Shark MV3010 Review

Shark MV3010
Shark MV3010

Euro-pro is known for making some of the finest consumer products in the market and the Shark line of floor cleaners is no exception to the rule. Built to last, Shark MV3010 offers versatility of usage, dependability and cost effectiveness go. This Shark MV3010 review will attempt to highlight the strengths as well as the shortcomings of the machine so that you can decide if the machine is good for you.

Anti-Allergen Technology – Boon for Allergy Sufferers

Not long ago, Euro Pro found that there were few floor cleaning devices in the market which took into account the plight of people suffering from dust allergies. Vacuum cleaners have a nasty habit of releasing dust into the atmosphere which can ignite allergic reactions within people who are sensitive to it. Many also have poorly designed containment systems which “leak” dust into the room. It thus introduced the Shark vacuum cleaners which offer anti-allergen sealed technology which locks up 99.99% of all allergens. At the core of this design is a containment system which is completely sealed. Being a standard feature in all Shark vacuum cleaners, the anti-allergen design is available in the Shark MV3010 as well.

Professional 2 in 1 Cleaning – Clean n’ Mop with the Same Machine

Besides ensuring that you don’t sneeze yourself silly, the Shark MV3010 also offers a revolutionary new 2 in 1 design which allows you to switch between vacuum cleaner and steam mop. The machine has an interchangeable head with which you can transform the MV3010 from a cleaner to a mop and use the Shark’s chemical free steam to mop them floors clean like they were about to be inspected!

Light Weight Design, Enhanced Swivel Steering and Longer Reach

The Shark MV3010 offers extra long reach to reach places most cleaners cannot reach, which when combined with its enhanced swivel steering can allow for some very thorough cleaning. The machine also weighs no more than 10 pounds which is very light compared to equivalent designs in the market.

Right, so we have counted all that is good about the MV3010, the machine however is not without faults. For instance, the MV3010 has a smaller dust canister than vacuum cleaners of similar sizes. This has led some customers to complain that they need to clean it more frequently. However quite honestly this is a small price to pay for the raw functionality that it offers. Another opinion which was voiced by some customers was that the machine when used as a mop left a discernible “streak” on the floor. This is usually because of soap left over from previous mop and can be rectified by mopping the same place twice with the Shark.


Most firsthand reviews of the Shark MV3010 are positive with people giving it their highest commendations.




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