SIMPSON MSV3024 Review

SIMPSON MSV3024 is fitted with special HONDA premium engine which is sufficient to guarantee its worth. The powerful GCV190 OHC Engine makes sure that the machine gets instantaneous start every time you run it and also provides reliability and long lasting performance of the machine. In its price range, SIMPSON MSV3024 is certainly a great product for home use.

Power Transmission between Engine and Pump:

The power transfer between the engine and pump on SIMPSON MSV3024 is direct, thanks to the GCV190 OHC Engine which is also fitted with brass head axial pump providing the engine sufficient production against any possible mishap. The direct transfer of power between engine and pump also makes sure that engine instantaneously starts up and the power transmission is streamlined.


Lightweight Structure:

The physical structure of GCV190 OHC Engine is very compact and lightweight. Thanks to its compact structure, you can store it in limited spaces and can easily drag it anywhere you like. The water pressure that SIMPSON MSV3024 provides is 2.4 gallons per minute which, although not best, is great given the small price of the machine compared to high-end products. This water pressure is more than sufficient to wash your home driveway, sidewalk and vehicles.

Multiple Adjustable Nozzles:

SIMPSON MSV3024 also accompanies five different nozzles which can provide varying degrees of water pressure. You can choose the nozzle that would best fit the requirements of the surface that you are cleaning and use it. In addition to nozzles, there is also a 30 inch high pressure hose which allows you to do the washing and cleaning in narrow spaces and around and under hard objects, especially if you are washing the vehicle and cannot drag the machine under it.


– Easy assembly. The entire components take over 10 minutes to assemble and the engine starts instantaneously once you put the fuel in it.

– Double sealed premium tires to facilitate easy mobility of the machine.

– High flow rate of 3000 PSI.

– Water pressure of 2.4 gallons per minute which is more than sufficient for home use.

– Five different nozzles with varying amounts of water pressure.

– GCV190 OHC Engine for swift start and smooth performance.


– While there are a lot of useful features on SIMPSON MSV3024, customers do also have some concerns. For instance, a friend of mine had problem dealing with the water inlet which is located on the back side of the machine. For this reason, you have to push it whenever you need to move the pressure washer. This seems to be a slight design flaw and it would be better if pulling mechanism is installed which is easier than pushing which can risk in damaging the water inlet.

– Due to the low water inlet, the hose inlet also creates trouble. At times, it can become rather difficult to connect the hose properly without using wrench on it. It would be great if Simpson could work on these design problems because there does not seem to be any problem with respect to the performance.

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