Generac 6020/5987 Review

Generac 6020/5987
Generac 6020/5987

Generac is a well known and a highly respected name in the domain of pressure washers operated on gas. Generac 6020/5987 is one of the leading pressure washers from the company fitted with high capacity gas engine. This pressure washer is specifically aimed at home consumers and has been receiving highly satisfactory response from the consumers for several years.

PSI Power and GPM Capacity:

Generac 6020/5987 provides high PSI power and GSM capacity which are two most important factors of judging the efficiency of a pressure washer. PSI basically stands for pounds per square inch and it determines the pressure of the water coming out of the pressure washer. The PSI of Generac 6020/5987 is 2500. GPM, on the other hand, stands for gallons per minute and it is a measure of the water flow from the pressure washer. Generac 6020/5987 comes with a GPM of 2.3 which is significantly higher than most other pressure washers for home consumption.

OHV Engine:

Generac 6020/5987 is equipped with special OHV engine. With this engine, the pump is positioned high above the ground to make its access easy. With this facility, you don’t need to kneel down whenever you want to connect the hose connections and can simply reach to the pump while standing. Perfect balance between the engine and the pump over the axle provides easy maneuverability of the machine.

Three Nozzle-Tips:

There are three nozzle-tips which can be connected and disconnected with a single click. These nozzle-tips can be used for different purposes and can be adjusted accordingly. The axel pump also makes sure that heat is dissipated constantly so that the machine does not heat up. This mechanism ensures that the machine provides reliable performance for a long time. Besides, the trigger is also easy to press and manipulate which does not render any strain on the body of the person using the machine.


– Multiple nozzle options for different kinds of washing.

– Perfect balance of pump and engine which provides easy maneuverability.

– Easy assembly of components and easily available spare parts.

– Two year limited warranty.


– The problem that a friend in California complained about is that the pressure washer was not CARB compliant, but this is already mentioned on the website of the company as well as on their Amazon page. So if you are in California, make sure before purchasing that your unit is compliant with CARB.


Generac 6020/5987 is certainly a great choice for home-consumers. Of course if you are a commercial users you might want to look for a heavier and more powerful machine, but for the home users, it very well serves the purpose. In compact body, reasonable price and reliable performance, this certainly is a piece of machine worth your advice. But an unfortunate aspect for users in California is that since the devices are not compliant with CARB, they would not be able to use it. But there are other pressure washers from the company which comply by these rules and you can purchase them in California.

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