Hoover UH72400 Review

Hoover UH72400
Hoover UH72400

Okay, so there is no hiding the fact that the vast majority of us have more exciting things to spend our money on than Hoovers but even so, buying a Hoover that makes life that little bit easier is an absolute must and that’s exactly what the WindTunnel UH72400 aims to do and it does so at a very reasonable price.

Hoover are now a very well established company and generally speaking, they offer very similar technology and quality to Dyson without the hefty price tag and if you don’t believe us, just take a look at the Hoover WindTunnel UH72400 specifications.


Perhaps the strongest feature of this particular Hoover is the is the “WindTunnel 3” technology which allows you to remove surface dirt and embedded dirt with equal ease.

3 channels of suction are on offer so it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to remove the nuance that is dog hair or a bit of dried mud brought in by the kids, you can do so by using your preferred channel.

Combine this with the fact that the UH72400 is incredibly manoeuvrable and you’ve got yourself a winner.

The lightweight design ensures that the vacuum is easy to lift, carry and store and the Hoover steerable technology used makes tidying the home a much more pleasant experience.

The Multi-Floor Electronic Brushroll that’s included with the Hoover makes switching from carpet to hard floor a seamless chore as one simple push of a button will allow you to make the transition.

The final area where we believe the WindTunnel UH72400 really excels is its ability to keep itself clean.

Vacuum owners from all around the world have been traumatised by the constant battle to keep the internal parts clean but with this particular model you have the “Reusable Easy Rinse Filter” which in more simple terms is an automated way of filtering huge amounts of dirt and debris from the air path and this ultimately leads to easier use and a longer life span for the vacuum itself.

Of course no Hoover is perfect and the Hoover Windtunnel UH72400 is no exception .

Users have reported that it is by no means the best model on the market for collecting dog hair and whilst it’s not terrible, users should expect to work a little harder with this vacuum if that’s the job you had in mind.

At 30ft, the cord is a very decent length but it is a little inconveniently placed and this does take some getting used to.

It’s also noted that this Hoover is far from ideal if you’re on the taller side as Hoover seem to of sacrificed stature to make the machine more agile.


All things in our Hoover UH72400 review considered, we believe it to be a very good option for those who are after a respectable vacuum for a good price.

Providing your cleaning needs are towards the lower end of the spectrum and your house doesn’t need a more “commercial” clean you’ll be really happy with this.

To summarize in one word – convenient.

Very convenient indeed.



• Very easy to use & manoeuvre

• Affordable

• Very modern technology used throughout

• Particularly good on hard floor surfaces

• Simple to empty canister which keeps YOU clean


• Doesn’t do the harder jobs all that easily (dog hair especially)

• The canister is small which means emptying regularly is a must

• The cord is inconveniently placed which hampers the use on occasions

• You can’t adjust for different carpet heights

• Slightly smaller than other vacuums on the market

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