Eureka 4870MZ Review

Eureka 4870MZEureka 4870MZ is one of those vacuum cleaners which are a well known name in the industry. This specific machine was recently included among the best vacuum cleaners by top rated industry publications. Various reasons such as durable performance, multifarious features and competitive price play their role in this decision.

What do you find on Eureka 4870MZ?

There is a special air control system on Eureka 4870MZ which controls the suction power and level of the machine. With this control system in action, you can vary the power of suction according to the requirement of any particular kind of floor. For instance, you certainly would require different suction levels while cleaning a carpet compared to the suction level required on bare floor. Suction power is provided by a 12 ampere motor that provides sufficient power to reach down to the deepest levels of carpets.

Like most of the finest machines available in the market, Eureka 4870MZ is also integrated with special HEPA filters. The unique aspect of these filters is that they can capture the dust and dirt up to 99 percent. This also includes various pollen and bacteria which can cause dust allergies. This means that the vacuum not only cleans the floors and carpets, it also cleans the surrounding air and keeps it purified.

The brush roll accompanying the machine can be adjusted in its height. There are seven height options that you can use on brush roll. These height adjustments are for different height levels. For instance, you would obviously need more height level when cleaning the curtains compared to the cleaning of the floor.

The dust trap system of the machine is divided into three levels. These three levels make sure that the pathway of cleaning remains clear of any sort of clogging. With all three levels in action, long lasting and reliable operation is made sure.

There are various onboard tools and components available to compliment the vacuuming process. These tools include pet tool to clean pet hair, stretch hose for cleaning above the floor surfaces and upholstery tool for cleaning over the stairs. Besides, the 30-feet long power cord makes sure that your cleaning process is continued without any kind of interruption.

The floor brush that comes with the machine is soft and delivers very smooth performance. This floor brush has been designed in such a way so that it delivers equally remarkable performance on different kind of floors.

Is Eureka 4870MZ Recommended?

Of course certain high-tech features are conspicuously missing from Eureka 4870MZ. But then again, compared to the high-tech vacuum cleaners, this one also bears a very nominal price tag. Low price naturally results in toned down features. So, if you are on a strained budget and are looking for a reliable vacuum cleaner in their limited budget, this machine is definitely recommended. It has already been praised by industry publication for its durable design and performance as well as the feature set.

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