Hoover UH30302 Review

Hoover UH30302
Hoover UH30302

Hoover WindTunnel T-series Bagged Upright Vacuum, shortly known as Hoover UH30302, is among the latest Hoover vacuum cleaners fitted with the WindTunnel Technology and containing multi-facet features. Included among the high class Hoover vacuum cleaners, Hoover UH30302 has consolidated its position in the market because of its efficient performance and durability.

Operations of Hoover UH30302:

There are a bunch of noteworthy features that you would find on Hoover UH30302.

1. The presence of a handle containing a closed loop on Hoover UH30302 makes the apparent movement of the vacuum cleaner smooth and effortless. Moving the vacuum cleaner back and forth while cleaning is something essential to vacuum cleaners and Hoover UH30302 has efficiently dealt with the problem. This stable grip reduces strain on body and ensures better performance.

2. Electronic Indicator:

This is another praiseworthy and important addition to the design of the vacuum cleaner. Now, instead of waiting at regular intervals to stoop down and look at the bag fill indicator, users can simply keep track of the dirt level in the big from the top, without even stopping the vacuuming process.

3. Clear Bumper:

The presence of a bumper in front of the vacuum is a commendable addition to the features. By and large, we can bump into walls and furniture while vacuuming and sometimes this can even damage the vacuum. The presence of a bumper in front of the vacuum eliminates this problem. Now you can bump into hard targets as much as you want, without compromising cleaning or the vacuum.

4. WindTunnel Technology:

This is the cutting-edge technology of vacuuming which has hitherto appeared only in a handful of vacuums, Hoover UH30302 being one of them. Thanks to this technology, we now have two efficient channels of suction which can very effectively remove the debris and debris embedded deep in the carpets and couches.

5. Bag with HEPA Media:

The bag of Hoover UH30302 is made of HEPA Media which has been designed to increase the efficiency of the machine. HEPA Media filters and traps 99.97% of dust and pollens down to 0.3 microns.

Tools and Accessories:

Hoover UH30302 comes with various tools and accessories which can act according to different demands. Crevice tool has been designed to provide efficient and dependable performance in nooks and corners. Dusting brush meticulously removes and traps dust and dirt from all kinds of floor surfaces. Hoover UH30302 comes with a complete on-board tool kit and also includes extension wand so that you can extend the vacuum operation without annoying interruptions to plug and unplug the cord.

Final Verdict:

Generally the performance of Hoover UH30302 has been exemplary. There are some minor structural problems, for instance, the handle of the vacuum cannot bend 180 degrees to slide it under the furniture. It’s bending angle hardly exceeds 150 degrees, but this is quite sufficient for most of the furniture kinds. Wide range of remarkable features of Hoover UH30302, coupled with its reasonable price and 2 years manufacturer warranty, make it among the top vacuum cleaners in the market.

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