Generac 5991 Review

Generac 5991
Generac 5991

A lot of people find simple pressure washers insufficient for their cleaning purposes and this is where the high pressure washers come in. these pressure washers are specifically designed to provide highly powerful washing and cleaning of dense carpets, rugs, floors and even automobiles. Generac 5991 is one such pressure washer from Generac which is among the user favorites in the domain of such devices.

Versatility of Use:

Generac 5991 is just about suitable to wash and clean everything from your drive way to carpets and furniture. Its powerful OHV engine contains a pump whose level does not exceed the level of the engine itself. This results in easy hose connections and hence efficient performance.

Easy and enhanced maneuverability is made possible because of the perfect balance of the engine as well as pump on the axle which is not affected by the terrain. This results in smooth and powerful performance. During the operation of the machine, heat is constantly dissipated form the axial pump which saves the machine from over-heating and hence the cleaning operation can be carried out for a long time without any interruption. Besides, the strain over the machine is also constantly reduced thanks to the trigger which is very easy to pull.


The powerful 212cc engine that comes with Generac 5991 is more than sufficient to provide high pressure for a long time. This engine works in conjunction with five nozzle tips and 30 feet long hose so that the machine can reach in narrow spaces. The frame of Generac 5991 is welded which provides it considerable durability and makes it stand out against its competitors.

It is easy to reach the pump and adjust the hose connection without bending yourself too much, since the pump is located well above the ground-level.

There are five kinds of nozzle tips that come with Generac 5991. These nozzle tips have been designed for different kinds of surfaces and materials. You need to choose one of these five nozzles according to your requirements. Details and instructions about these nozzles are present in the owner’s manual.

Should you Buy Generac 5991?

Generac is one of the pioneering manufacturers of pressure washer, being in the business since 1959. The well established name of the company is due to its high quality products, and Generac 5991 certainly happens to be among those products. One thing that you should keep in mind is not to use a pressure washer whose pressure exceeds 1200 psi, an instruction that is also present in the owner manual. Washing your automobiles, rugs, mats and carpets is a fairly easy job with this powerhouse machine. Another good aspect of Generac 5991 is that it is ready to use and there are not any separate parts, which means that you don’t need to bother about any assembly. Before starting to use it, however, you would need to pick the kind of nozzle that you want to use.

Bottom line is that you would have more than sufficient power for home use with Generac 5991. However, if you require a pressure washer for high-end commercial use, you might want to consider a more powerful pressure washer. As for the home use, this machine seems quite suitable for all intents and purposes.

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