Hoover UH72450 Review

Hoover UH72450
Hoover UH72450

Over the years, Hoover has manufactured some of the finest quality vacuum cleaners fitted with the special Wind Tunnel technology which is exclusive to Hoover, and Hoover UH72450 has a prominent position among these devices. Powerful suction, lightweight structure and easy maneuverability are some of the cornerstone features of these machines. Automatic electronic controls further enhance the versatility and ease of use.

Distinguishing Aspects:

– Wind Tunnel Tech:

Just like the other high-end automatic vacuum cleaners from Hoover, Hoover UH72450 is fitted with Wind Tunnel technology exclusive to this class of vacuum cleaners. This cutting-edge technology aims at removing the dust and debris that is hard to remove with simple vacuum cleaners. This is the kind of dust which is usually embedded deep down in the carpets and rugs, gets stuck, and is hence hard to suck with simple suction. Wind Tunnel tech, on the other hand, creates powerful and continuous flow of suction which makes sure that details are taken care of.

– Efficient Brush Roll:

There is an electronic brush roll fitted with Hoover UH72450 which is highly efficient for its required operation. This single brush roll can be equally effectively employed for cleaning over carpets, rugs and bare floors. Good thing is that the transition from one type of floor to the other is very smooth and does not require any tinkering with the settings of the machine.

– Multiple Airflow Cycles:

The multiple airflow cycles in Hoover UH72450 make sure that any kind of clogging is avoided. This makes sure that the filter remains clean and lasts long. Another advantage of a clean filter is that it is can remove maximum amount of dust and debris from the carpet.


– Several useful accessories and tools accompany Hoover UH72450 to compliment the cleaning process. For instance, we have a dust cup with increased capacity so that dust and dirt can continue to accumulate without any need to stop the cleaning operation. Besides, it is also very easy to clean the cup which can be done with the single push of a button so that you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

– The high quality filter that is integrated in the machine can be easily cleaned and rinsed under the running water. Regularly rinsing and washing the filter would make sure that it lasts long, thus saving any maintenance cost since you won’t need to purchase any extra filters.

– Hoover UH72450 is a bag-less vacuum cleaner and instead relies on filters. There are two types of filters on Hoover UH72450: a HEPA filter and a pre-motor filter. These filters can easily last for several years and the dust-cup is also long lasting if you make sure to clean it with the dusting tool at reasonable intervals.

User Concerns:

There were a couple of concerns that some users pointed out:

– There is no onboard storage for the handle tool which means that you have to keep is at a separate place. While this does not affect the performance of the vacuum cleaner, it can require you to interrupt the cleaning every time you need the handle tool.

– The swivel movement of the handle becomes a bit cumbersome in narrow spaces compared to some other vacuum cleaners from Hoover. But good thing is that the vacuum can bend at a significant angle and good cleaning is ensured under and around furniture.

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