Hoover FH40010B Review

Hoover FH40010BHoover has become a standard in the industry of vacuum cleaning and the machines manufactured by the company have received wide acceptance from the home users. Hoover FH40010B is among the entry level vacuum cleaners from the company and just like the other machines from the same category, this vacuum cleaner has also received wide acclaim and appreciation.

What’s Remarkable about Hoover FH40010B?

Hoover FH40010B is equipped with amazing multi-tasking capabilities which you would hardly find on most other entry level vacuum cleaners. This machine has the ability vacuuming, washing, scrubbing and rinsing and all these tasks are carried out with utmost efficiency. Whether you want to clean your carpet, your bare floor or curtains and couches, Hoover FH40010B can do it all for you.

There is a special water extraction feature on the machine using which it can suck the water used in the cleaning process within minutes. Your carpet is dry in no time and clean as new.

The dial on the machine indicates three operations available on it. These operations are vacuuming, washing and drying. You just need to turn the dial to the required position and carry on with your required mode of cleaning.

The tank in Hoover FH40010B is divided into two parts. One part is reserved for the clean water while the other part contains the dry water which has already been used. This removes any need of changing the water at regular intervals and you can continue the washing until all the clean water has been consumed. Then you can just take the tank off and fill it with more clean water after draining the dirty water.

The bottom of the machine is equipped with rotating brushes of reliable quality. These brushes provide high performance while scrubbing and cleaning the floors. Whenever you feel the need of cleaning the brushes, you can simply remove them from the machine and clean under running water. The cleaning area of these brushes is 13 inches which ensures that maximum area is covered during cleaning.

The handle of Hoover FH40010B can be folded for easy mobility. This feature coupled with the compact design and low weight of the machine is very helpful in eliminating any storage problem. Power cord of the machine is 27 feet long which facilitates cleaning in large areas without any need of unplugging it at regular intervals. While doing the vacuuming, you can also make use of various valuable tools and accessories available for specialized cleaning.

Assembly of various components of the machine is like a walk in the park. Besides, a product manual is available with the machine using which you can assemble all the parts in no time, without any technical assistance.



Hoover FH40010B can easily be included in the best vacuum cleaners available in the market, in this specific category. User response about the performance of machine on different kind of floors has been highly positive. If you are a home user looking for a cheap deal which can get you a quality vacuum cleaner and last for a long time, Hoover FH40010B can be great for you.

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