Briggs & Stratton 020512 Review

Briggs & Stratton 020512
Briggs & Stratton 020512

Briggs & Stratton is a well reputed and highly respected name in the world of pressure washers. Briggs & Stratton 020512 is among the latest class of high quality products from the company and comes with several improvements compared to the previous versions. Users from all walks of life have used these pressure washers and the overall response is quite positive.

Why Choose Briggs & Stratton 020512:

To being with, the reputation of Briggs & Stratton 020512 is already very well established in the market and their products are highly popular. The company has been developing products for the last 100 years and is the foremost manufacturer of pressure washers in North America. Having a wide range of useful features, Briggs & Stratton 020512 is a product that can be used to clean just about anything. Whether it is your floor that needs washing or your vehicle, whether you want to wash the dirt off your wall or your furniture, Briggs & Stratton 020512 is ready to serve all these purposes in a very efficient manner.

Distinguishing Features:

There are many useful features available with Briggs & Stratton 020512 which compliment the cleaning process. The water pressure from Briggs & Stratton 020512 is as much as 75 times compared to the pressure that comes out of your ordinary water hose. Now this is certainly a huge pressure and is more than sufficient to clean all sorts of surfaces without wasting too much water. With this much water pressure, you can simply direct the hose to any nook or corner and leave the rest to the machine.

The PSI and GPM are two measures on which the performance of a good pressure washer is measured. Both these measures on Briggs & Stratton 020512 make it on par with best pressure washers in the market. With higher numbers of these two parameters, you have to spend a minimum amount of time to get through the maximum amount of cleaning. You can fulfill all your household needs such as washing the vehicles, driveway, furniture and stairs etc.

There are dual high-pressure jets on Briggs & Stratton 020512 which provide the maximum amount of water pressure to provide reliable and instantaneous cleaning. It is fitted with special tubo nozzle instead of the common spray tip. This allows it to vary the water pressure.

User Concern:

There weren’t any complaints about the performance of the device but a friend was concerned about the quality of the components that come with Briggs & Stratton 020512. These components are built with plastic and seem to be rather fragile. But the components have not broken and have continued to work so far. Besides, their replacement is also easily available in the market.


For any kind of home use, Briggs & Stratton 020512 can certainly do the job very well, although it might not be able to serve the commercial purposes very efficiently. For its price range, it can be included in the top five pressure washers currently available in the market.

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