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Eureka C2094G

Eureka C2094G

No matter what you are doing in life, simplicity is important and has its own charm. This is equally right for vacuum cleaners. While there are many stylish vacuum cleaners in the market, there are only a few which can provide reliable performance while also being highly simple. Eureka C2094G Heavy Duty Cloth Bag Upright Commercial Vacuum, simply known as Eureka C2094G, is one such vacuum cleaner that is simple yet durable.

Unique Structure:

The simple and unique structure of Eureka C2094G makes it extremely easy to twist and turn at abrupt angles. As the vacuum is pretty lightweight, you can simply roam around with it without any effort. The inner paper bag of the vacuum can be easily removed by unzipping the back-mouthed bag which is made of cloth. The handle can be flattened and the vacuum can be virtually placed horizontally in order to clean under the furniture without much effort. This simple and efficient structure of Eureka C2094G provides no-nonsense and reliable cleaning in little time.

Important Features:

– The structure of Eureka C2094G is simple and strong and the machine itself provides easy maneuverability. It is very easy to turn or swivel it into corners and narrow spaces. There are six carpet and floor settings on Eureka C2094G. You can adjust these setting according to the needs and requirements of any particular kind of floor.

– There is a wide bumper at the front end of the machine which protects it against any solid objects. With the bumper in place, you now don’t need to worry about hitting the vacuum cleaner with furniture or bumping it into walls with mistake. The bumper would take care of these accidents and would avoid any unpleasant damage.

– There is a bright headlight at the frontend of the vacuum which can be very useful in low light conditions. Even if there is no light in the room, you can simply turn on the headlight of the vacuum and carry on the cleaning.

– Another remarkable aspect of Eureka C2094G is the 50 feet power cord that accompanies the machine. You would hardly find a power cord this lengthy on any other vacuum cleaner. The advantage of such length is quite obvious. You can simply plug the switch at a central location in your home and just roam around to clean other rooms, without any need of unplugging the switch and plugging it against elsewhere.

– There is also a spare paper bag that you would get upon the purchase of Eureka C2094G. This spare bag can be used in case the original dust bag is out for cleaning or due to any other reason. Presence of a spare paper bag significantly reduces the maintenance cost of the machine.

Problem on Bare Floors:

Eureka C2094G has mainly been designed for carpeted floors, rugs, mats and curtains etc. This makes it less suitable for bare floors. It can provide a reasonable performance on bare floors, but not as good as other vacuum cleaners specifically designed for bare floors. So if you need to clean bare floors more often, this might not be the best choice for you.

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Eureka AS1002A

Eureka AS1002A

Eureka AirSpeed Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum is one of the most durable bagless vacuum cleaners from Eureka, proving long lasting and high quality performance. The quality might not be as great as the high-end vacuum cleaners but there is also a huge difference in price which pretty much compensates. As for the vacuum cleaners in this price range, Eureka AS1002A certainly manages to distinguish itself.

Special AirSpeed Technology:

Eureka AS1002A is fitted with this exclusive cutting-edge technology from Eureka. This technology features two smooth tubes as air passage and a direct air flow between cup and floor. This decreases the distance for the dust and debris to travel and increases the efficiency. This also results in increased suction. Various attachments can be added with the vacuum and used under this technology as well. To attach these tools and components, you only need to change the setting of the control dial to “tools”.

Eureka Cyclonic Technology:

This cutting-edge technology has been developed to increase the power of suction so that the vacuum cleaner is able to pick and trap dust and debris down to the minutest details. With this technology in place, fine dust particles are separated from larger objects thus making sure that the airflow path is not clogged and vacuuming is carried on without any interruption. This efficient mechanism against clogging also results in easy maintenance of the machine because clogging is one the main reasons why the filters are damaged and users need to remove and replace them. It also features HEPA filters which are able to capture 99.97% of dust and dirt while also making sure that the surrounding air remains clean.

Turbo Nozzle for Pet Owners:

There is a special turbo nozzle which has been developed as a separate tool for pet owners. This turbo nozzle especially aims at picking the pet hair and fur from any kind of floor. The charcoal filter of this nozzle even absorbs and removes pet odor and eliminates any danger of pet allergies.


– Special AirSpeed technology for increased suction power.

– Separate path for fine dust particles and larger objects, thus avoiding clogging.

– Cyclonic technology with reliable cleaning power especially for pet hair and odor.

– Cleans the surrounding air thus removing any danger of pet and dust allergies.

– Availability of various useful attachments and components.


– Clearly the location of the on/off switch on Eureka AS1002A is a bit awkward. It is a foot-activated paddle which makes it a bit uncomfortable to reach. You only get used to it after you have used the vacuum cleaner a few times.

– The cup or canister of the vacuum cleaner that accumulates the dust is a bit small and if you are vacuuming for a long time, you might need to empty it more than once. So it is a good idea to have an extra cup handy.


A couple of downsides that exist on Eureka AS1002A can be found on almost all low-end bagless vacuum cleaners so that is not much of a problem. Other than that, this is a pretty good option in the category of low-cost vacuum cleaners that can provide more than average cleaning performance.

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