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Hoover F7412-900There are so many high-tech and fancy vacuum cleaners in the market today that it becomes very difficult to decide on one if you don’t have any technical expertise. Good thing is that a lot of these vacuum cleaners are developed by companies with wide experience in the field and hence turn out to be quite reliable. This is particularly true about vacuum cleaners manufactured by Hoover. Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner F7412-900 is an example of these high-tech vacuum cleaners aimed at home users.

Specs on Hoover Dual V Carpet Cleaner:

A lot of features that are present on other high-tech vacuum cleaners from Hoover would be found on this remarkable machine as well. To begin with, just like the finest machines form the company, Hoover Dual V Carpet Cleaner is also equipped with the Spin-Scrub technology. With this technology in action, all the individual fibers of a carpet are washed and cleaned with utmost efficiency. Besides, there are three available settings for cleaning and washing, one of which you can use for any particular type of cleaning.

You will find a lot of automation processes on Hoover Dual V Carpet Cleaner, which means that you would have to exert least manual effort. The detergent mixing system of the machine is also automatic. With this system in action, all you need to do is add water to the machine and mix it with the detergent of your choice. After that, the machine would make the decision about the quantity of this mixture needed in a particular type of cleaning and you don’t need to bother about that.

This important technology that is used in Hoover Dual V Carpet Cleaner is the Dual-V technology. With this technology, it is made sure that equal suction is distributed along the entire cleaning path to provide reliable performance. Powerful suction makes sure that water is sucked out of the carpet in no time, leaving the carpet as good as new. When water is not used in the cleaning process, this suction is powerful enough to trap all the dust and dirt in a very limited time.

Components and Tools on the Machine:

It is hard to imagine of a Hoover vacuum cleaner that does not come with a variety of useful components and tools. Same is the case with Hoover Dual V Carpet Cleaner. On this machine, we have the carpet and upholstery tool for cleaning carpeted stairs, curtains and carpets etc. Then there is the inevitable pet hair tool that is a must have for people who have pets. This tool makes sure that you are never bothered about annoying pet hair on your carpet or couch. Similarly, the crevice tool has its own dedicated function and is used for cleaning in narrow spaces. All these tools considerably enhance the functional power of the machine.


Hoover vacuum cleaners generally need no praise, since they are already a market standard. For a home user looking for a quality vacuum cleaner that can last for a long time and that can continue to provide reliable performance, this one certainly is a great choice. Available at a very reasonable price, it also has a yearlong manufacturer warranty.

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Hoover F5914-900Are you a looking for an efficient steam vacuum carpet cleaner? Then you should give the Hoover F5914-900 a try. The general consensus by consumers who have tried the steamvac all agree that it delivers fantastic results and is also very affordable when compared to the competition. When looking for a vacuum cleaner most consumers base their decisions on power, longevity, and of course, price. I can confidently say that the Hoover F5914-900 definitely meets those requirements.

Hoover F5914-900 Powerful Motor

Using a very powerful 12 amp motor allows the Hoover F5914-900 to do a thorough deep clean of your carpet. This helps to eliminate dirt, grime,and bacteria along with dust that otherwise would have been trapped when using regular vacuum cleaners. It deep cleans using hot tap water and carpet solution. What makes this steam vacuum cleaner even more powerful is the “Clean Surge” feature which shoots out the cleaning solution that helps to eliminate spots and stains.

What Separates Hoover F5914-900 from Other Steam Vacuum Cleaners?

1. Incredibly easy to clean unit: Many carpet steam cleaners just move the dust, dirt and bacteria from one location to the next, but what separates the Hoover F5914-900 from those other cleaners is the pop out brushes and collection tank that stores the dirt for easy removal. This ensures that you are not just “storing” the grime, but can safely and effectively remove it from your vacuum cleaner.

