressure hose itself is a generous 20 feet long. The power cord is 35 feet long. If you need to use it with an extension cord, check to see that the extension cord can provide enough current.

The SPX3000 puts out a fast 2030psi of water power with a flow rate of 1.76 gallons per minute. With that much power, you can strip paint. Since it has a 14.5Amp/1800-Watt motor, the power cord comes with GFCI protection. This is an important safety feature when you’re combining this much electricity with an appliance that manages water.

Sun Joe’s Total Stop System shuts down the pump when you release the trigger. This is designed to save energy and it’s also a safety feature.

More features of the Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer:

  • Sun Joe offers a two-year warranty
  • CSA-approved (certification from the Canadian Standards Association similar to America’s UL-listed)
  • Comes with garden hose adapter and tool to clean out tips
  • Many users recommend replacing the plastic garden hose adapter with a metal one


AR Blue Clean AR383

AR Blue Clean

AR Blue Clean

Annovi Reverberi, or AR, makes the Blue Clean pressure washer. It’s also known as the AR383. Like the Sun Joe washer, the Blue Clean has two wheels so it’s easy to move around. The 35-foot power cord winds up neatly on the body of the washer. The cord itself has GFCI protection that shuts off power should there be an electrical problem.

The Blue Clean comes with a 20-foot high-pressure water hose. The spool mounted underneath the handle allows you to store the hose out of the way.There is no assortment of tips, but there are two spray lances. One is adjustable, and one is made for maximum spray power. The top power this pressure washer puts out is 1900psi, slightly less than the Sun Joe SPX3000. But the small reduction in water power should not affect your ability to clean tough stains.

AR explains that the Blue Clean uses 80% less water than a standard garden hose but increases typical garden hose water power by 40%. It comes with just one 14-ounce bottle that holds detergent. It attaches to either wand instead of mounting on the washer itself. There is no extension wand included in the box.

More features of the AR Blue Clean pressure washer:

  • AR offers a one-year warranty
  • CSA-approved (certification from the Canadian Standards Association similar to America’s UL-listed)
  • Weighs 27 pounds
  • Comes with plastic garden hose adapter, but consider upgrading to a metal one



If you want a pressure washer for general outdoor cleaning, many customers are very satisfied with the AR Blue Clean. The fact that it has two lances instead of a selection of tips and onboard storage for the power cord and the hose makes it less likely that an essential part will be lost.

If you have high places to clean, like the second story of a home, consider getting the Sun Jose SPX3000. It has an extension wand that increases its wand’s reach by almost 3 feet. The two detergent containers and assortment of five tips give you flexibility for a wide range of cleaning projects.

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Simpson is one of the foremost manufacturers of pressure washers and over the years, the company has developed some of the finest products in the market. Among the heavy-duty pressure washers form Simpson,  Simpson MSV2623-S is a noteworthy product and can be considered the company’s epitome of technology, expertise and good design.

Features of Simpson MSV2623-S:

The thing that is evident by looking at it is its compact design and lightweight structure. Even though this is a heavy duty product and gives water pressure equivalent to some of the top pressure washers in the market, it is less in weight compared to most high end machines. This is certainly an edge and allows you to roam around with the machine without constraining yourself. Besides, compact structure also allows storing the machine in limited space. The net weight of the machine is merely 57 lbs.

Simpson MSV2623-S

Multiple Nozzles:

A good pressure washer can hardly work with a single nozzle. This is because users need services with varying amounts of water pressure and for this there should be multiple nozzles. This requirement has been addressed on Simpson MSV2623-S, just like on other quality pressure washers in the market, and there are four nozzles that come with the main device. These nozzles can provide different water pressures appropriate for different surfaces.

Onboard Storage for Accessories:

Even though the physical structure of Simpson MSV2623-S is very compact, it still manages to provide all the features that you would find on other heavy duty machines. Other than performance and services, it also comes with onboard storage for accessories, so that you can take all the accessories and tools with you wherever you go with the machine.

Control and Maintenance:

The simple yet elegant design of Simpson MSV2623-S allows for easy maintenance. The detergent tank is very easy to clean and the addition of siphoning tube to go with the detergent tank is particularly useful. Besides, there are 10 inch pneumatic tires under the machine which make its mobility very easy. Whether you need to do the cleaning in your garage or in your lawn, just drag the machine there without any problem.

Customer Precautions:

The quality of performance and life of any machine depends on the way it is used. If the oil is regularly spilled while pouring into the engine and if water keeps leaking as a result of loose screws, this would certainly affect the performance. So it is advised to read the owner’s manual in detail and follow the instructions before actually starting and using the machine. Similarly, also make sure that you clean the filter after regular intervals if you do the washing regularly. However, if you do the cleaning only once in a while, if would be alright if the filter is not washed and cleaned regularly.


