Fuller Brush FB-90T Review

Fuller Brush FB-90TFuller Brush has been developing durable and reliable vacuum cleaners mainly aimed at home users and over the years, the company has established itself among the leading providers of these machines. Fuller Brush FB-90T is a reliable mid-range vacuum cleaner with a lot of features that you would love.

What’s Special about Fuller Brush FB-90T?

Obviously while looking for a new vacuum cleaner that can reliably serve your cleaning needs, you have to look for the one which offers the best features and is available at a reasonable price. Fuller Brush FB-90T seems to fit right into these criteria. Just like the finest vacuum cleaners in the market, Fuller Brush FB-90T comes with an integrated HEPA filters which are the best in the market. These filters make sure that all the dust cleared by the vacuum cleaner is sealed and trapped and no particles escape into the air. Due to this reason, these filters are recommended for people who suffer from dust allergies. These filters also make sure that the surrounding air remains clean. The 12 ampere motor powers the operation of the machine and is capable of powering the machine continuously for a long time.

Great thing about Fuller Brush FB-90T is that it has the ability of automatically adjusting itself in accordance with the carpet and floor type. Besides, assembly of different components of the machine is also like a walk in the park. The machine also performs impeccably when it comes to picking pet hair from carpets and cushions.

Given the powerful suction of the machine and reliable filters, Fuller Brush FB-90T traps the dirt and debris from your floors in a matter of minutes, without compromising on the quality.

Tools Available with Fuller Brush FB-90T:

There are several separate tools and components that you can use in conjunction with the main machine to enhance its cleaning facility. Among these tools we have a 30 feet long cord which is mainly aimed at increasing the easy mobility of the machine and uninterrupted cleaning operation. With this cord, you can plug-in the machine at one point and clean around without any sort of interruption. Other important tools included with the machine are: a two-piece wand, crevice tool for cleaning in narrow spaces and hard to reach areas and a dusting brush fitted with high quality metal bristles.

The components that come with the machine are highly durable and have served for a long time.

Final Verdict:

There are a lot of high-tech vacuum cleaners in the market with cutting edge features which you might find better than this one but those high-tech machines would also cost you a lot of money. Fuller Brush FB-90T, on the other hand, draws a great balance between reasonable price and high quality. In comparison with other mid-range vacuum cleaners in the market, this one definitely offers a very decent performance, noise suppression and affordable price. What’s more, it comes with a yearlong manufacturer warranty. So if you are a home user looking for a new vacuum cleaner and are also on a moderate budget, you should definitely look into this one.

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