Hoover UH70100RM Review

Hoover UH70100RMHoover is among the most popular manufacturers of high quality vacuum cleaners in the market and over the years, the company has made some of the finest machines for home and commercial use. Hoover UH70100RM WindTunnel Upright Vacuum Cleaner is among the latest compact and durable machines from the company which has been consistently garnering highly positive reviews from the customers. Easy operation, compact design and reasonable price are the factors that have made this vacuum cleaner popular in the market.

Features of Hoover UH70100RM:

There are several cutting edge features that you would find on Hoover UH70100RM. To being with, just like other high-end vacuum cleaners from the company, this one is also equipped with the special WindTunnel tech for vacuum cleaners. Implementation of this cutting edge technology makes sure that the efficiency of the machine is enhanced on various fronts. For instance, it makes sure that during the vacuuming process, dust and debris that is trapped in narrow spaces and in carpet threats is sucked out without damaging the floor or carpet. The technology also provides minimum blowback thus significantly increasing the operational efficiency of the cleaner. However, even though the efficiency is increased resulting is considerable energy consumption, there is no suction loss.

Another important feature of Hoover UH70100RM is the availability of the special System Check Indicator. This indicator mentions when the filter is filled with dirt and needs to be cleaned. In the presence of this indicator, you don’t need to detach the filter at regular intervals to check the dirt levels. Instead, you can carry on with the cleaning operation without any worry and would be duly notified by the indicator whenever the filter needs to be detached and cleaned.

Finally, there are five levels of height adjustment for this machine. This means that you can adjust the height of the machine in accordance with your specific needs. This is particularly useful if you have to perform the cleaning operation on different kinds of floors and at varying heights.

Components with the Machine:

Just like any good high-end vacuum cleaner, Hoover UH70100RM also comes with certain components and parts that enhance the efficiency of the cleaning operation. For instance, there is a 27-inch power cord attached with the machine which allows for extra mobility during cleaning. With the cord of this length, you can roam around in large rooms without bothering to unplug and then re-plug the machine.

Other than the cord, Hoover UH70100RM also comes with a special 8-inch stretch hose to facilitate cleaning under furniture and in narrow spaces. This is particularly useful if you need to clean around solid objects such as furniture. You can simply attach the hose in front of the machine and reach under the hard objects.

Customer Verdict:

Overall customer response for Hoover UH70100RM is appreciative. The machine has been found particularly useful for vacuuming over carpeted areas, although it is no less efficient on bare floors. Customers are also happy with the fact that there is no odor as a byproduct of the cleaning process, unlike many other vacuum cleaners. Besides, assembly of various components and parts of the machine is also a very simple process. For a limited budget, this is certainly one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market for home users.

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