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Dyson DC50Dyson is a company that is known for developing vacuum cleaners with unique design and innovative technology. Dyson DC50 is among the latest class of high-tech vacuum cleaners from the company which showcases a lot of unique features. Besides, the design of the machine is an innovation in itself. With remarkable engineering and high performance, this is certainly one of the best vacuum cleaners from the company.

Technologies used on Dyson DC50:

Dyson is one of those vacuum cleaners where you would find the latest high-tech features hardly found on other vacuum cleaners. Although these high-tech features result in price increase, they nonetheless are worth more than the money. To begin with, Dyson DC50 is equipped with Dyson’s special Ball technology that aims at smooth steering and swiveling of the machine during the cleaning process. This technology removes any limitations associated with fixed wheels and instead relies on balls that make steering as smooth as wind. The balls are made of highly durable material and last for a long time without slightest wear and tear.

Instead of relying on bags to trap dust like the conventional vacuum cleaners, Dyson DC50 makes use of Cyclone tech. Ordinary vacuum cleaners use bags and bad thing about bags is that they are prone to reduce the suction efficiency. This is because dust particles can any time get trapped in the small pores of the bags reducing the efficiency. Thus eliminating the use of bags and instead using the cyclone tech is a perfectly viable solution for this problem. With this technology in place, air in spun at very high speeds. This air then pushes all the dust and dirt into the bin in no time.

Another distinguishing technological feature of Dyson DC50 is that the brush bar of the machine is made of nylon bristles and filaments made of carbon. These filaments and bristles remove the dirt that is embedded deep in the carpet fibers. Besides, the base plate of the machine adjusts itself automatically according to the height and type of the floor, thus eliminating any need for manual adjustment.

Tools with Dyson DC50:

Of course there are a lot of tool that can be used with Dyson DC50 for specialized cleaning. Among the tools we can include turbine tool for extra-efficient cleaning, release wand for cleaning hard to reach places, pet tools to get rid of all the annoying pet hair in your living room, and upholstery tool for cleaning over the stairs.

Verdict for Dyson DC50:

Dyson DC50 has certainly caused a ripple in the industry of vacuum cleanings, thanks to its high-tech features and precise performance. The machine can easily be included among the vacuum cleaners that have more high-tech features that any other vacuum cleaners in the market. If you are ready to spare a few bucks, which would guarantee you the kind of cleaning you have never seen, this vacuum cleaner is certainly worth having. Besides, it comes with 5 year manufacturer warranty which is more than enough to try your hand on it. Automation and technology on the machine also makes sure that you are saved from manual operations and minor maintenance costs.

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Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner



Dyson DC41Dyson seems to have hit the nail on the head by creating some feature rich vacuum cleaners that focus on specific issues that most home owners would face. Pet hair and dander is one of the main reasons why people invest in vacuum cleaners. And Dyson seems to rule to roost when it comes to making quality cleaning products focused to provide a great cleaning experience and factoring issues like pet hair. The Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is one such offering. With its active base plate design, this cleaner interacts differently with different surfaces thereby providing the most effective cleaning possible.

Radial Root Technology
This patented technology edges out the more conservative bagged technology which clogs up the pores of the bag thus reducing suction. The new radial root technology is based on cyclone vacuum technology which Dyson has been mastering over the years. Reconfigured air channels and improved flow efficiency reduces turbulence and allows the inner cyclones to extract more microscopic particles. Some customers were amazed with the amount dust this machine could actually suck out of their carpets. They couldn’t believe their carpets could look as clean as they do!

Ball Technology
The ball technology is a clear advancement over wheels when it comes to maneuvering your machine around tight corners. This patented technology uses a ball made of glass reinforced polypropylene which holds the motor thereby reducing the center of gravity and improving stability. Maneuverability was a big hit with most customers as they felt the DC41, with its ball technology was easy to move around tight corners.

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Self-Adjusting Cleaner Head
The active base plate creates an optimal cleaner head contact for any kind of floor type and retains suction power over all – wood, carpet, vinyl and tiles. Many customers have appreciated the use of this feature as it helps you clean all parts of the house with ease.

Instant Release Wand
The Dyson DC41 uses an instant release wand to reach up to out of reach areas and clean up Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleanereffectively. The wand extends to 5 times its length without any additional assembly. Customers especially liked the wand because now you can reach very high areas on walls or ceilings that were not in reach earlier.

Mini Turbine
The mini turbine head removes unwanted pet hair – especially the kind that sticks to upholstery and is a pain to remove. You will notice how smoothly the mini turbine gets attached to the wand and provides a great solution for pet dander and hair.

Approved for Allergy Sufferers
The Dyson DC41 is approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The Dyson DC41 can capture microbes, right up to 0.5 microns in size which would include pollen, dust and mold among others.

Some customers feel it takes a time to get used to the ball. But when you do, it’s a breeze. At its price, the absence of a self-winding wire hurts. The wand is awkward to use for some customers.

The Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is a great appliance to possess. It has some new technology and features that are different from most other vacuum cleaners. The ball technology is a big hit with customers as it improves maneuvering tremendously. And most importantly, it’s a product geared towards removing all that pet hair that you fret over. If that is your main concern, go buy this cleaner now.

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Dyson DC33So you have bought yourself a fancy vacuum cleaner but hate the fact that you have to lug it around every time you bring out for use? Not too many designs have focused on the ease of moving the vacuum cleaner around. The Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is an exception. It provides a great value proposition with its feature rich machine and goes beyond the box to provide easy to carry handles as well that let you quickly put it away or take it out. As the name suggests, this cleaner runs smoothly on any kind of surface and is bound to give you a sparkling clean surrounding.

Root Cyclone Technology
This patented technology reduces loss of suction to a minimal. Dyson claims to capture microbes as low as 0.5 microns in size with no loss in suction. The strong centrifugal forces created by this bag-less machine pick up even the most difficult to see hairs, grime and dust from all areas.

Washable HEPA Filter
Pollen, mold spores and dust mites are a piece of cake for this fabulous machine which uses washable HEPA filters to expel clean air while gobbling up all the dirt.

Telescope Reach Wand
It can be frustrating when you have a vacuum cleaner and still can’t reach that point high up on the wall to clean. The Dyson DC33 takes care of this by giving you a straightforward telescopic wand that extends 14.4 feet making it lightweight and a breeze to clean hitherto unreachable areas.

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Clear Bin and Hygienic Emptying
The transparent bin in the Dyson DC33 can be emptied with a press of a button and shows exactly how much dirt and other microbes have accumulated inside. It ensures minimal contact with dirt as you can empty with just a push of the button. The body of the bin is made of polycarbonate which is as tough as it gets.

Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly
This is an important feature for many households where someone might be asthmatic or suffers from Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleanerallergies. The fact that the Dyson DC33 is certified as asthma and allergy friend by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America makes it an obvious choice for many.

The only obvious problem that people face with the Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is its inability to maneuver under furniture. Due to its bulky weight and size it is difficult to reach underneath. The dust wand has created problems for some users but mostly these are issues that can be sorted with a little bit of tweaking.

With its easy to carry handle and a plethora of features to boot, the Dyson DC33 is definitely a force to reckon with. It does not lose out on the basics of efficient vacuum cleaning while introducing some nifty features that make it better than its competition. While customers have mostly been happy with its suction power and ease of use some find it bulky and unable to clean up under furniture. That said, it still remains one of the better vacuum cleaners in the market and definitely worth a try.

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