Simpson MSV2623-S Review

Simpson is one of the foremost manufacturers of pressure washers and over the years, the company has developed some of the finest products in the market. Among the heavy-duty pressure washers form Simpson,  Simpson MSV2623-S is a noteworthy product and can be considered the company’s epitome of technology, expertise and good design.

Features of Simpson MSV2623-S:

The thing that is evident by looking at it is its compact design and lightweight structure. Even though this is a heavy duty product and gives water pressure equivalent to some of the top pressure washers in the market, it is less in weight compared to most high end machines. This is certainly an edge and allows you to roam around with the machine without constraining yourself. Besides, compact structure also allows storing the machine in limited space. The net weight of the machine is merely 57 lbs.

Simpson MSV2623-S

Multiple Nozzles:

A good pressure washer can hardly work with a single nozzle. This is because users need services with varying amounts of water pressure and for this there should be multiple nozzles. This requirement has been addressed on Simpson MSV2623-S, just like on other quality pressure washers in the market, and there are four nozzles that come with the main device. These nozzles can provide different water pressures appropriate for different surfaces.

Onboard Storage for Accessories:

Even though the physical structure of Simpson MSV2623-S is very compact, it still manages to provide all the features that you would find on other heavy duty machines. Other than performance and services, it also comes with onboard storage for accessories, so that you can take all the accessories and tools with you wherever you go with the machine.

Control and Maintenance:

The simple yet elegant design of Simpson MSV2623-S allows for easy maintenance. The detergent tank is very easy to clean and the addition of siphoning tube to go with the detergent tank is particularly useful. Besides, there are 10 inch pneumatic tires under the machine which make its mobility very easy. Whether you need to do the cleaning in your garage or in your lawn, just drag the machine there without any problem.

Customer Precautions:

The quality of performance and life of any machine depends on the way it is used. If the oil is regularly spilled while pouring into the engine and if water keeps leaking as a result of loose screws, this would certainly affect the performance. So it is advised to read the owner’s manual in detail and follow the instructions before actually starting and using the machine. Similarly, also make sure that you clean the filter after regular intervals if you do the washing regularly. However, if you do the cleaning only once in a while, if would be alright if the filter is not washed and cleaned regularly.


While Simpson MSV2623-S can hardly boast of any feature that is not available on other pressure washers, its compact design and low weight is certainly something worth considering. If you have problem with lifting or dragging heavy machines around, this can be a pretty good choice for you.

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