Karcher K 2.38 CCK Review

Karcher K 2.38 CCK
Karcher K 2.38 CCK

Karcher has designed a wide range of pressure washers for cars. These pressure washers are highly durable and come at very reasonable price. Among these pressure washers, Karcher K 2.38 CCK has a special place and is considered one of the very best machines from the company. The overall customer response for this product is highly positive.

Efficiency and Performance:

Karcher K 2.38 CCK is very lightweight which makes its use very efficient. You can keep it in your car while travelling on a long route and just wash your car anywhere on your way. The water pressure through Karcher K 2.38 CCK is 30 times more than the water pressure that you get from your ordinary garden hose which certainly makes Karcher K 2.38 CCK highly effective for a reliable car wash. Powerful water pressure from Karcher K 2.38 CCK ensures that your car is free of any dirt or mud. In addition to washing the car, you can also use Karcher K 2.38 CCK to wash your driveway and sidewalk.

Adjustable Water Pressure:

Karcher K 2.38 CCK allows you to adjust the water pressure according to the requirement of a particular surface. For instance, you might want less water pressure washing a car compared to the pressure that you need washing your driveway. Karcher K 2.38 CCK provides this service of adjustable water pressure. Adjusting pressure is not a problem and you can do it with the simple dial located on the side of the device. You can add the soft bristle wash brush with the device if you are cleaning delicate or painted surfaces.

Accessories in the Kit:

Karcher K 2.38 CCK comes with several useful tools and accessories to be used along with the main device. These accessories include a sponge which can be used for multiple purposes, an easily attachable bristle brush, a rim brush as well as an accessory bag. With all these components in place, you are sure to have a much superior cleaning of your car compared to the average garden hose which wastes a lot of water and gives only average results. There are several other accessories like a 20 feet hose which can be used to reach high places and narrow spaces.


Karcher K 2.38 CCK is one of the most lightweight and simplest products that you would get for multiple cleaning purposes. It is particularly useful for the cleaning of vehicles whether it is your motorcycle, car, boat or truck. There might be better pressure washers in the market but in its price range, Karcher K 2.38 CCK very effectively delivers the job. Finally, it comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty which makes it all the more worth your money.

 Costumer Concerns:

Some customers have complained about problems with the components. For instance, a friend had trouble connecting the fault detector. If you have a problem with this connection, you can reset the device and then connect it. Details about the connection process itself are available in the owner’s manual.

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