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Among the latest high quality pressure washers form Generac, 5995 series is among the consumer favorites. Generac 5995 has a relatively moderate weight and yet provides all the high end features that are usually found of heavy duty pressure washers, including high water pressure per minute.

Generac 5995

Power Specifications:

Good thing about Generac 5995 is that even though it is lightweight compared to many other high-end devices in the market, it manages to provide high water pressure and PSI levels. It has a capability of providing water pressure of 3.2 gallons per minute while maintaining a PSI of 3300.

Automatic Premium Engine:

Generac 5995 comes with special Generac 302cc OHV engine which is powerful enough to fulfill the power needs of the machine for a long time. This engine is also equipped with automatic shutdown capability upon detecting low fuel, in order to save the machine from any kind of damage. An unloader valve is also integrated in the machine to provide easy engine startup.

OHV Engine:

The engine of Generac 5995 is over-head valve horizontal shaft engine. This kind of engine prolongs the life of machine by making sure that the engine remains secure against any possible technical flaw by shutting down itself. There is also a perfect balance between the engine and pump over the wheels and axels in order to provide smooth maneuverability regardless of the nature of terrain. The durable roll-cage frames protect both the pump and the engine from any kind of damage.

The cushion-grip of the spray gun on Generac 5995 provides firm grip and reduces the strain on your muscles. The spray trigger is very easy to pull and the multiple nozzle tips can be replaced without any problem. Finally, there is an onboard storage available to store all the extra tools and components that you might need during the washing process.


The only concern about this machine happens to be a structural inconvenience. A friend of mine used this machine for a while and although he was satisfied with the overall performance, he thought the protective roil cage was a bit too large which made the mobility of the machine a bit problematic. Other than that, there do not seem to be any serious concerns for the time being.


Generac 5995 is certainly a deal worth your money. It clearly has an edge of being lightweight while providing all the features that a home consumer could ask for. Whether you want to remove the old paint off your wall or mud off your vehicle, whether you want to clean the driveway or just wash the cement walls, Generac 5995 is always ready to deliver the job in limited time and without wasting extra water. Of course, for users who are not used to working with pressure washers, the assembly and operation of the machine might seems a bit difficult, but this is precisely the reason why you should read and understand the owner’s manual before operating the machine. Two year manufacturer warranty can be considered an added advantage.

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Generac 5997

Generac 5997

Generac 5997 is among the most powerful pressure washers mainly developed for home use from Gererac. Although the product is not specifically aimed at commercial use, it can certainly be useful on a small scale because it is among the high-end products. Users from all walks of life have used this product and the overall reaction is highly positive.

Distinguishing Features:

– The first thing that you are going to notice about Generac 5997 is its solid build. There is a quick release pin on the cart that it is mounted on. You can use this pin to fold down the handle, thus giving the machine a very compact form for storage in a limited space.

– Assembling different components of the machine is like a walk in a park and takes not more than a few minutes. You only need two screws to put the hose holder in its place, in the absence of any extra parts for specific needs. After that, just add the oil and run the engine. But do make sure that you read the instruction on the owner’s manual before filling up the box with the oil because it mentions the quantity of oil that you should not exceed for better performance.

– There are five different kinds of nozzles which have been designed for specialized tasks. You can use these nozzles according to your specific requirements. The presence of five nozzles certainly increases the range and versatility of the machine.

– Generac 5997 provides high pressure for all purposes. Whether you want to clean your driveway, furniture or concrete walls, this machine is more than reliable. Even with such high pressure, the machine can continuously operate for several hours without any kind of problem.

Problems and Concerns:

Some people have had concerns about the right pressure of water. According to them, even when hoses are in place and are checked for any kinks, the water pressure is low. A solution to this problem is to turn the valve fully counterclockwise before you actually start the engine. Turning the valve fully counterclockwise would bring it to the lowest pressure level. Also make sure that you follow properly the instruction regarding the choke and the throttle. Making sure that you do these things, you would get the proper required pressure. So basically staring the engine to get the required pressure proved to be a bit tricky for some people but if you follow the proper procedure, as also indicated in the owner’s manual, you won’t have any kind of annoying problem.


Just like the other pressure washers from Generac for home use, Generac 5997 is also a useful product. Besides, this is one of the most powerful devices in this line of product and can serve almost all home and even some commercial level needs. Generac is a well-trusted name in the domain of generators and pressure washers and its products have proven results. Finally, three year manufacturer warranty is something that adds to the usefulness of the product.

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Generac 6020/5987

Generac 6020/5987

Generac is a well known and a highly respected name in the domain of pressure washers operated on gas. Generac 6020/5987 is one of the leading pressure washers from the company fitted with high capacity gas engine. This pressure washer is specifically aimed at home consumers and has been receiving highly satisfactory response from the consumers for several years.

