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ProTeam 104867

ProTeam 104867

ProTeam 104867 ProCare 15XP Commercial Upright Vacuum is the latest high-tech vacuum from ProTeam. This vacuum cleaner has a very slim structure and provides reliable cleaning with less sound and less maintenance cost. Other than having low weight, this vacuum provides quality performance and comes with various useful tools which can be used for specific purposes.

Specs and Features:

– ProTeam 104867 has a 14inch brush roll which can be attached at the front end to do the vacuuming in hard to reach areas such as under furniture and over the stairs.

– HEPA media filter which is usually found on some of the finest quality vacuum cleaners in the market. This filter is designed to provide, on the one hand, reliable cleaning and on the other, it also makes sure that dust particles do not escape from the filter. Thus it keeps the surrounding air clean and if you have problems with dust allergies, vacuum cleaner fitted with HEPA filter can be a good choice for you.

– There is a 35-feet power cord that accompanies ProTeam 104867. The length of this power cord can be very useful in performing uninterrupted vacuuming over large area.


ProTeam 104867 includes various useful tools and components that can be used for specific type of cleaning. For instance, we have a crevice tool that, as the name suggests, has been designed to provide vacuuming in narrow spaces such as corners and crevices. This tool can be attached with the vacuum cleaner to provide cleaning under furniture and other narrow spaces.

You would also have a pet tool which is designed to clean pet hair and fur over cushions, carpets and bare floors. Pet hair can be pretty annoying and many people suffer from allergies due to these hair. The filter of ProTeam 104867 makes sure that these hair are cleaned and also do not escape into air.

There is also an upholstery tool which has an onboard storage for better performance.

Assembly of various tools is very simple and can be done within a few minutes. The simple structure of the vacuum cleaner does not require any technical knowledge for assembly and using a single screw driver various parts can be assembled together and used.

Dual-Motor System:

Unlike many other vacuum cleaners in the market, ProTeam 104867 is fitted with a dual-motor system. The advantage of a dual-motor is obvious because you won’t have to rely on a single motor. Two motors provide extra-powerful vacuuming and suction and if one motor is damaged, vacuuming can still be carried on with a single motor.

Handling Efficiency:

Various structural changes have been made in this model for you to be able to handle the machine in a better way:

– Availability of handle loop to provide solid grip while vacuuming.

– Rotating cord retainer to provide better maneuverability.

– Availability of a handle on the back side to make it easy to pick up the machine.

– Attached wand to reach in the narrow spaces.

ProTeam 104867 certainly provides pretty reliable cleaning and solid performance and general user satisfaction is a testimony to this fact.

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ProTeam 1500XP

ProTeam 1500XP

ProTeam ProForce 1500XP HEPA Commercial Vacuum is among the latest high-end class of vacuum cleaners from ProForce. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with electronic capabilities and provides reliable cleaning. Powerful suction is made possible with dual-motor operation and multi-variety features facilitate cleaning on all kinds of floors.


– HEPA Filtration: The onboard filters on ProTeam 1500XP are equipped with HEPA filtration technology and are designed to capture dust and debris down to the smallest levels. With this technology in action, 99.97% of the particles are trapped and efficient cleanliness is guaranteed. Dust and dirt is vacuumed down to .3 microns.

– Electronic Indicator: ProTeam 1500XP features special electronic system which uses sensors to indicate the performance level. The sensors blink whenever technical flaw occurs or when a component needs to be replaced. For example, when the filter is full and needs to be replaced, the sensors would blink and inform the users. Similarly, when the airflow path is jammed due to clogging, these sensors would indicate that as well. Finally, if the bristles of the brush have worn off and need to be replaced, the sensors would blink in accordance.

– ProTeam 1500XP has a reasonable weight of 18 lbs. This includes it among the vacuum cleaners that provide high-class performance in less weight. It operates at a power of 10 amps which also makes it power-efficient.

Accessories and Tools:

– There are various onboard tools and accessories to facilitate efficient cleaning operation. For instance, there is a super-stretch tool which can be attached with the vacuum cleaner to make its access possible in narrow spaces and in places where it is hard to reach without any accessories. This tool can also be used to clean the stairs without having to climb them.

– The quick-release wand can be detached from the vacuum cleaner if it is not required any more.

– Other usual tools include pet tool, upholstery tool and crevice tool which are used for special purposes such as cleaning of pet hair and reaching in corners and crevices.

Flaws and Concerns:

While there are many useful features on ProTeam 1500XP that have been highly appreciated by the users, there are also some minor flaws.

– The power switch is located on the top of the handle. This can often result in switching the machine off inadvertently. This can be a bit annoying but you can get over this problem after using the machine a few times. Besides, this is more of a structural flaw and does not affect the performance of the machine.

– The top of the vacuum can get heavy when various tools are attached. This can result in vacuum toppling over.


ProTeam 1500XP is a remarkable piece of machinery and its price is also not as high as several other high-end vacuum cleaners. Presence of automatic sensors indicating any possible flaw is an added advantage. The vacuum provides reliable cleaning on bare floors but its actual efficiency can be seen on carpet and rugs where it acts like a charm.

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