Sanitaire SC5713B Review

Sanitaire SC5713BWe are past the time when there was just one company dominant in the vacuum cleaning. Use of latest technology and innovation was rare because of the lack of competition. Now, however, there are dozens of companies manufacturing vacuum cleaners with a wide range of features both for home and commercial use. Sanitaire is one company that has been developing quality sanitary products for the users since 1967. But as time passed, the operations of the company were given expansion and now it also develops vacuum cleaners with guaranteed high performance. Sanitaire SC5713B is included in the mid-range vacuum cleaners from Sanitaire. This machine is mainly aimed at home users, although it can also be used in commercial places.

What Does Sanitaire SC5713B Have?

Good thing about Sanitaire vacuum cleaners is they are up-to-dated keeping in consideration the competition from other companies. Due to this reason, a lot of features that are found on entry level vacuum cleaners are also found on Sanitaire SC5713B:

– To begin with, Sanitaire SC5713B is integrated with the highly recommended HEPA filters which have become a cornerstone for quality vacuum cleaning. Without HEPA filters in your vacuum cleaner, you are always prone to catching dust allergies because fine dust particles can escape into the air during cleaning. However, HEPA filters make sure that finest particles of dust are properly trapped and have no chance of escaping into the air, thus eliminating any problem of dust allergies.

– Sanitaire SC5713B is fitted with disposable bags which can be removed once the cleaning is done and the bags are full. Good thing about the dust bags on the machine is that you can get rid of all the dirt with single push of a button. If you are yet to clean more, simply put the bags back or wash them under running tap water.

– This vacuum cleaner has a CRI certification and provides guaranteed performance without rendering any health problems. Powerful and reliable suction of the machine works in conjunction with reliable clean air system. Whenever the suction path seems clogged, the onboard tools available on the machine can be used to get rid of the problem.


– The machine has powerful suction capability which makes sure that high performance is retained.

– The machine has noise-suppressing ability which eliminates the common noise problem during vacuuming.

– Assembling various parts of the machine together is pretty simple and straightforward. Once you get the product you simply need to follow the instructions as they are laid down on the owner’s manual. Putting together of all the machine parts can be completed without any technical assistance.

– The machine has proven quality of cleaning on different kinds of floors. The efficiency does not dwindle whether you are cleaning a carpet of a bare floor.

– Adjustable height and variable suction power in accordance with different floor types.


The length of the hose seemed a bit too longer but that wasn’t a big issue. But always make sure that you are holding the vacuum handle while cleaning with the hose. Otherwise, you can unintentionally knock over the vacuum because it is made of plastic and is pretty low weight.

Consumer Response:

Not many people have tried Sanitaire SC5713B so far because the product was relatively recently introduced in the market. But from the limited response that has been generated, customers seem quite satisfied with the product. There are a lot of useful features on this vacuum cleaner which you normally find on high-end vacuum cleaners only. All this is hard to refuse when you see the reasonable price of the machine and the fact that it comes with a manufacturer warranty of 2 years. Naturally, for any household in search of a quality vacuum cleaner this can be a very decent choice. You don’t have to shell out too much buck and you would be peaceful for a good duration.

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