Generac 5997 Review

Generac 5997
Generac 5997

Generac 5997 is among the most powerful pressure washers mainly developed for home use from Gererac. Although the product is not specifically aimed at commercial use, it can certainly be useful on a small scale because it is among the high-end products. Users from all walks of life have used this product and the overall reaction is highly positive.

Distinguishing Features:

– The first thing that you are going to notice about Generac 5997 is its solid build. There is a quick release pin on the cart that it is mounted on. You can use this pin to fold down the handle, thus giving the machine a very compact form for storage in a limited space.

– Assembling different components of the machine is like a walk in a park and takes not more than a few minutes. You only need two screws to put the hose holder in its place, in the absence of any extra parts for specific needs. After that, just add the oil and run the engine. But do make sure that you read the instruction on the owner’s manual before filling up the box with the oil because it mentions the quantity of oil that you should not exceed for better performance.

– There are five different kinds of nozzles which have been designed for specialized tasks. You can use these nozzles according to your specific requirements. The presence of five nozzles certainly increases the range and versatility of the machine.

– Generac 5997 provides high pressure for all purposes. Whether you want to clean your driveway, furniture or concrete walls, this machine is more than reliable. Even with such high pressure, the machine can continuously operate for several hours without any kind of problem.

Problems and Concerns:

Some people have had concerns about the right pressure of water. According to them, even when hoses are in place and are checked for any kinks, the water pressure is low. A solution to this problem is to turn the valve fully counterclockwise before you actually start the engine. Turning the valve fully counterclockwise would bring it to the lowest pressure level. Also make sure that you follow properly the instruction regarding the choke and the throttle. Making sure that you do these things, you would get the proper required pressure. So basically staring the engine to get the required pressure proved to be a bit tricky for some people but if you follow the proper procedure, as also indicated in the owner’s manual, you won’t have any kind of annoying problem.


Just like the other pressure washers from Generac for home use, Generac 5997 is also a useful product. Besides, this is one of the most powerful devices in this line of product and can serve almost all home and even some commercial level needs. Generac is a well-trusted name in the domain of generators and pressure washers and its products have proven results. Finally, three year manufacturer warranty is something that adds to the usefulness of the product.

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