Shark Nv22lwm review

Shark Nv22lwm
Shark Nv22lwm

In today’s world of cutting edge technology, consumers only accept those products that offer advanced features and efficient performance. Shark vacuum cleaners have always passed the test of consumer satisfaction. Shark Navigator Upright Bagless Vacuum, simply known as Shark Nv22lwm, is one of the latest high performance offerings from the company. This bag-less and lightweight product offers impressive suction over all kinds of floors. Number of different attachments and tools further enhance the performance of the machine.

Distinguishing Features:

1. Infinity Technology: Shark Nv22lwm features special Infinity Technology that has been designed to make sure that unwanted dust and debris is removed to the minutest details. With this technology in operation, guaranteed removal of the 99% of dirt is achieved.

2. Lifetime Filters: Shark Nv22lwm uses highly durable “Lifetime Filters” which can last longer than anyone would expect. These filters can also continuously carry on the cleaning operation and require rinsing only twice a year. This means that you won’t even need to have extra filters.

3. Multi-Motor Operation: Two motors integrated into the machine have been designed for efficient operation over carpets and bare floors. The brush-roll can be shut off when not required.

Accessories and Tools:

Just like most other vacuum cleaners from shark, Shark Nv22lwm also accompanies various useful accessories and tools that can be used for a variety of cleaning operations.

1. The super-stretch hose with quick-release wand makes sure that vacuuming is not interrupted with any need of unplugging the switch and re-plugging it in the other room. Instead, you can carry on the operation from room to room without any interruption.

2. Tools designed for grabbing pet hair include Navigator Power Nozzle and Turbo Power Brush. Suction power and efficiency of the machine is significantly increased with these tools in place.

3. Smooth glide wheels of the vacuum make sure that it can move to and fro without any effort and noise.


– Small head size allowing efficient vacuuming in tight spaces especially under the furniture.

– Lightweight structure making mobility over the stairs easy.

– Durable filters which only require rinsing twice a year.


– The lightweight structure of the machine proved to be a bit problematic for some users, particularly after the attachment of tools. The attachment of tools can result in tipping over of the machine if not properly balanced.

– The dust-cup of the machine, which gathers dust and debris, is relatively smaller which requires frequently cleaning.

– Absence of HEPA filter on the machine also proved to be a problem for some user.

Final Verdict:

A clear problem with Shark Nv22lwm seems to be the absence of HEPA filter which can be quite problematic for some users, particularly those who are sensitive to dust allergies. Other than this problem, there does not seem to be any major flaw in this vacuum cleaner. It has a lightweight structure which provides easy mobility, it has powerful suction and works equally effectively on carpeted and bare floors, it comes with all sorts of useful accessories and tools, and finally it also bears a five year manufacturer warranty. It might not be recommended for a person prone to dust allergies but other than that, it can perform the vacuuming operation quite efficiently.


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