While Simpson MSV2623-S can hardly boast of any feature that is not available on other pressure washers, its compact design and low weight is certainly something worth considering. If you have problem with lifting or dragging heavy machines around, this can be a pretty good choice for you.

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SIMPSON MSV3024 is fitted with special HONDA premium engine which is sufficient to guarantee its worth. The powerful GCV190 OHC Engine makes sure that the machine gets instantaneous start every time you run it and also provides reliability and long lasting performance of the machine. In its price range, SIMPSON MSV3024 is certainly a great product for home use.

Power Transmission between Engine and Pump:

The power transfer between the engine and pump on SIMPSON MSV3024 is direct, thanks to the GCV190 OHC Engine which is also fitted with brass head axial pump providing the engine sufficient production against any possible mishap. The direct transfer of power between engine and pump also makes sure that engine instantaneously starts up and the power transmission is streamlined.


Lightweight Structure:

The physical structure of GCV190 OHC Engine is very compact and lightweight. Thanks to its compact structure, you can store it in limited spaces and can easily drag it anywhere you like. The water pressure that SIMPSON MSV3024 provides is 2.4 gallons per minute which, although not best, is great given the small price of the machine compared to high-end products. This water pressure is more than sufficient to wash your home driveway, sidewalk and vehicles.

Multiple Adjustable Nozzles:

SIMPSON MSV3024 also accompanies five different nozzles which can provide varying degrees of water pressure. You can choose the nozzle that would best fit the requirements of the surface that you are cleaning and use it. In addition to nozzles, there is also a 30 inch high pressure hose which allows you to do the washing and cleaning in narrow spaces and around and under hard objects, especially if you are washing the vehicle and cannot drag the machine under it.


– Easy assembly. The entire components take over 10 minutes to assemble and the engine starts instantaneously once you put the fuel in it.

– Double sealed premium tires to facilitate easy mobility of the machine.

– High flow rate of 3000 PSI.

– Water pressure of 2.4 gallons per minute which is more than sufficient for home use.

– Five different nozzles with varying amounts of water pressure.

– GCV190 OHC Engine for swift start and smooth performance.


– While there are a lot of useful features on SIMPSON MSV3024, customers do also have some concerns. For instance, a friend of mine had problem dealing with the water inlet which is located on the back side of the machine. For this reason, you have to push it whenever you need to move the pressure washer. This seems to be a slight design flaw and it would be better if pulling mechanism is installed which is easier than pushing which can risk in damaging the water inlet.

– Due to the low water inlet, the hose inlet also creates trouble. At times, it can become rather difficult to connect the hose properly without using wrench on it. It would be great if Simpson could work on these design problems because there does not seem to be any problem with respect to the performance.

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Simpson PS4240S is a relatively heavy duty and heavy weight machine from Simpson. But its size and weight is equally complimented by some pretty amazing features and structural innovations. Even though it weighs over 170 pounds when filled with the fuel, it’s easy to drag it around, thanks to the smooth and durable wheels under it.

Adjustments and Positions:

To begin with, Simpson PS4240S is fitted with a triplex pump and contains ceramic pistons. These pistons provide smooth performance over long periods of time and are highly durable. The unloader of the machine is adjustable which significantly increases the range and variety of the machine.

Simpson PS4240S

Multiple Nozzles:

Like any good pressure washer, Simpson PS4240S comes with five nozzles which are very easy to connect. These five nozzles provide varying amounts of water pressure and soap. You can mix the soap in the detergent box and use any of the five nozzles for the required job.

Onboard Storage for Handy Equipment:

The equipment and components that compliment the cleaning process of the machine have an onboard storage on Simpson PS4240S. The advantages of onboard storage are pretty evident. You don’t need to interrupt the cleaning to go in some other room and bring the components. Instead, everything you need is right there on the machine and is very handy.

Premium Tires:

Simpson PS4240S is probably one of the heaviest pressure washers for home use. But this should not bother you in the least because of the presence of high quality and durable pneumatic tires under the machine. These 13-inch tires are double sealed and make sure that the mobility of the machine on any surface is like a walk in the park. You can drag the machine along anywhere you like without any problem.

Customer Response:

The overall customer response for Simpson PS4240S is highly positive. It has proven its worth with smooth performance, ready to operate engine and easy mobility. However, it’s important that you follow the instructions on the owner’s manual, especially the ones regarding the quantity of oil needed for the engine. Of course some people have had problems with broken components on delivery but this is a delivery problem and has nothing to do with the machine itself. The water pressure of 4 gallons per minute on this machine is virtually unsurpassed by any other pressure washer for home use.


