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Hoover UH70831

Hoover UH70831

The Hoover Windtunnel 2 Rewind Pet Plus Upright Vacuum, also known as Hoover UH70831, has an exclusive WindTunnel 2 technology specifically created to lift and remove dirt that is embedded deep down but utilizing 2 channels of suction. There are two cyclonic stages that will help filter dirt and debris from the path of air with no loss to suction; this is referred to as Dual Cyclonic. The filter is reusable and easy cleaned when put under running water. The dirt cup is a high capacity cup that was made to hold more dirt and debris, allowing you to clean more with less interruption. When it is time to empty it you simply detach it from the vacuum and then push the button for the bottom door to open and you can empty the cup.


There are several accessories that come with the Hoover UH70831 vacuum – Turbo Tool, Crevice Tool, Extension Wand, and the Pet Upholstery Tool. The Turbo Tool is also used to help pick up pet hair. With the Hoover UH70831 review I am going to review the different features and discuss some of the good points or bad points to each one.

– WindTunnel 2 Technology: One of the things that you will find with this feature is that a lot of customers have purchased this vacuum for one main reason and that is because it will suck up what you are trying to clean up. It does have some difficulty with thick carpets but the manufacture actually created a video in response to the issue and answered this concern.

– Reusable Easy Rinse Filter: This is one thing that a lot of people really enjoyed about this product. The fact that the filter could be rinsed clean and then reused. The vacuum actually has an indicator on it that will tell you when the filter needs to be cleaned to ensure maximum suction at all times. Couple of things to remember about this filter though is that you want to make sure to squeeze all the water out and let it sit for two or three days to be completely dry before using.

– Pet Tools: The pet upholstery tool is used to clean all your upholstery that has been attacked by pet hair. The rubber ribs on the tool help you to go across the couch cushion and be able to pick up all the pesky hairs that normally get left behind with other tools. The turbo tool is also great to use to pick up pet hair because of the high power brush and the suction. One of the problems that was mentioned about pets was the fact that the vacuum is not able to handle more than a few pets in the home. Anything more than 2 or 3 and you were vacuuming constantly because the tools could not pick up enough hair and the cup was not big enough. Emptying the cup frequently helps to be able to maintain a clean home with more than 2 pets and the vacuuming more frequently would help in catching the hair quicker before it stockpiles.


– Sucks well

– Easily assembled

– Reusable Filter

– HEPA filter

– Filter Indicator

– Bagless

– Secures attachments solidly


– Not good for large number of pets

– Hose is too stiff and not long enough

– The power button was in a bad position

– Too noisy

One of the things that was mentioned that I feel were more personal perspectives and it was:

– The high-capacity cup

The capacity was really depended on how much dirt/hair a person encountered in their home. This was definitely a personal issue here.


With my Hoover UH70831 review I have to say that several things stand out to me that make me want to buy the Hoover UH70831 and several persuade me not to buy this vacuum. The items that persuade me to buy the vacuum is suction, reusable filter with filter indicator, and bagless. I hate it when I am trying to vacuum something up and after having gone over it 1 or 2 times I can still see that I need to vacuum more. Being able to vacuum the 1 or 2 times and knowing that I don’t have to stand there for long is a strong factor for me. The reusable filter makes life easier because I can clean it when it is full and not have to buy another one. I would buy a second filter though to allow the first one to dry properly. Bagless…need I say anymore?

The items that make me cringe about buying it are the power button in a bad position, stiff hose and too noisy. I have to say that having the power button within a “fingers reach” is a huge positive for me and my last vacuum had that but I have not been able to find one since and that brand is no longer sold. When you vacuum up something that you need to be able to kill the motor quickly and you are scrambling for the power button….not cool. This little issue will kill your motor very quickly if you do it too often. I am getting up there in age and having to bend down and up and down to wind up the cord is getting rough on the back. Being able to push a button and have the cord retract is a really nice feature. A stiff hose is bad in so many aspects. One issue that came to my mind was how long before it was cracking because it was not loosening up from use. The other issue with a stiff hose is the fact that it does not extend far enough. Lastly, the noise may not be that big of an issue for me because I have a lot of kids in my home and there are already noisy…maybe I can have some silence while I vacuum??? Maybe not.

So would I or would I not buy this vacuum? I would buy this vacuum even though some of the negative issues would make me second guess just a little.



Hoover UH72400

Hoover UH72400

Okay, so there is no hiding the fact that the vast majority of us have more exciting things to spend our money on than Hoovers but even so, buying a Hoover that makes life that little bit easier is an absolute must and that’s exactly what the WindTunnel UH72400 aims to do and it does so at a very reasonable price.

Hoover are now a very well established company and generally speaking, they offer very similar technology and quality to Dyson without the hefty price tag and if you don’t believe us, just take a look at the Hoover WindTunnel UH72400 specifications.


Perhaps the strongest feature of this particular Hoover is the is the “WindTunnel 3” technology which allows you to remove surface dirt and embedded dirt with equal ease.

3 channels of suction are on offer so it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to remove the nuance that is dog hair or a bit of dried mud brought in by the kids, you can do so by using your preferred channel.

Combine this with the fact that the UH72400 is incredibly manoeuvrable and you’ve got yourself a winner.

The lightweight design ensures that the vacuum is easy to lift, carry and store and the Hoover steerable technology used makes tidying the home a much more pleasant experience.

The Multi-Floor Electronic Brushroll that’s included with the Hoover makes switching from carpet to hard floor a seamless chore as one simple push of a button will allow you to make the transition.

The final area where we believe the WindTunnel UH72400 really excels is its ability to keep itself clean.

Vacuum owners from all around the world have been traumatised by the constant battle to keep the internal parts clean but with this particular model you have the “Reusable Easy Rinse Filter” which in more simple terms is an automated way of filtering huge amounts of dirt and debris from the air path and this ultimately leads to easier use and a longer life span for the vacuum itself.

Of course no Hoover is perfect and the Hoover Windtunnel UH72400 is no exception .

Users have reported that it is by no means the best model on the market for collecting dog hair and whilst it’s not terrible, users should expect to work a little harder with this vacuum if that’s the job you had in mind.

At 30ft, the cord is a very decent length but it is a little inconveniently placed and this does take some getting used to.

It’s also noted that this Hoover is far from ideal if you’re on the taller side as Hoover seem to of sacrificed stature to make the machine more agile.


All things in our Hoover UH72400 review considered, we believe it to be a very good option for those who are after a respectable vacuum for a good price.

Providing your cleaning needs are towards the lower end of the spectrum and your house doesn’t need a more “commercial” clean you’ll be really happy with this.

To summarize in one word – convenient.

Very convenient indeed.



• Very easy to use & manoeuvre

• Affordable

• Very modern technology used throughout

• Particularly good on hard floor surfaces

• Simple to empty canister which keeps YOU clean


• Doesn’t do the harder jobs all that easily (dog hair especially)

• The canister is small which means emptying regularly is a must

• The cord is inconveniently placed which hampers the use on occasions

• You can’t adjust for different carpet heights

• Slightly smaller than other vacuums on the market