Shark Navigator NV402 Review

Shark Navigator NV402
Shark Navigator NV402

Shark Navigator NV402 is one of the most compact, lightweight and durable vacuum cleaners in the market. Its compactness and lightweight structure makes is highly efficient for vacuuming operations around hard surfaces without any loss of suction. The net weight of Shark NV402 is 16 pounds and its physical dimensions are 45.5 x 12 x 12.2 inches. The material of the machine is made of durable ABS and PP plastics.


Shark Navigator NV402 features Enhanced Swivel Steering which allows maneuvering the vacuum into corners and along touch base board areas. The machine has the ability of filtering 99.9% of dust and allergens making use of the special sealed HEPA filter housing. The No Suction Loss technology of Shark NV402 makes sure that the loss of suction is eliminated while moving from surface to surface.

Design and Accessories:

Shark NV402 comes with extra long stretch hose which facilitates vacuuming in areas which are difficult to reach. The professional rotator of the machine, coupled with HEPA Filtration System, makes sure that embedded dust and dirt is efficiently trapped. The dust cup of the cleaner provides 2.5 dry quarts of real usable capacity which is more than enough for continuous long use. The extendable crevice tool of Shark NV402 is specially designed for vacuuming in and around the crevices and narrow spaces. Assembling different parts together does not take more than a few minutes.

Versatility of Use:

Shark Navigator NV402 can smoothly navigate over any floor surface, stairs and hard to reach areas with convenience. Vacuuming the stairs is particularly easy because of the lightweight structure of the machine. The small footprint of the brush head can move into narrow spaces without any need of removing objects. The machine rolls noiselessly on carpets, tiles of any other floor kinds.


Absence of dust bag eliminates the need of cleaning and replacing the bags. The dust cup can be washed and cleaned without any problem. Efficient design reduces the possibility of dirt clogging, thus making sure that vacuuming is done without stopping and removing the clogged dirt. Brushes can be removed when not required for lasting performance.


– Enhanced Swivel Steering to maneuver into corners.

– Less noise and powerful suction compared to many other vacuum cleaners.

– Compact design to easily fit the machine into closets.

– No suction loss while moving from surface to surface.

– No maintenance problems in the absence of bags and filters.

– Five year manufacturer warranty.


– Unlike many other vacuum cleaners, the dirt in Shark NV402 is removed from the bottom. This should be kept in mind otherwise you might mistakenly dump the dust on the floor.

– The head of the vacuum is not as wide as most other vacuums. For some users, this made adjusting the components a bit difficult.


For people who are looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner that can perform a quick cleaning operation, Shark Navigator NV402 is certainly a more than reasonable choice. Users are provided with various tools to go along with specific requirements. With suppressed noise, powerful suction, reasonable price and five year manufacturer warranty, Shark NV402 is among the top choices of the users.

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