Power Boss 020454 Review

Power Boss 020454
Power Boss 020454

When it comes to pressure washers, power and energy-efficiency are two most important things. And there are not many pressure washers in the market that can strike a perfect balance between these two requirements. Power Boss 020454 from Power Boss, however, is among the rare machines that can boast of successfully combining both these crucial factors to provide and smooth and reliable pressure washing.

Powerful Engine:

One of the foremost features of Power Boss 020454 is its extremely powerful engine that leaves no room for any defect in the cleaning process. The Honda engines specifically designed for these machines provide high performance with great energy efficiency. Besides, it is also very easy to start these engines and maintain them over long periods of time. Great thing about these Honda engines is that their power level can be adjusted according to the requirements of a particular task. Overhead-Value Tech is employed in these engines, which make sure that the machine does not heat and long lasting performance is delivered.

High Pressure:

The water pressure from Power Boss 020454 is sufficient to relive you of all the dirt, debris and unwanted material on your furniture, fence, wall or driveway. The pressure is as much as 75 times compared to a normal garden hose, which is more than enough to tackle with any household problem related to water pressure. Various annoying stains such as paint stains, coffee spots and soils are removed easily from any give surface. Surfaces are restored in their original conditions by cleaning off all the dirt form them. Due to this high pressure, you can complete the washing and cleaning job in very little time and thus save your precious time. Great thing about Power Boss 020454 is that even though it provides very high pressure, it uses significantly low pressure compared to an average garden hose, and thus saves water.

Accessories with Power Boss 020454:

There are several useful accessories which you can use along with Power Boss 020454. The most important one is the 50 feet long high pressure hose which is made of durable steel material which resists any kind of wear and tear. Easy mobility over different kind of rough surfaces is made possible with the 12 inch wheels that are attached under the machine. So if you are walking through your garden, you can easily drag the machine along with you without straining your body in the least. There is also a plunger pump which is highly durable and provides high pressure output. There are various other minor attachments and tools as well, the details of which you can see from the owner manual and use them accordingly.


So far there has not been any serious user concern or complaint regarding Power Boss 020454. We can safely regard it as one of the most successful and highly demanded pressure washers in the market. Factors such as easy assembly of components, easy and reliable operation of the engine, high pressure and energy efficiency are some of the things that make Power Boss 020454 highly desirable from any cleaning point of view.

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