Eureka 3670G Review

Eureka 3670GIn contrast to the high end vacuum cleaners, when it comes to low-end machines, you only have to consider a few things. You have to consider the ease of its cleaning, that is, the mobility of the machine during cleaning, and its noise levels. Other than that, you have to consider the efficiency of its performance. There aren’t many low-end machines reliably fulfilling these two conditions. Among the ones that do, Eureka 3670G is a noteworthy vacuum cleaner designed and developed by Eureka.

Ease of Cleaning:

There are several factors that play their role when it comes to ease of cleaning. Considering specifically from the perspective of Eureka 3670G, let’s start with the important features that you would find on it. The machine is equipped with a specially designed canister-vacuum running on 12 ampere of power. This canister especially provides highly reliable cleaning when it comes to bare floors, although its performance on carpeted floors is also great. The hose is connect at the front of the canister and is also attached with the wand, after which you can adjust the height of the wand according to any particular requirements. Other than the wand level, suction levels can also be adjusted as per the nature of the floor.

Another unique feature on Eureka 3670G that increases the ease and facility of cleaning is the fingertip controls. These controls are available right on the touch handle which allows you to switch between the settings right from the handle instead of reaching down to the machine and doing the same.

The dust bags of Eureka 3670G are very efficient in trapping the dust and debris from the floors. These dust bags coupled with the powerful suction of the machine saves both time and cost for you.

A 20 feet cord is part of the complete package. This cord is sufficient for cleaning in and around average sized rooms without interruption for unplugging and re-plugging the machine at regular intervals. The machine is also very lightweight and has a very compact size, thanks to which you can move it around without any kind of problem.

Just like good vacuum cleaners, Eureka 3670G also has certain tools that aim at specialized cleaning. For instance, we have the crevice tool which you can use with the machine while cleaning in narrow spaces and around hard objects. The pet tool, as the name suggests, basically aims at removing the annoying pet hair on cushions and carpets. Same goes for the upholstery tool which is a specialized component for cleaning over stairs and hard to reach high places.


There are a lot of useful aspects of Eureka 3670G which can be called sufficient proof of this being one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market. While the machine is excellent when it comes to cleaning on hard floors, it might not be your best option for carpeted floors, although it certainly is above average. Available at a very reasonable price, the machine comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty so you can try your hands on it for a while to see if it works for you.

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