AR Blue Clean AR767 Review

Pressure washers from AR North America have an elegance and efficiency of their own. These compact and highly durable pressure washers have proved their worth in the market time and again. AR Blue Clean AR767 is particularly one of those pressure washers which have received high acclaim from the industry and positive response from the consumers.

Distinguishing Features of AR Blue Clean AR767:

– AR Blue Clean AR767 provides PSI level of 1900 and besides, it gives water pressure of up to 2.10 gallons per minute. While this might not be the best water pressure among pressure washers, it certainly is more than sufficient for home users. Besides, the water pressure can easily be adjusted with a dial present on the side of the machine.

AR Blue Clean AR767

– The spray head of AR Blue Clean AR767 is adjustable and besides, the multiple hose selections allow you to select the hose that best fits you pressure requirements. These different kinds of hoses have been developed to perform washing over different kinds of surfaces. You can select a hose that can best fit for the surface of your cement wall, or vehicle surface or driveway etc.

– The plunger pump of AR Blue Clean AR767 is triplex and is also equipped with axial wobble plate. There is a perfect balance between the pump and the engine which allows easy maneuverability of the machine regardless of the surface.

– The weight of the machine is significantly lower than most other pressure washers in the same category. With a net weight of only 80 lbs, AR Blue Clean AR767 is very easy to drag around without straining your muscles. The handle on the top of the machine provides firm grip and the special pneumatic wheels at the bottom of the machine increase the ease of mobility.

– There is a build-in detergent injector on AR Blue Clean AR767 which allows you mix precisely required amounts of soap for specific cleaning purposes.

Consumer Feedback:

Consumer feedback about AR Blue Clean AR767 has generally remained to be highly positive. From the perspective of a consumer, two most important aspects of a good pressure washer are long lasting performance and ease of use and AR Blue Clean AR767 seems to efficiently fulfill these requirements. The 20 amp motor fitted in the machine remains cool even after extended periods of washing and makes sure that the machine lasts long. Besides, the motor is also equipped with noise suppressing technology which means that you don’t have to bear the annoying noise during the cleaning process. The pump, ceramic pistons and connecting rods considerably enhance the ease of use and maneuverability. The pressure regulator on AR Blue Clean AR767 coupled with a tank for two liter soap makes sure that the requirements of a particular surface are meticulously met.


For common home users whose water pressure requirements are not too high, AR Blue Clean AR767 can be a great choice in relatively smaller budget. The automatic safety valve provides you reliable protection during the cleaning process. The machine provides guaranteed performance and safety for a long time and can certainly be included among the highly recommended pressure washers.

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