All Power 2000 Review

All Power 2000
All Power 2000

Pressure washers from All Power have found wide acceptance among the user community. These highly efficient pressure washers have all the features that make them as much useful as some of the finest pressure washers in the market.

Distinguishing Features:

There are many innovative and useful features that you would find on All Power 2000:

– The water pressure provided by All Power 2000 is one par with the pressure provided by some of the top pressure washers in the market. The water pressure rate of 1.6 gallon/minute is more than sufficient to clean all the dirt and mud off your vehicles as well as furniture, driveway and walls.

– The spray nozzle of All Power 2000 is adjustable which can be used to adjust the water pressure as well as the intensity of the soap in the water. You only need to use the dial on the side of the machine to adjust both these variables.

– There is a 35 feet long power cord available with All Power 2000. Using this power cord, you can climb up the stairs to wash high places and can also easily do the cleaning process in the narrow spaces.

– The motor of All Power 2000 is fitted with air cooler which makes sure that the motor and thus the machine remains cool during the cleaning operation so that it can work for a long time without any problem.


– Easy assembly and set up of the components.

– Storage for hose as well as other components so that you they are handy.

– 35 feel long electric cord to facilitate cleaning at difficult to reach places and narrow spaces.

– Adjustable water pressure and soap levels to facilitate cleaning according to the requirements of a particular surface.


While the overall customer response for All Power 2000 has remained to be highly positive, there were nonetheless some concerns shown by some users. For example:

– Some users have complained about the leaking of the house coupling. This problem can pretty much be eliminated by tightening the house coupling with two wrenches. Instructions to do this are available in the owner’s manual and it does not require any kind of technical expertise.

– The noise of All Power 2000’s electric motor seems to be higher compared to some other pressure washers in the market. But of course this does not affect the actual performance of the machine.


Compact size and performance are two most important parameters to judge the worth of a pressure washer. All Power 2000 fulfills both these requirements and also comes with several other useful tools that can be used on different occasions. Compared to an average garden hose and even many pressure washers in the market, All Power 2000 provides cleanliness that is superior. This it does without wasting extra water and besides, its efficient motor also remains cool during the operation. This is certainly a great product for people who frequently need to wash their vehicles, driveways and furniture.

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