PSI Power and GPM Capacity:

Generac 6020/5987 provides high PSI power and GSM capacity which are two most important factors of judging the efficiency of a pressure washer. PSI basically stands for pounds per square inch and it determines the pressure of the water coming out of the pressure washer. The PSI of Generac 6020/5987 is 2500. GPM, on the other hand, stands for gallons per minute and it is a measure of the water flow from the pressure washer. Generac 6020/5987 comes with a GPM of 2.3 which is significantly higher than most other pressure washers for home consumption.

OHV Engine:

Generac 6020/5987 is equipped with special OHV engine. With this engine, the pump is positioned high above the ground to make its access easy. With this facility, you don’t need to kneel down whenever you want to connect the hose connections and can simply reach to the pump while standing. Perfect balance between the engine and the pump over the axle provides easy maneuverability of the machine.

Three Nozzle-Tips:

There are three nozzle-tips which can be connected and disconnected with a single click. These nozzle-tips can be used for different purposes and can be adjusted accordingly. The axel pump also makes sure that heat is dissipated constantly so that the machine does not heat up. This mechanism ensures that the machine provides reliable performance for a long time. Besides, the trigger is also easy to press and manipulate which does not render any strain on the body of the person using the machine.


– Multiple nozzle options for different kinds of washing.

– Perfect balance of pump and engine which provides easy maneuverability.

– Easy assembly of components and easily available spare parts.

– Two year limited warranty.


– The problem that a friend in California complained about is that the pressure washer was not CARB compliant, but this is already mentioned on the website of the company as well as on their Amazon page. So if you are in California, make sure before purchasing that your unit is compliant with CARB.


Generac 6020/5987 is certainly a great choice for home-consumers. Of course if you are a commercial users you might want to look for a heavier and more powerful machine, but for the home users, it very well serves the purpose. In compact body, reasonable price and reliable performance, this certainly is a piece of machine worth your advice. But an unfortunate aspect for users in California is that since the devices are not compliant with CARB, they would not be able to use it. But there are other pressure washers from the company which comply by these rules and you can purchase them in California.

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Generac 5991

Generac 5991

A lot of people find simple pressure washers insufficient for their cleaning purposes and this is where the high pressure washers come in. these pressure washers are specifically designed to provide highly powerful washing and cleaning of dense carpets, rugs, floors and even automobiles. Generac 5991 is one such pressure washer from Generac which is among the user favorites in the domain of such devices.

Versatility of Use:

Generac 5991 is just about suitable to wash and clean everything from your drive way to carpets and furniture. Its powerful OHV engine contains a pump whose level does not exceed the level of the engine itself. This results in easy hose connections and hence efficient performance.

Easy and enhanced maneuverability is made possible because of the perfect balance of the engine as well as pump on the axle which is not affected by the terrain. This results in smooth and powerful performance. During the operation of the machine, heat is constantly dissipated form the axial pump which saves the machine from over-heating and hence the cleaning operation can be carried out for a long time without any interruption. Besides, the strain over the machine is also constantly reduced thanks to the trigger which is very easy to pull.


The powerful 212cc engine that comes with Generac 5991 is more than sufficient to provide high pressure for a long time. This engine works in conjunction with five nozzle tips and 30 feet long hose so that the machine can reach in narrow spaces. The frame of Generac 5991 is welded which provides it considerable durability and makes it stand out against its competitors.

It is easy to reach the pump and adjust the hose connection without bending yourself too much, since the pump is located well above the ground-level.

There are five kinds of nozzle tips that come with Generac 5991. These nozzle tips have been designed for different kinds of surfaces and materials. You need to choose one of these five nozzles according to your requirements. Details and instructions about these nozzles are present in the owner’s manual.

Should you Buy Generac 5991?

Generac is one of the pioneering manufacturers of pressure washer, being in the business since 1959. The well established name of the company is due to its high quality products, and Generac 5991 certainly happens to be among those products. One thing that you should keep in mind is not to use a pressure washer whose pressure exceeds 1200 psi, an instruction that is also present in the owner manual. Washing your automobiles, rugs, mats and carpets is a fairly easy job with this powerhouse machine. Another good aspect of Generac 5991 is that it is ready to use and there are not any separate parts, which means that you don’t need to bother about any assembly. Before starting to use it, however, you would need to pick the kind of nozzle that you want to use.

Bottom line is that you would have more than sufficient power for home use with Generac 5991. However, if you require a pressure washer for high-end commercial use, you might want to consider a more powerful pressure washer. As for the home use, this machine seems quite suitable for all intents and purposes.

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