Hoover FH50220 Review

Hoover FH50220
Hoover FH50220

Hoover FH50220 is one of the most notable carpet washers among the latest class of such washers from Hoover. The machine is lightweight and yet provides highly powerful suction while consuming little power. It has particularly proven to be very effective when it comes to soiled carpets. Elegant design and efficient operation has made this machine among the user favorites when it comes to carpet washers.

Distinguishing Aspects of Hoover FH50220:

There is a wide range of unique and innovative features that are found on Hoover FH50220.

Perfect Balance between Design and Performance:

Hoover FH50220 strikes a perfect balance between performance and structure. Its cutting-edge nozzle technology makes sure that less or no water remains on the carpet or floor after the washing is done. Besides, there are two separate tanks for clean and dirty water on Hoover FH50220. This makes the maintenance and operation very easy because the two types of water do not get mixed up and you can empty the dirty water without bothering to keep the clean water separate.

Rotating Brushes:

There are five dozen rotating brushes on Hoover FH50220 which work together and provide extremely powerful cleaning. These brushes operate on the exclusive Spin Scrub Tech from Hoover and make sure that dirt from every nook and cranny is removed down to the minutest details. These brushes make sure that each carpet fiber is touched and cleaned along the way. Along with the washing, heating air is also constantly emitted from under the machine to make sure that swift drying of the carpet is made possible.

Useful Observations:

Users have observed the following useful features in the operation of Hoover FH50220:

– The cleaning solution gets down to the depths of the carpets, thanks to the pressurized water spray. This makes sure that every fiber of the carpet is separately cleaned and dried.

– Fluffiness and softness of the carpet is not compromised even in multiple cleanings. This is because the spin-scrub brushes of the machine continue to fluff up the carpet during the cleaning and thus maintain the original position of the carpet.

– It is very easy to clean the dirty water tank. You simply have to remove the top of it and pull it out. The material is made of hard plastic, unlike the soft plastic found on most other cleaners, and this makes the cleaning even easier.

– Cleaning the entire machine is a very simple process as well. You only need to detach the parts such as nozzle, water tank and the brushes. After that, just place the machine under running water and run the water through the suction path and rinse it. Since you can detach the brushes completely from the machine, this allows you to clean them separately.


Hoover FH50220 certainly makes the cleaning process a joy. If you are sensitive about your carpets yet also want to clean them down to the minutest details, Hoover FH50220 can certainly serve the purpose for you very well. For users who need to clean their carpets often, this is a highly recommended product.

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