Bissell 92L31 Review

Bissell 92L31Bissell is a well known name in the industry of vacuum cleaners. The company mainly manufactures low-priced vacuum cleaners for home user and on this front, the job is done very well. Over the years, Bissell has manufactured a lot of vacuum cleaners that have received acclaim from the critics and praise from the common users. Bissell 92L31 is one of the entry-level vacuum cleaners from the company featuring many useful specs and is available at a very reasonable price.

What’s on Bissell 92L31?

Bissell 92L31 has more than one cyclonic system. This means that due to multiple cyclonic systems the machine is able to capture as much dust and dirt as possible. Multiple systems also make sure that dust particles are sucked down to the minutest levels without rendering any kind of damage to the carpet or floor being cleaned. In fact, this multiple cyclonic system is probably the best thing about this machine and is the reason behind its reliable performance.

Since this is an entry level vacuum cleaner, assembly of the various parts is an extremely simple process. You don’t need any kind of technical expertise or assistance to assemble different parts of the machine. Instead, you can just follow a few simple instructions laid down in the owner manual and get your machine running in no time.

Powerful suction is another important feature on Bissell 92L31. Besides, the front of the base is also pretty flat which means that you won’t have any problem in cleaning under the couch or other narrow places. The canister that contains the dust is very easy to remove and can be cleaned under the running water. This canister lasts for a long time and reduces the overall maintenance cost of the machine.

Accessories you would find:

Even though Bissell 92L31 is just an entry level machine, it still comes with several useful tools and accessories to further compliment the cleaning process of the machine. The 35 inch power cord is longer than the cords found on most other machines. With this cord, you can simply plug the machine at one place and then roam around with it without any need to unplug the machine. This removes the problem of interrupting the cleaning at regular intervals and results in a smooth performance. There is also an upholstery tool specifically designed to facilitate cleaning on stairs. Other important tools include an extension wand and a turbo brush.

Customer Response about Bissell 92L31:

Considering that Bissell 92L31 provides a lot of useful features in a very limited price, general customer response is highly positive. The fact that Bissell 92L31 has a lot of different features and is still very easy to handle and use has made this machine highly useful for a simple house cleaning operation. Besides, the canisters on the machine are easy to remove and clean and can last for a long time. Overall, Bissell 92L31 strikes a perfect balance between high performance and low price and is very aptly considered one of the best choices in the class of entry level vacuum cleaners for home users.

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