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The SEBO 9591AT Essential G1 Upright Vacuum is an intelligent vacuum with great features that boasts of German technology. It doesn’t come in the top list of vacuums sold from Amazon, but users have rated this product five starts.

If you are looking for a vacuum that is durable and easy to use, you should consider SEBO 9591AT to buy. The vacuum is sturdy and yet lightweight, weighing about 21.1 pounds. It has a very long chord of 40 ft, therefore, you can reach and clean almost any part of your house or shop with it. The brush height can be adjusted manually at four levels, giving ease and flexibility to people of all heights. It has an electronic controller which acts as a monitoring system to alert the user of any problem and even shuts off the vacuum to project the motor and belt from damage.

SEBO 9591AT Essential G1 Upright Vacuum Product Overview & Specifications

Dimensions: 30.5 x 9.2 x 13.8 inches

Weight: 21.1 pounds

Profile: A low 5-inch profile

Intelligence: Electronic controller to alert users of problems and automatic shut-off facility

Why SEBO 9591AT Essential G1 Upright Vacuum is Excellent ?

Cleaning is dead simple with SEBO 9591AT. Its suction is excellent, and it doesn’t throw dust and debris around. Because of the four-level adjustable brush height, people of all heights can use it and it makes it easier to reach every corner of the floor. Vacuum bags are easily available on the internet.

Safety Features

What makes SEBO 9591AT special is its powerful motor and its intelligent monitoring system. If the vacuum finds problems, it automatically shuts off to protect the motor and the belt. That way its longevity is quite assured.

Other Special Features

The vacuum comes in combination of two attractive colors – light gray and teal. It has a very long 40-ft. chord.

Pros and Cons of SEBO 9591AT Essential G1 Upright Vacuum


Great vacuum with a powerful suction and long chord. The intelligent monitoring system offers great safety and longevity. The vacuum is sturdy and lightweight.


Often it is claimed that this vacuum is more suitable for commercial establishments than for homes. The vacuum bags are usually not locally available and you have to depend on the internet to buy them. If you are in hurry for replacement, then it will take some time before you get them.

Conclusion – Is the SEBO 9591AT Essential G1 Upright Vacuum Worth Purchasing?

Despite the small issues, users have continuously rated it five stars, especially when they used it for commercial establishments which requires powerful cleaning. Thus the product can be recommended for commercial establishments or if you have a very large house which requires powerful cleaning.

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SEBO 9804AM Felix 1 is one of the high-end and high-technology electronic vacuum cleaners from Sebo, featuring powerful suction and various useful components. Its smooth cleaning performance, instant cleaning and reliable operation are some of the facts that have made it quite popular among the users.

Notable Features:

Instant suction Hose Usage: The suction hose of SEBO 9804AM is always ready to perform and give swift cleaning. Several attachments are available to be fitted with the hosepipe. These attachments include a 20 inch wand which can be used to reach under furniture, and a 9-feet long extension hose which is very efficient for vacuuming over the stairs.

Satisfactory Cleaning: For the purpose of cleaning on carpeted floors and rugs, SEBO 9804AM makes use of power head. Parquet brush can also be used for hard floors. These multiple capabilities of the vacuum make it equally effective for cleaning on multiple kinds of floors.

Efficient Height Adjustment: SEBO 9804AM not only allows for height adjustment, it also makes corrections if the adjusted height is not reasonable. For instance, if the brush height seems to be too high for a specific kind of floor or when the brush roller needs to be replaced as a result of wear and tear, SEBO 9804AM indicates this with an orange warning light which is located on the power head. After you have made the correction, the light stops to blink.

Indication of Full Bag and Clogs: SEBO 9804AM also has a mechanism to indicate when the bag is full of dist or when the suction is hindered by a clog. This warning is given by the light indicator present on the indicator gauge. After the bag is cleared and the clog removed, the light does not blink any more unless required.

Multi-Layered Bags: SEBO 9804AM comes with bags which have three and four layers. This provides a reliable filtration system and increased storage while also increasing the useful life of the filters. Dirt is captured from the top and is accumulated at the bottom, thus making sure that continuous stream of powerful suction is made possible.

Tools and Parts:

Just like any good and efficient vacuum cleaner, SEBO 9804AM also includes various tools that compliment the process of vacuuming. These tools include a crevice tool for cleaning in nooks and corners, an upholstery nozzle and a parquet tool. The power head can also be purchased separately. Finally, the 31 feet long cord accompanies the machine that guarantees that you won’t have to halt the vacuuming operation at regular intervals to plug and unplug the switch. East maintenance is facilitated with clog remover door and easily cleaned brush roller.


There are a lot of standard features and components that make SEBO 9804AM one of the most multi-facet vacuum cleaners in the market. Good thing is that it is also significantly lightweight compared to most other high-end vacuum cleaners. All these factors, coupled with the fact that SEBO 9804AM comes with a five year manufacturer warranty, certainly make it highly desirable for users.

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Sebo 9570AM

Sebo 9570AM

Sebo has distinguished itself in producing finest quality of automatic upright vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners offer a variety of useful features and are equipped with the most cutting-edge technology you would find in the market. Among such remarkable products, Sebo 9570AM is one of the latest introductions and has been proven to be highly satisfactory for the people.

