Sanitaire SC679J Review

Sanitaire SC679J
Sanitaire SC679J

Among the most important features of a vacuum cleaner are power efficiency and lightweight structure. Sanitaire SC679J Commercial Shake Out Bag Upright Vacuum Cleaner, fulfills both these requirements and can thus be included among the contenders for top vacuum cleaners in the market. Sanitaire SC679J weighs 14.3 pounds. Besides, the physical dimensions happen to be 20 x 14.2 x 7.8-inch.


There are several distinguishing features of this machine that can make you fall in love with it. Other than being compact and lightweight, you would also find that it is very efficient when it comes to power consumption and runs on 5 amps of power. The vacuum is equipped with shake-out bag system which provides a cost-effective and swift way to perform vacuuming. The bag can be cleaned and used multiple times without any problem. Sanitaire SC679J also provides powerful suction on carpeted as well as bare floors of all kinds.


The shake-out bag accompanying the machine is highly durable and can be cleaned and used for a long time. This eliminates the needs of purchasing any separate or extra bags and significantly reduces the cost of maintenance. The vacuum is also very lightweight which reduces its chances of getting damaged compared to bulky and heavy vacuums which can easily damage after hitting into a hard surface such as walls or furniture. Simple and elegant structure of the vacuum, coupled with the fact that it does not have hose attachments, takes away the need to invest money in extra attachments and their maintenance. So while the absence of attachments might limit the scope of vacuuming operation of the machine, it considerably reduces the maintenance charges.


– Lightweight and compact structure.

– Easy assembly of components.

– Less noise compared to most other vacuum cleaners.

– Powerful suction makes sure that you complete the vacuuming in less time.


– While the shake-out bag provides cleaning efficiency, some users have found it rather messy and hard to clean. This might depend on the kind of dust and dirt trapped in the bag because the user base with this complaint is very small.

– Absence of separate hose attachments for crevices or ducts also proved to be a problem. The mode of operation remains same on floors and on stairs which makes it a bit difficult to carry out efficient vacuuming on stairs. To do proper cleaning stairs, it’s a good idea to devote some extra time to it.


One has to admit that there are better vacuum cleaners in market that come with a wide range of attachments for various purposes. But with every attachment, the price also goes high and this is an important factor. For its price, Sanitaire SC679J, does more than efficient job. It provides efficient cleaning on bare floors as well as on carpets and rugs. Besides, its lightweight structure and compact design make it very easy to carry it around without damaging it. So if you are looking for a good vacuum cleaner that can provide reliable performance and also comes at a reasonable price, Sanitaire SC679J can be a pretty decent choice for you.


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