Sebo 9809AM Review

Sebo 9809AMWhen it comes to high quality vacuum cleaners, Sebo is considered among the leaders. Over the years, the company has manufactured low-end, mid-range as well as high-tech vacuum cleaners for home users and customers have highly appreciated the products. Sebo 9809AM is among the mid-range vacuum cleaners from the company and can be included among the favorites of the customers.

Features on Sebo 9809AM:

– The elegant yet compact design of Sebo 9809AM has certain distinguishing features to offer. To begin with, the facility to control the suction level of the machine is available right on the handle. This means that while doing the cleaning, you can vary the suction power of the machine from the handle instead of stopping the cleaning and then doing so. This clearly enhances the overall efficiency of the machine.

– The cleaning wand that comes with the machine has a length of 20 inches. This is clearly more than sufficient for cleaning in crevices and narrow spaces. Besides, the extension hose designed for specialized cleaning on the stairs is also 9 feet long, significantly enhancing the facility of overall performance.

– A power-head on the machine is dedicated for cleaning on different kinds of carpets while cleaning on hard floors is covered by the parquet brush. Besides, a polisher for harder floors is also available which makes sure that, other than removing the dust and debris, the floor also retains its usual shine and cleanliness. On carpeted areas, dust is sucked down to the lowest levels without compromising the quality of the carpet to slightest extent.

– Height of the brush available with the machine can be adjusted. There are four levels of height adjustment which facilitate cleaning to higher places that are hard to reach. Removing the brush roller when it needs to be cleaned of dust and debris is very simple. Besides, the replacement and changing of the bristles of the brush is also very simple and does not require any kind of additional tools.

– A special indicator is available on the machine which indicates various technical flaws and functional problems that might pop up during the cleaning process. These problems include a bag full of dirt, a clogged pathway and any problem in the micro-filter.

– SEBO filters present on the machine have been particularly recommended for people who suffer from dust allergies or asthma. These filters make sure that dust and dirt is completely trapped and dust particles do not escape into the air. The filters also make sure that surrounding air remains clean and pure, thus eliminating any dangers of dust allergies.

– The micro-filter on the machine have the capability of sucking and absorbing 99.9% of the particles as well as other unwanted materials such as pet hair. Reliable cleaning is done to the level of 0.3 microns which is highest possible accuracy you would get on any vacuum cleaners.

Final Verdict:

Given the wide range of useful feature that Sebo 9809AM showcases, coupled with its reasonable price and reliable manufacturer warranty, this machine is certainly one the best options if you are looking for a good mid-range vacuum cleaner. It nicely blends latest high-tech features with reliable performance and durable operation.

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