SEBO 9804AM Review

SEBO 9804AM Felix 1 is one of the high-end and high-technology electronic vacuum cleaners from Sebo, featuring powerful suction and various useful components. Its smooth cleaning performance, instant cleaning and reliable operation are some of the facts that have made it quite popular among the users. Notable Features: Instant suction Hose Usage: The suction hose … Read more

Sebo 9570AM Review

Sebo has distinguished itself in producing finest quality of automatic upright vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners offer a variety of useful features and are equipped with the most cutting-edge technology you would find in the market. Among such remarkable products, Sebo 9570AM is one of the latest introductions and has been proven to be highly … Read more

SEBO 9806AM Review

There is no deficiency of durable and high quality vacuum cleaners in the market today. And so sometimes it becomes hard to decide which vacuum cleaners to purchase. But there are still some vacuum cleaners that distinguish themselves from other because of their high-tech features, smooth performance and elegant design. EBO 9806AM Felix 1 Premium … Read more

SEBO 9559AM Review

SEBO 9559AM Automatic X4 EXTRA Upright Vacuum is a completely automated electronic vacuum cleaner form Sebo. Just like other automated vacuum cleaners form the company, this one also requires minimal or no manual adjustments and is perfect for people who long for a comfortable vacuuming experience. With its gorgeous new glossy red finish, this is … Read more