Hoover F7452900PC Review

Hoover F7452900PC
Hoover F7452900PC

Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner, also known as Hoover F7452900PC, provides ultimate cleaning on carpets and floors and on places where most other vacuum cleaners seem helpless. This remarkable product from Hoover not only guarantees satisfactory cleaning over carpets and floors, but also makes sure that surrounding air is sterilized of any impurities and dust.

Washing, Scrubbing and Rinsing Combined:

Hoover F7452900PC has this remarkable feature of performing washing, scrubbing and drying of the carpets in one run. You would rarely find this feature in any other vacuum cleaners and the real beauty of the performance is that all these things are done on instantaneous basis, which saves considerable time and of course money. This multi-tasking facility is made possible by the special terrain-washer technology on this vacuum cleaner and separate brushes for carpets and hard floors are available to be used according to the respective requirement. This facility makes sure that the surface of the carpet remains dry and clean.

Ultra-Powerful Motor:

Hoover F7452900PC is equipped with extra-powerful motor to make sure that its multi-tasking is continued with utmost efficiency. The motor consumes 12 amperes of power and provides powerful suction and reliable cleaning. Powerful rinsing also makes sure that no detergent residue remains behind after the cleaning is done.

Useful Tools:

There are various useful tools that increase the multi-dimensional capabilities of Hoover F7452900PC. For example, you get special 8-foot hose that has been designed to provide effective cleaning over the stairs. There is also a removable tool caddy that increases the vacuuming power of the machine. Power across the full length of the nozzle is provided with DualV technology for nozzle. Other important tools that you would get with the vacuum include carpet and upholstery tool, spin scrub tool, stair tool, crevice tool and storage bag. Each of these tools has been designed to increase the effectiveness of the vacuum and to guarantee consumer satisfaction.


– Multi-tasking of cleaning, drying and rinsing of the carpets.

– Powerful suction across the full length of the nozzle.

– Powerful motor that consumes less energy and provides reliable performance.


– Some users have complained about the hose attachment being a bit flimsy. This makes it a bit difficult to attach the tool with Hoover F7452900PC during long cleaning routines. One way to work around this problem is to take the tool off and use it only when the job requires the use of the tool.

– Another problem that a friend complained about is that the cleaning solution dispenser gets integrated with the clean water tank which makes pouring out of the leftover solution a bit difficult. But you always have the option of leaving the solution in the dispenser in between uses without any problem.


Hoover F7452900PC is a perfect machine for you if you need to frequently vacuum on dense carpets because it can guarantee clean and fresh carpets for a long time. If you only need to vacuum on bare floors, there might be some better options but for carpeted vacuuming, Hoover F7452900PC is the machine for you.

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