SEBO 9559AM Review


SEBO 9559AM Automatic X4 EXTRA Upright Vacuum is a completely automated electronic vacuum cleaner form Sebo. Just like other automated vacuum cleaners form the company, this one also requires minimal or no manual adjustments and is perfect for people who long for a comfortable vacuuming experience. With its gorgeous new glossy red finish, this is certainly one of the most stylish vacuum cleaners from Sebo.

Features and Performance:

First off, the automatic controller of the machine is a delight to use. The controller keeps close track of the cleaning process and informs you via warning light if any possible problem has occurred. This problem can be clogging or filling of the bag or any other minor flow. This automatic controller can even shut off the machine if there is a danger of some serious problem. So basically, the automatic controller is a perfect device against any damages and hence acts as a shield against the maintenance cost.

We then have electronic height adjustments on SEBO 9559AM. With this feature, the height of the vacuum cleaner can be adjusted according to the requirements of the user or the floor. This makes sure that efficient cleaning is afforded on all floor types. The vacuum is also highly maneuverable and can bend at any angle, thus facilitating reliable and smooth cleaning under furniture and around obstacles.

There is Hospital-grade S-class filtration system integrated with SEBO 9559AM. This filtration system sucks and traps all the dust and debris up to 99.9% and effective to 0.3 microns. Besides, this filtration system also makes sure that any dust particles are not released in the air, thus eliminating any danger of dust allergies.

Accessories and Tools:

Various useful tools and accessories are available with SEBO 9559AM to be used according to the floor and cleaning types. For instance, there is a handheld turbo brush to make sure that optimal cleaning is achieved on stairs because it if usually the stairs that many users have problem cleaning. Besides, extended cleaning and reach is made possible with upholstery tool and a 9.2-foot accessory hose. The pet tool accompanying the machine is a perfect device for people who have problems cleaning the scattered pet hair and fur. This tool traps the pet hair and fur from any kinds of floor down to the minutest details. Above-the-floor cleaning tasks are made simple and smooth with the active wand and hose. Finally, SEBO 9559AM also comes with Lifetime Belts in order to extend the life and improve the operation of the machine.

Who Should Purchase SEBO 9559AM?

Well, to be perfectly honest, this vacuum cleaner seems to be perfectly reliable for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Of course its price is high but that is just what you have to pay for electronic and automated vacuum cleaners with so many useful features. If you are not on a strict budget and are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is highly efficient and can last long, you would certainly like to invest some money into this machine.


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