BISSELL 52C2 review


BISSELL Total Floors Complete Bagless Upright Vacuum, simple known as BISSELL 52C2, is one of the most versatile vacuum cleaners form the company. This latest generation vacuum showcases high performance and accompanies several tools and accessories for enhanced operation. Having physical dimensions of 13 x 15 x 44 inches, the net weight of this machine is 22.1 lb.

Distinguishing Aspects:

1. Edge Port: BISSELL 52C2 is equipped with edge port which diverts suction to the edge of the vacuum to clean along baseboards and furniture. This is particularly useful for vacuuming hard objects and furniture. The edge cleaning port also holds the crevice tool to support reliable vacuuming in nooks and crannies.

2. Febreze Vacuum Filter: Unlike most of the vacuum cleaners available in the market, BISSELL 52C2 is fitted with the filter that makes sure that the surrounding air remains clean during the vacuuming process. The filter eliminates any odors that can result from the vacuuming process and purifies the air. This makes it extremely useful for people who are sensitive to dust allergies.

3. Multi-Cyclonic Operation: This feature is found in many other high-end vacuum cleaners. BISSELL 52C2, with its multi-cyclonic vacuuming, is not confined to superficial cleaning but also makes sure that dust and debris embedded deep in the carpets, rugs and couches is removed efficiently.

Efficiency of Operation:

1. Powerful suction is diverted to the edge of the vacuum to clean along baseboards and furniture where dirt and debris accumulate.

2. The brush on/off switch is available for easy and smooth transition from cleaning carpets to hard floors.

3. Easy and efficient cleaning on the stairs is facilitated with the easy attachment of the Turbo-Brush to the hose, allowing the machine to maneuver with ease.

4. Compared to most other models, the handle of BISSELL 52C2 is much more ergonomic. This makes is very useful and reliable for long cleaning jobs.

Tools and Components:

Various tools and components accompany this remarkable machine.

1. The Turbo-Brush tool include with the vacuum has been specifically designed to clean the pet hair. Besides, various separate attachments for pet hair can also be purchased separately to be used with the vacuum.

2. BISSELL 52C2 comes with a 40 feet long cord which pretty much eliminates the need of halting the cleaning operation at regular intervals. You can simply plug this cord at some central location in the home and then clean all around without bothering to stop and plug it elsewhere.

3. Easy-empty dirt container is, as the name suggests, extremely easy to clean. You can simply empty it by sliding it off the front of the vacuum.

4. The foam filters that come with the vacuum are washable for multiple usage, thus there should be no recurring costs with this device.

Final Verdict:

For its price range, BISSELL 52C2 delivers more than can be expected. Its features, tools and powerful performance place it on equal footing with some of the finest high-end vacuum cleaners in the market. If you are looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner that can provide satisfactorily performance on all types of floors, BISSELL 52C2 would certainly be worth your time and attention.




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