SEBO 9501AM Review


SEBO 9501AM GVPE Pet Edition Upright X4 Vacuum is among the latest class of mid-weight and high-tech vacuum cleaners. The net weight of this vacuum cleaner is 17 lbs which place it between the heavyweight vacuum cleaners and the low end lightweight machines. This machine is relatively a new introduction but has served the purpose of reliable vacuuming very efficiently.

Product Features:

SEBO 9501AM comes with a powerful integrated motor of 1300 watts that makes sure that dirt and debris is sucked and trapped down to the minutest details. Vacuuming comfort is further enhanced with the help of a 40 feet cord that comes with the machine. Another good specification is the noise suppressing capability of the machine. Its upper noise limit is 69 decibels which is significantly lower than heavyweight and even most mid-weight vacuum cleaners.

Components and Attachments:

There are various useful components, tools and attachments that come with SEBO 9501AM.

1. The 9 feet long extension hose can be attached with the vacuum to clean those areas which are otherwise hard to reach particularly the stairs and under the furniture.

2. The hand held turbo tool is another useful component that facilitates comfortable cleaning and powerful suction.

3. The pet hair tool which, as the name suggests, has been specifically designed to vacuum the pet hair and fur. Vacuuming of the pet hair is one of the most common needs of people seeking vacuum cleaners and a separate tool for this purpose significantly removes this problem.

4. There are also various onboard attachments which users can attach with the machine when required. These attachments include crevice tools, brushing tool and upholstery tool.


An important feature that distinguishes SEBO 9501AM from most other vacuum cleaners is that it has the ability of automatically adjusting the height of the roller brush. This is done by using integrated sensors which are used to detect the height and type of the floor. The vacuum cleaner then adjusts itself according to the specific requirements of the floor type and height.

Sensors are also used on SEBO 9501AM to detect any malfunction that can occur in the machine. The sensors would indicate whenever the bag is full and needs to replaced, of when the suction path has been clogged. The sensors would also indicate if the roller brush has worn and needs to be replaced. Such a mechanism makes sure that any kind of damage is avoided and product durability and long lasting service is made possible. This also results in considerably reducing the maintenance cost.


Great thing about SEBO 9501AM is that it gives all the features of a high-end vacuum cleaner in an incredibly low weight. You would hardly find any other vacuum cleaner in the market which gives all these features and weighs only 17 lbs. The sensors on the vacuum help you remain aware of any kind of problem and you can enjoy vacuuming any kind of floor. And then we also have a five year manufacturer warranty which makes this vacuum pretty irresistible.

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