Fujitsu Fi-6130 vs fi-6130Z Review

If you need to scan and import lots of documents, you need an ADF scanner. You can simply stack the pages in the tray and set it to work automatically. Fujitsu makes two desktop scanners that seem pretty similar at first glance, but they have an essential difference. Let’s see which one will be the best for your needs.

Fujitsu Fi-6130 Document Scanner

Fujitsu Fi-6130
Fujitsu Fi-6130

The Fujitsu Fi-6130 has been a popular document scanner since it first appeared a few years ago. Time has since proven it to be a valuable addition to an innumerable number of offices around the world. If you only need to scan text documents, this may be the quickest and least expensive choice for you.

Why is it a best seller? For one, it’s quite fast. It can duplex scan up to 80 pages per minute in monochrome or grayscale. That means you can import 40 pages with text and images on both sides in just 60 seconds. It can also handle up to 60 images per minute in color. And that’s with a resolution of 300dpi.

The automatic document feeder tray holds up to 50 pages at a time so you don’t need to ever feed them one at a time. Should you wish to scan business cards, the Fi-6130 can do that as well.

The feeder allows any document size from 2×3 inches (A8) up to legal size paper (8.5×14). As you import, make use of the Fi-6130’s software to manage your digital documents. It comes bundled with ScandAll PRO, Adobe Acrobat, and a trial of QuickScan Pro, plus it has TWAIN drivers. Those drivers allow you to initiate a scan from inside another program like Word. You can also network the scanner with Microsoft’s SharePoint.

More features of the Fujitsu Fi6130 Sheetfed Scanner:

  • ENERGY STAR and RoHS certified
  • If the scanner is experiencing heavy use, it’s recommended to maintain it daily with Fujitsu’s wipes and scanner cleaning paper


Fujitsu fi-6130Z Sheetfed Scanner – 600 dpi Optical

Fujitsu fi-6130Z
Fujitsu fi-6130Z

If you thought that the Fi-6130 sounded good, but you wanted a little higher resolution, you may prefer the Fujitsu Fi-6130Z. It offers up to 600dpi and 24-bit color for more detailed images and even crisper text reproduction. But you can also reduce the resolution and still achieve the same speed of the Fi-6130 scanner above.

The higher scanning resolution doesn’t come at the sacrifice of speed as long as you don’t need the 600dpi all the time. The Fi-6130Z is just as fast if you set it to the same 300dpi as the 6130. For example, the automatic document feeder can pull in up to 30 two-sided pages per minute for color scans with images.

The size limitations remain the same as they are with the Fi-6130. The Fi-6130Z holds up to 50 pages of letter or legal size paper at a time, but it can also scan business cards as small as 2×3 inches. And Fujitsu built this scanner to manage up to 4,000 pages a day. You’ll be hard-pressed to overwork it.

Along with TWAIN drivers, the Fi-6130Z comes with software like Kofax VRS Professional, ScandAll PRO, ABBYY FineReader, a trial of QuickScan Pro, and Adobe Reader. It’s compatible with Microsoft’s SharePoint, too.

There’s just one last note regarding the cleaning and maintenance of Fujitsu’s ADF scanners. They recommend not using compressed air to blow dust and paper debris out of the device. This is because it may force dust inside the scanner, which could start a fire. They also warn about avoiding static electricity, too. Instead, check out their selection of cleaning paper and wipes designed for the Fi-6130 and Fi-6130Z. These items can be used daily to keep your scanners in top condition.

More features of the Fujitsu Fi-6130Z Sheetfed Scanner:

  • ENERGY STAR and RoHS certified



If you’re in the market for a fast ADF scanner, both of these models fit the bill. The main difference is the resolution.

If you need 600dpi in grayscale or color, get the Fi-6130Z. Using the higher resolution will be a little slower, but you can place up to 50 pages in the feeder at a time and walk away while it works. Otherwise, both scanners can handle up to 60 pages per minute in 300dpi in color or grayscale.

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