Hoover UH70801 Review

Hoover UH70801
Hoover UH70801

Hoover WindTunnel 2 Upright Vacuum is one of the most durable and high-quality products from Hoover. The vacuum, just like several other high-end vacuum cleaners from Hoover, is equipped with the cutting edge technology and accompanies several important tools and accessories, thus making it highly efficient.

Operations of Hoover UH70801:

– Double-Cyclonic Operation: With the dual-cyclonic operation of Hoover UH70801, air passes through two cyclonic stages which efficiently filter dust and debris from the air path. – –

– Wind Tunnel 2 Tech for Vacuum Cleaners: This is also found on other high-end vacuum cleaners from Hoover and is certainly of very much importance. With this technology in action, two channels of powerful suction are created which make sure that debris and dirt embedded deep down is removed. In the absence of Wind Tunnel technology, only superficial dirt is removed and it hard to perform thorough cleaning.

– High Capacity Dust Cup: This provides increased capacity for the storage of trapped dust and debris. Increased storage means that you would less frequently need to remove the dust and clean the filter.

Maintenance Convenience:

– Various components of Hoover UH70801 are very easy to clean and maintain for future use, thus significantly removing the maintenance cost. For instance, the reusable easy rinse filter of the machine can be cleaned under the running tap water and made ready for future use. This easy cleaning without any damage makes sure that the filter lasts long.

– The convenient bottom-release cup of Hoover UH70801 is very easy to empty. With the single push of a button, trash can be released into the bin without getting the hands dirty.

Tools and Accessories:

– There are five settings or modes of operation available on Hoover UH70801. These modes can be adjusted according to the floor types.

– Various important tools included in the complete package include turbo tool, crevice tool, extension wand and dusting brush. These tools can be used in accordance with the requirements of the floor types. With these tools in place, it is very easy to remove all the wanted dust and dirt from stairs, furniture, blinds, mats and home décor. There is also a Pet Turbo Tool designed to remove hair and fur of pets.


– HEPA Media filter to efficiently trap the dust.

– Multiple settings for different floor types.

– Accessories and tools for different types of cleaning.

– Absence of bag with long-lasting dirt cup.

– Two year manufacturer guarantee.

– Powerful suction and dual cyclonic operation.


It seems quite evident that among the high-end products designed and released by Hoover, Hoover UH70801 holds a very prominent position. It provides cleaning operation for all floor types and makes sure that dirt is removed down to the minutest details. The powerful suction and WindTunnel technology guarantee smooth and reliable performance. The vacuum is a bit heavyweight, but so are the rest of high-end vacuums in the market. With respect to features and performance, this certainly is one of the best choices for your money.

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