SEBO 9804AM Review


SEBO 9804AM Felix 1 is one of the high-end and high-technology electronic vacuum cleaners from Sebo, featuring powerful suction and various useful components. Its smooth cleaning performance, instant cleaning and reliable operation are some of the facts that have made it quite popular among the users.

Notable Features:

Instant suction Hose Usage: The suction hose of SEBO 9804AM is always ready to perform and give swift cleaning. Several attachments are available to be fitted with the hosepipe. These attachments include a 20 inch wand which can be used to reach under furniture, and a 9-feet long extension hose which is very efficient for vacuuming over the stairs.

Satisfactory Cleaning: For the purpose of cleaning on carpeted floors and rugs, SEBO 9804AM makes use of power head. Parquet brush can also be used for hard floors. These multiple capabilities of the vacuum make it equally effective for cleaning on multiple kinds of floors.

Efficient Height Adjustment: SEBO 9804AM not only allows for height adjustment, it also makes corrections if the adjusted height is not reasonable. For instance, if the brush height seems to be too high for a specific kind of floor or when the brush roller needs to be replaced as a result of wear and tear, SEBO 9804AM indicates this with an orange warning light which is located on the power head. After you have made the correction, the light stops to blink.

Indication of Full Bag and Clogs: SEBO 9804AM also has a mechanism to indicate when the bag is full of dist or when the suction is hindered by a clog. This warning is given by the light indicator present on the indicator gauge. After the bag is cleared and the clog removed, the light does not blink any more unless required.

Multi-Layered Bags: SEBO 9804AM comes with bags which have three and four layers. This provides a reliable filtration system and increased storage while also increasing the useful life of the filters. Dirt is captured from the top and is accumulated at the bottom, thus making sure that continuous stream of powerful suction is made possible.

Tools and Parts:

Just like any good and efficient vacuum cleaner, SEBO 9804AM also includes various tools that compliment the process of vacuuming. These tools include a crevice tool for cleaning in nooks and corners, an upholstery nozzle and a parquet tool. The power head can also be purchased separately. Finally, the 31 feet long cord accompanies the machine that guarantees that you won’t have to halt the vacuuming operation at regular intervals to plug and unplug the switch. East maintenance is facilitated with clog remover door and easily cleaned brush roller.


There are a lot of standard features and components that make SEBO 9804AM one of the most multi-facet vacuum cleaners in the market. Good thing is that it is also significantly lightweight compared to most other high-end vacuum cleaners. All these factors, coupled with the fact that SEBO 9804AM comes with a five year manufacturer warranty, certainly make it highly desirable for users.

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