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Electric Pressure Washer Reviews Archives

AR North America AR390

AR North America AR390

AR North America AR390 is one of those pressure washers that combine elegant deign, fine performance and durability. Manufactured by AR North America, this pressure washer is made of durable material and contains a powerful motor, in addition to a wide range of other useful features.

Distinguishing Aspects:

Among the noteworthy features that AR North America AR390 can boast of, we can include the following:

– AR North America AR390 is made of highly durable material consisting of brass, plastic, aluminum and rubber. These materials, on the one hand, provide high quality performance and on the other hand, also facilitate easy handling and operation of the device.

– The powerful universal motor of AR North America AR390 makes sure that performance remains smooth over long periods of time. Besides, the motor also remains cool during the long cleaning operations and hence reduces the maintenance cost of the machine.

– The compact size of AR North America AR390 makes the mobility very easy. You can simply carry the machine anywhere you like, whether it is your garden or driveway. Besides, if you are on a long journey and want to keep your vehicle clean, this can be a perfect option for you. On any stop, you can clean your car within a few minutes.

– There are also two wheels at the bottom of the machine to further facilitate easy mobility. With these wheels, you don’t even need to lift the device every time you want to change its location. You can simply drag it without constraining your muscles with the weight.

Accompanying Accessories:

Just like any good pressure washer, AR North America AR390 comes with a wide range of useful tools and accessories. For example, we have a jet nozzle which is adjustable so that the water pressure and soap content is just right for any particular surface. The build-in detergent tank of the device is easy to fill and use and is also very easy to clean. You simply need to run tap water through it and would be ready for use again. This highly durable detergent tank also lasts long and you don’t need to have an extra detergent tank, thus cutting down on your cost. Other important accessories and tools include turbo nozzle and total stop system.

User Concerns:

– Some users who have used AR North America AR390 were confused by the similarity between the pump power and the output because there is almost no difference between the two. However, this problem does not remain after you get used to the machine.

– The wand that accompanies the device seemed to be a bit heavier compared to some other devices. You have to make excessive use of wand during the cleaning process, this might be a problem for you.


AR North America AR390 is definitely a high class product with multiple features and uses. Its user manual is available in English, Spanish and French which can be another advantage if English is not your first languages. Overall, even if AR North America AR390 not be the very best device in the market, it is well worth its price.

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All Power 2000

All Power 2000

Pressure washers from All Power have found wide acceptance among the user community. These highly efficient pressure washers have all the features that make them as much useful as some of the finest pressure washers in the market.

Distinguishing Features:

There are many innovative and useful features that you would find on All Power 2000:

– The water pressure provided by All Power 2000 is one par with the pressure provided by some of the top pressure washers in the market. The water pressure rate of 1.6 gallon/minute is more than sufficient to clean all the dirt and mud off your vehicles as well as furniture, driveway and walls.

– The spray nozzle of All Power 2000 is adjustable which can be used to adjust the water pressure as well as the intensity of the soap in the water. You only need to use the dial on the side of the machine to adjust both these variables.

– There is a 35 feet long power cord available with All Power 2000. Using this power cord, you can climb up the stairs to wash high places and can also easily do the cleaning process in the narrow spaces.

– The motor of All Power 2000 is fitted with air cooler which makes sure that the motor and thus the machine remains cool during the cleaning operation so that it can work for a long time without any problem.


– Easy assembly and set up of the components.

– Storage for hose as well as other components so that you they are handy.

– 35 feel long electric cord to facilitate cleaning at difficult to reach places and narrow spaces.

– Adjustable water pressure and soap levels to facilitate cleaning according to the requirements of a particular surface.


While the overall customer response for All Power 2000 has remained to be highly positive, there were nonetheless some concerns shown by some users. For example:

– Some users have complained about the leaking of the house coupling. This problem can pretty much be eliminated by tightening the house coupling with two wrenches. Instructions to do this are available in the owner’s manual and it does not require any kind of technical expertise.