Simpson PS4240S is certainly a class in its own regard. Cleaning driveways, cement sidewalks, furniture, walls and vehicles of all sorts is a simple and easy process with this machine. Its immense water pressure makes sure that you can do the cleaning in least possible time, while not wasting any time and energy. Besides, the machine itself is very durable and not only the physical structure is long lasting but the features also continue working efficiently for a long time. If you are a home user or even if you own a vehicle garage where you frequently need to wash your cars, this seems to be a great product for you.

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Generac 6412 is one of the most versatile and innovative pressure washers form the company which has been designed to provide dedicated requirements for specific kinds of cleanings. For instance, there are dedicated settings on Generac 6412 for different kinds of cleanings. High water pressure and powerful performance allow Generac 6412 to be included among the top pressure washers from Generac.

Generac 6412

Multiple Cleaning Settings:

One of the most unique aspects of Generac 6412 is availability of separate dedicated settings for separate kinds of cleanings. For instance, there are specific settings for washing and cleanings of vehicles, driveways, decks and masonry. These dedicated settings allow you to adjust the water pressure and timing for different surfaces.

Powerful Engine:

Generac 6412 is fitted with a powerful engine which makes it suitable to fulfill all sorts of needs of a home consumer. Its engine can deliver PSI rating up to 3000 and it gives a water pressure of 2.8 gallons per minute. This high water pressure saves you considerable amount of time during the cleaning process and also makes sure that no water is lost. There is a perfect balance between the axial pump and the engine, with the later located well above the ground thus providing easy hose connections.

User Interface:

There is a neatly defined control panel at the top front of Generac 6412. This panel displays all the settings of the machine, easy to understand and operate. Making operational adjustments and using different settings is very simple with this user interface. There is a special LED indicator on the front side which blinks if the oil or water level in the machine is low and it needs to be refilled. So you don’t have to bother to check the fuel level at regular intervals. In case the fuel supply is very low, the machine shuts down automatically in order to avoid any kind of damage.

Choice of Cleaning Tasks:

Adjusting your machine as per the requirements of a particular cleaning task is a breeze with Generac 6412. Using the up-front control panel, you simply have to select one of the four cleaning settings. Generac 6412 would itself provide appropriate water pressure and flow for your chosen cleaning task.

There are 11-inch wheels under Generac 6412 designed to provide easy mobility regardless of the nature of the terrain. Finally, we also have a folding handle, like several other pressure washers from Generac, using which you can simply fold the machine into a very compact form. This compactness of the machine provides easy storage.


Pressure Washers from Generac have a record of high quality performance for a long time. Other than the actual performance and versatility, the assembly of these machines is also very simple. Then the user controls are simple and straightforward and if you find yourself struggling with the settings of pressure washers, this machine can make the task very simple for you, because it can automatically adjust itself according to the specific cleaning type that you select from the control panel. Finally, two year manufacturer warranty further increases the worth of the device.

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Among the latest high quality pressure washers form Generac, 5995 series is among the consumer favorites. Generac 5995 has a relatively moderate weight and yet provides all the high end features that are usually found of heavy duty pressure washers, including high water pressure per minute.

Generac 5995

Power Specifications:

Good thing about Generac 5995 is that even though it is lightweight compared to many other high-end devices in the market, it manages to provide high water pressure and PSI levels. It has a capability of providing water pressure of 3.2 gallons per minute while maintaining a PSI of 3300.

Automatic Premium Engine:

Generac 5995 comes with special Generac 302cc OHV engine which is powerful enough to fulfill the power needs of the machine for a long time. This engine is also equipped with automatic shutdown capability upon detecting low fuel, in order to save the machine from any kind of damage. An unloader valve is also integrated in the machine to provide easy engine startup.

OHV Engine:

The engine of Generac 5995 is over-head valve horizontal shaft engine. This kind of engine prolongs the life of machine by making sure that the engine remains secure against any possible technical flaw by shutting down itself. There is also a perfect balance between the engine and pump over the wheels and axels in order to provide smooth maneuverability regardless of the nature of terrain. The durable roll-cage frames protect both the pump and the engine from any kind of damage.

The cushion-grip of the spray gun on Generac 5995 provides firm grip and reduces the strain on your muscles. The spray trigger is very easy to pull and the multiple nozzle tips can be replaced without any problem. Finally, there is an onboard storage available to store all the extra tools and components that you might need during the washing process.


The only concern about this machine happens to be a structural inconvenience. A friend of mine used this machine for a while and although he was satisfied with the overall performance, he thought the protective roil cage was a bit too large which made the mobility of the machine a bit problematic. Other than that, there do not seem to be any serious concerns for the time being.


