BISSELL 16N5F Review


BISSELL Healthy Home Upright Bagless Vacuum is a durable and high-quality vacuum system which also purifies air while vacuuming. All sorts of unwanted materials such as pollen, ragweed, mold spores, and pet dander are trapped from carpets, rugs and floors. Efficient and non-stop suction is made possible with the Powerful 9X cyclonic system. With a net weight of 28.2 pounds and physical dimensions of 16.1 x 12.2 x 36 inches, BISSELL 16N5F is a great choice for users looking for an effective vacuum cleaner at a reasonable price.


One of the most remarkable features of BISSELL 16N5F is its airtight HEPA filtration system which purifies the air while performing the vacuuming operation. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, 99.9% of the undesirable dust and dirt particles are trapped and sealed in the filter. The machine removes and sucks apparent as well as embedded dirt from rugs and bare floors.

Design and Accessories:

The compact design and the tools accompanying BISSELL 16N5F provide for a convenient and quick cleaning process. The machine includes 14 inch long reach hose to perform cleaning under and around the furniture and hard obstacles. It also comes with various on board tools for easier stair and upholstery cleaning. It is fairly easy to assemble different parts of the machine together.

Versatility of Use:

In contrast with many vacuum cleaners which spread airborne allergens by spraying particles back into the air, BISSELL 16N5F makes sure that the surrounding air is purified of these allergens. The HEPA filter of the machine traps particles as small as 0.3 microns in a single vacuuming. Other than rugs and floors, it can also guarantee satisfactory cleaning of couches and hard furniture.


BISSELL 16N5F comes with Healthy Home Vacuum filter and does not contain any bag. In the absence of bag, users do not need to worry about cleaning and replacing the dirt bags. The filter can be rinsed and washed with simple tap water at regular intervals and made ready for future use. The dust bin and cyclonic chamber easily detaches form the vacuum and can be emptied without any hassle.


– Powerful suction along with air purification.

– Carrying handle and hose for vacuuming under and around furniture.

– Absence of bag, significantly reducing the maintenance trouble.

– Convenient location of power button and brush on/off switch.


– Some users complained about the vibrations caused during the cleaning process which can sometimes detach the Turbo-Brush attachment. To hold it in place, you might need to use additional screws.

– Heavy weight of the machine, compared to many other vacuum cleaners, proved to be a problem for users who had previously only used lightweight vacuum cleaners.

– The on-board brush is relatively harder to remove form the vacuum storage port, even though the general assembly of the machine is quite easy.


The heavy weight of BISSELL 16N5F might be a problem for people who like lightweight machines but other than that, this vacuum cleaner performs the cleaning operation very efficiently.  Most of the people who used BISSELL 16N5F have remained highly satisfied with its multi-featured and reliable performance.

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