– The noise of All Power 2000’s electric motor seems to be higher compared to some other pressure washers in the market. But of course this does not affect the actual performance of the machine.


Compact size and performance are two most important parameters to judge the worth of a pressure washer. All Power 2000 fulfills both these requirements and also comes with several other useful tools that can be used on different occasions. Compared to an average garden hose and even many pressure washers in the market, All Power 2000 provides cleanliness that is superior. This it does without wasting extra water and besides, its efficient motor also remains cool during the operation. This is certainly a great product for people who frequently need to wash their vehicles, driveways and furniture.

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Briggs & Stratton 020512

Briggs & Stratton 020512

Briggs & Stratton is a well reputed and highly respected name in the world of pressure washers. Briggs & Stratton 020512 is among the latest class of high quality products from the company and comes with several improvements compared to the previous versions. Users from all walks of life have used these pressure washers and the overall response is quite positive.

Why Choose Briggs & Stratton 020512:

To being with, the reputation of Briggs & Stratton 020512 is already very well established in the market and their products are highly popular. The company has been developing products for the last 100 years and is the foremost manufacturer of pressure washers in North America. Having a wide range of useful features, Briggs & Stratton 020512 is a product that can be used to clean just about anything. Whether it is your floor that needs washing or your vehicle, whether you want to wash the dirt off your wall or your furniture, Briggs & Stratton 020512 is ready to serve all these purposes in a very efficient manner.

Distinguishing Features:

There are many useful features available with Briggs & Stratton 020512 which compliment the cleaning process. The water pressure from Briggs & Stratton 020512 is as much as 75 times compared to the pressure that comes out of your ordinary water hose. Now this is certainly a huge pressure and is more than sufficient to clean all sorts of surfaces without wasting too much water. With this much water pressure, you can simply direct the hose to any nook or corner and leave the rest to the machine.

The PSI and GPM are two measures on which the performance of a good pressure washer is measured. Both these measures on Briggs & Stratton 020512 make it on par with best pressure washers in the market. With higher numbers of these two parameters, you have to spend a minimum amount of time to get through the maximum amount of cleaning. You can fulfill all your household needs such as washing the vehicles, driveway, furniture and stairs etc.

There are dual high-pressure jets on Briggs & Stratton 020512 which provide the maximum amount of water pressure to provide reliable and instantaneous cleaning. It is fitted with special tubo nozzle instead of the common spray tip. This allows it to vary the water pressure.

User Concern:

There weren’t any complaints about the performance of the device but a friend was concerned about the quality of the components that come with Briggs & Stratton 020512. These components are built with plastic and seem to be rather fragile. But the components have not broken and have continued to work so far. Besides, their replacement is also easily available in the market.


For any kind of home use, Briggs & Stratton 020512 can certainly do the job very well, although it might not be able to serve the commercial purposes very efficiently. For its price range, it can be included in the top five pressure washers currently available in the market.

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Karcher K 2.38 CCK

Karcher K 2.38 CCK

Karcher has designed a wide range of pressure washers for cars. These pressure washers are highly durable and come at very reasonable price. Among these pressure washers, Karcher K 2.38 CCK has a special place and is considered one of the very best machines from the company. The overall customer response for this product is highly positive.

Efficiency and Performance:

Karcher K 2.38 CCK is very lightweight which makes its use very efficient. You can keep it in your car while travelling on a long route and just wash your car anywhere on your way. The water pressure through Karcher K 2.38 CCK is 30 times more than the water pressure that you get from your ordinary garden hose which certainly makes Karcher K 2.38 CCK highly effective for a reliable car wash. Powerful water pressure from Karcher K 2.38 CCK ensures that your car is free of any dirt or mud. In addition to washing the car, you can also use Karcher K 2.38 CCK to wash your driveway and sidewalk.