Generac 5995 is certainly a deal worth your money. It clearly has an edge of being lightweight while providing all the features that a home consumer could ask for. Whether you want to remove the old paint off your wall or mud off your vehicle, whether you want to clean the driveway or just wash the cement walls, Generac 5995 is always ready to deliver the job in limited time and without wasting extra water. Of course, for users who are not used to working with pressure washers, the assembly and operation of the machine might seems a bit difficult, but this is precisely the reason why you should read and understand the owner’s manual before operating the machine. Two year manufacturer warranty can be considered an added advantage.

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AR North America AR390

AR North America AR390

AR North America AR390 is one of those pressure washers that combine elegant deign, fine performance and durability. Manufactured by AR North America, this pressure washer is made of durable material and contains a powerful motor, in addition to a wide range of other useful features.

Distinguishing Aspects:

Among the noteworthy features that AR North America AR390 can boast of, we can include the following:

– AR North America AR390 is made of highly durable material consisting of brass, plastic, aluminum and rubber. These materials, on the one hand, provide high quality performance and on the other hand, also facilitate easy handling and operation of the device.

– The powerful universal motor of AR North America AR390 makes sure that performance remains smooth over long periods of time. Besides, the motor also remains cool during the long cleaning operations and hence reduces the maintenance cost of the machine.

– The compact size of AR North America AR390 makes the mobility very easy. You can simply carry the machine anywhere you like, whether it is your garden or driveway. Besides, if you are on a long journey and want to keep your vehicle clean, this can be a perfect option for you. On any stop, you can clean your car within a few minutes.

– There are also two wheels at the bottom of the machine to further facilitate easy mobility. With these wheels, you don’t even need to lift the device every time you want to change its location. You can simply drag it without constraining your muscles with the weight.

Accompanying Accessories:

Just like any good pressure washer, AR North America AR390 comes with a wide range of useful tools and accessories. For example, we have a jet nozzle which is adjustable so that the water pressure and soap content is just right for any particular surface. The build-in detergent tank of the device is easy to fill and use and is also very easy to clean. You simply need to run tap water through it and would be ready for use again. This highly durable detergent tank also lasts long and you don’t need to have an extra detergent tank, thus cutting down on your cost. Other important accessories and tools include turbo nozzle and total stop system.

User Concerns:

– Some users who have used AR North America AR390 were confused by the similarity between the pump power and the output because there is almost no difference between the two. However, this problem does not remain after you get used to the machine.

– The wand that accompanies the device seemed to be a bit heavier compared to some other devices. You have to make excessive use of wand during the cleaning process, this might be a problem for you.


AR North America AR390 is definitely a high class product with multiple features and uses. Its user manual is available in English, Spanish and French which can be another advantage if English is not your first languages. Overall, even if AR North America AR390 not be the very best device in the market, it is well worth its price.

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Champion Power Equipment 76522 is among the most powerful high-end pressure washers for home use. Having a PSI of 3000, this machine can deliver up to 2.5 gallons of water pressure per minute. The overall structure and build of the machine is solid with an elegant design and smooth performance.

Champion Power Equipment 76522

Easy Assembly of Components:

Even before you see the actual performance of the machine, you encounter with its assembly and a machine which is hard to assemble leaves a bad impression which remains even if its performance is good. But the assembly of Champion Power Equipment 76522 is fairly simple and takes about 10 minutes. You need to tie a few screws and it does not require any kind of technical expertise.

Distinguishing Features:

Champion Power Equipment 76522 is in the class of most powerful pressure washers for home use. Its extended gas tank can accumulate large amount of fuel and can work continuously for 8 hours. Another good thing is that the controls of the machine such as water in, outlet, restart etc. are placed at the front of the machine. So with these controls at the front, you don’t have to go to the back of the machine every time you need to change the controls. The mechanism of electric start makes the operation even easier but you only have to pull the trigger and the engine would be ready to run.

There are also four stainless steel wands that you can use with Champion Power Equipment 76522. These different wands provide varying amounts of water pressure and can be used for different surfaces. There is a storage area for all the accessories onboard so that you won’t have to interrupt your cleaning every time you need a tool.

Champion Power Equipment 76522 is also CARB certified to be sold in all the 50 states of the US, unlike several other pressure washers which have limited CARB certification.

Overall Performance:

Champion Power Equipment 76522 works like a charm on all sorts of surfaces and vehicles. After you put in the oil and water, the start time of the machine is negligible and it seems instantaneously ready for use. The options of auto off and restart also work fine. This feature is particularly useful because it saves fuel and water and also makes sure that the machine shuts off in case any technical problem is found.

User Concerns:

The placement of the battery on the machine seems a bit out of place. Even still, it works perfectly well with high pressure hose but working with low-pressure hose presents a problem because it tends to depressurize the system and water occasionally dribbles into the battery. Although this might not be a problem with respect to electricity because it is a low voltage machine, but still it can cause erosion in long run. An easy solution to this problem is to cover the chassis and the hose connections with plastic. But still the company should consider changing the position of the battery.

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