2. Fast Drying & Fast Cleaning: If you are expecting visitors, then this steam vac is definitely the carpet cleaner you’ll want to have in your cleaning arsenal. It has a heated drying option that will allow the carpet to dry much faster than just allowing it to dry naturally on its own.

3. Multi-Functional: The spinscrub features can also be used on upholstery making this vacuum very versatile. You can also use it on stairs, and your furniture using the hand tool options that come with the vacuum.

4. Long Lasting: Unlike other vacuum cleaners, the Hoover F5914-900 has no belts, as that’s the main issue found with other steamvacs as their belts break. Every vacuum supplied by Hoover you can also be assured has undergone rigorous testing in their American engineering lab. This testing is done to accelerate the usage to estimate the shelf life of the vacuum.

Why you should purchase the Hoover F5914-900?

Whether it is the spinscrub feature which is multi-directional for deep cleaning or the forced heated air, it’s safe to say that this steam vacuum cleaner is a must have for anyone looking to keep their carpet clean. Not only will you have a cleaner carpet, but by using the extension tools for your upholstery you’ll have cleaner furniture, drapes, and floors.

Keep in mind; you’ll also have no messy tanks to clean, as the exclusive two tank system stores the dirt and grime in a separate area ensuring easy disposal. Of all the features though, the one that stands out most is the “surgecontrol”, which allows you to get those stains removed from the areas of your carpet that are walked on the most.

These features and benefits alone clearly show you why you need the Hoover F5914-900. It’s a great additive to your cleaning arsenal, and it provides extreme value for your money.

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Hoover FH50220

Hoover FH50220

Hoover FH50220 is one of the most notable carpet washers among the latest class of such washers from Hoover. The machine is lightweight and yet provides highly powerful suction while consuming little power. It has particularly proven to be very effective when it comes to soiled carpets. Elegant design and efficient operation has made this machine among the user favorites when it comes to carpet washers.

Distinguishing Aspects of Hoover FH50220:

There is a wide range of unique and innovative features that are found on Hoover FH50220.

Perfect Balance between Design and Performance:

Hoover FH50220 strikes a perfect balance between performance and structure. Its cutting-edge nozzle technology makes sure that less or no water remains on the carpet or floor after the washing is done. Besides, there are two separate tanks for clean and dirty water on Hoover FH50220. This makes the maintenance and operation very easy because the two types of water do not get mixed up and you can empty the dirty water without bothering to keep the clean water separate.

Rotating Brushes:

There are five dozen rotating brushes on Hoover FH50220 which work together and provide extremely powerful cleaning. These brushes operate on the exclusive Spin Scrub Tech from Hoover and make sure that dirt from every nook and cranny is removed down to the minutest details. These brushes make sure that each carpet fiber is touched and cleaned along the way. Along with the washing, heating air is also constantly emitted from under the machine to make sure that swift drying of the carpet is made possible.

Useful Observations:

Users have observed the following useful features in the operation of Hoover FH50220:

– The cleaning solution gets down to the depths of the carpets, thanks to the pressurized water spray. This makes sure that every fiber of the carpet is separately cleaned and dried.

– Fluffiness and softness of the carpet is not compromised even in multiple cleanings. This is because the spin-scrub brushes of the machine continue to fluff up the carpet during the cleaning and thus maintain the original position of the carpet.

– It is very easy to clean the dirty water tank. You simply have to remove the top of it and pull it out. The material is made of hard plastic, unlike the soft plastic found on most other cleaners, and this makes the cleaning even easier.

– Cleaning the entire machine is a very simple process as well. You only need to detach the parts such as nozzle, water tank and the brushes. After that, just place the machine under running water and run the water through the suction path and rinse it. Since you can detach the brushes completely from the machine, this allows you to clean them separately.


Hoover FH50220 certainly makes the cleaning process a joy. If you are sensitive about your carpets yet also want to clean them down to the minutest details, Hoover FH50220 can certainly serve the purpose for you very well. For users who need to clean their carpets often, this is a highly recommended product.

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