Adjustable Water Pressure:

Karcher K 2.38 CCK allows you to adjust the water pressure according to the requirement of a particular surface. For instance, you might want less water pressure washing a car compared to the pressure that you need washing your driveway. Karcher K 2.38 CCK provides this service of adjustable water pressure. Adjusting pressure is not a problem and you can do it with the simple dial located on the side of the device. You can add the soft bristle wash brush with the device if you are cleaning delicate or painted surfaces.

Accessories in the Kit:

Karcher K 2.38 CCK comes with several useful tools and accessories to be used along with the main device. These accessories include a sponge which can be used for multiple purposes, an easily attachable bristle brush, a rim brush as well as an accessory bag. With all these components in place, you are sure to have a much superior cleaning of your car compared to the average garden hose which wastes a lot of water and gives only average results. There are several other accessories like a 20 feet hose which can be used to reach high places and narrow spaces.


Karcher K 2.38 CCK is one of the most lightweight and simplest products that you would get for multiple cleaning purposes. It is particularly useful for the cleaning of vehicles whether it is your motorcycle, car, boat or truck. There might be better pressure washers in the market but in its price range, Karcher K 2.38 CCK very effectively delivers the job. Finally, it comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty which makes it all the more worth your money.

 Costumer Concerns:

Some customers have complained about problems with the components. For instance, a friend had trouble connecting the fault detector. If you have a problem with this connection, you can reset the device and then connect it. Details about the connection process itself are available in the owner’s manual.

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Karcher K 3.540

Karcher K 3.540

Washing and dusting equipment manufactured by Karcher has a special worth in the market, considering that Karcher is a well established and highly reputed company. Among the pressure washers developed specifically for home users, Karcher K 3.540 is one of the finest products from the company, with its unique features and durability.

Performance and Features:

– Karcher K 3.540 has time and again proven its high class performance and users from all walks of life have shown high satisfaction with the product. The pressure washers from this series are equipped with cutting-edge technology and yet come in a very compact design.

– The dual spray wands fitted in Karcher K 3.540 make sure that the cleaning process is swift and reliable. The spray wands also allow you to adjust the water pressure according to specific requirements. There is a special Vario Power Spray (VPS) wand included with the device which is used to decrease the intensity of cleaning.

– Karcher K 3.540 comes with a special water-cooled induction motor which keeps the cleaning smooth and lasts longer. This motor does not get heated up after cleaning for longer intervals and thus guarantees that your maintenance cost remains low over longer periods. Besides, the quick-connect system of the device reduces the start time of the device by 75 percent, thus making sure that the device is always ready on a go.

– To facilitate cleaning with detergents, there is a dedicated onboard detergent box on Karcher K 3.540.


Karcher K 3.540 comes with several useful accessories such as a 25 feet long pressure hose, a child safety lock, a power spray wand to increase the intensity of pressure for heavier use, and an onboard detergent tank. There is also the facility of integrated storage for accessories which you can use to keep all the tools along with you while doing the cleaning. These accessories have been designed to fulfill the cleaning requirements of all kinds of floors, walls and vehicles.


– Water cooled induction motor for long lasting performance.

– Dual spray wand for adjustable water pressure.

– Minimum start time to make sure that the cleaning is swift and instantaneous.

– Onboard detergent tank so that you can add the required quantity of soap before cleaning and not bother about adding it separately.


– Although the machine itself proved to be very durable, the pressure wand seems a bit too fragile. Made of plastic, it has to be handled carefully compared to the rest of the components. Even though alternate wands are available in the market, this is one area where Karcher needs some work.


Karcher K 3.540 provides much better water pressure compared to usual gasoline water pressures. The machine is also certified by CSA international for safe use which makes it all the more compelling for a home user because safety is one of the foremost concerns for home machines. Besides, it also comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. So if you are a home user with frequent washing needs, Karcher K 3.540 is certainly a great product for you.

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