Specs and Features:

Like most other high-tech vacuum cleaners from Sebo, Sebo 9570AM is also equipped with a wand that can be activated instantly and a hose that is flexible enough to reach under the furniture and other hard to reach areas. The highly advanced filtration system belongs to S-Class which serves as a reliable shield against dust allergies. The vacuum cleaner is also fitted with sensors that detect possible technical flaws such as clogging and immediately warn the users by blinking the lights. This is a lightweight vacuum, having a nominal weight of 16 lbs.

The technical specifications of Sebo 9570AM are quite in line with some of the finest quality high-end vacuum cleaners from Sebo. The S-Class filters of the vacuum cleaners are based on the latest technology in vacuum cleaning and are released in the market after multiple testing by experts. These filters not only provide reliable performance but also serve for a long time and hence there is rarely any need to keep extra filters.


The performance of Sebo 9570AM is on par with some of the finest vacuum cleaners currently in the market. The special ergonomic hand grip on this machine would save you from a lot of physical fatigue and provide comfortable cleaning and better performance. The machine has a three layer filter which makes sure that powerful and continuous suction is afforded. Besides, the filter is airtight to avoid any dust particles from escaping into air. The automatic system of the machine shuts off in case any clogging occurs in the airflow path and can result in damage.


There is a long 40 feet cord that comes with Sebo 9570AM. This long cord saves you from the trouble to plugging and un-plugging the switch at regular intervals and lets you continue the vacuuming operation without any kind of unpleasant interruption. The hose attached with Sebo 9570AM is 8 feet long which can be attached with the machine for vacuuming in narrow and hard-to-reach places. You can remove the brush easily since it does not require any kind of additional tools. It is also very easy to clean and replace the brush.


Sebo 9570AM, like other high quality vacuum cleaners from the same class, is perfectly suitable for people who are ready to spend a few extra bucks for quality. The machine offers almost all the features that are required for a guaranteed reliable vacuuming and long lasting performance. Then of course, you also have the five year manufacturer warranty which is an added advantage. Whether you are a clean freak or not, vacuum cleaners from this class have proven results for you.

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If you frequently need vacuuming and cleaning around your home, you would definitely want a device which is lightweight yet offers most advanced features. Very few vacuums in the market are able to fulfill this criteria and SEBO 9807AM Felix 1 Premium Onyx Upright Vacuum can certainly be included in this limited class of high quality vacuum cleaners.

Design and Features:

– SEBO 9807AM has been designed to work equally efficiently on carpets, rugs as well as bare floors. You have the 180 degrees maneuvering and steering facility which allows you to clean around without straining your body at all.

– The suction hose of SEBO 9807AM provides instant action and is always ready for use. Various attachments are available to increase the versatility and reach of the hose. These attachments include a 20 inch long wand which can be used to easily clean the areas which are otherwise difficult to accomplish, and an extension hose which is 9 feet long, facilitating cleaning on stairs.

– An orange warning light is present on the power head which is used to signify whenever the brush roller is jammed or stops spinning. The light also illuminates when the roller wears out and needs replacement. Finally, the light also goes off if the height setting of the vacuum is not reasonable compared to the height and type of the floor.

– No tools are required to replace the brush roll when its bristles wear out and it needs to be replaced. Likewise, removing dust and debris from the brush roller is also very simple and smooth.

– The suction hose of SEBO 9807AM has a variable capacitance. This implies that the force of suction hose can be adjusted according to the demands. Of course, the power to vacuum a bare floor is not the same required to vacuum a curtain. So to set the force of suction, you can simply change the suction level.

– Suction unit of SEBO 9807AM can be detached from the machine, thus converting it into a portable vacuum. This makes it perfect for cleaning stairs and even automobile interiors.

Technical Accomplishments:

SEBO 9807AM is equipped with highly advanced and powerful motors and filters, making it one of the most high-tech vacuum cleaners available in the market. For instance, there are “pre-motor filters” which make sure that suction air is cleaned thoroughly before it is allowed to pass through the filter bag. This results in increased motor life and durability of the vacuum.

Another technical accomplishment of SEBO 9807AM is its exhaust micro-filters, which are made of electrostatic microfiber material. This serves to keep the motor cool under high suction pressure. It also makes sure that 99.9% of unwanted dust particles are removed and efficiently trapped by the filters. The filters also make sure that other than trapping the dust from the floor, the surrounding air is also purified, a reason why Sebo filters are included among the filters recommended by The British Allergy Foundation. By the high standards of today’s vacuuming industry, SEBO 9807AM has everything that can make a person spend money on it.

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SEBO 9501AM GVPE Pet Edition Upright X4 Vacuum is among the latest class of mid-weight and high-tech vacuum cleaners. The net weight of this vacuum cleaner is 17 lbs which place it between the heavyweight vacuum cleaners and the low end lightweight machines. This machine is relatively a new introduction but has served the purpose of reliable vacuuming very efficiently.

Product Features:

SEBO 9501AM comes with a powerful integrated motor of 1300 watts that makes sure that dirt and debris is sucked and trapped down to the minutest details. Vacuuming comfort is further enhanced with the help of a 40 feet cord that comes with the machine. Another good specification is the noise suppressing capability of the machine. Its upper noise limit is 69 decibels which is significantly lower than heavyweight and even most mid-weight vacuum cleaners.

Components and Attachments:

There are various useful components, tools and attachments that come with SEBO 9501AM.

1. The 9 feet long extension hose can be attached with the vacuum to clean those areas which are otherwise hard to reach particularly the stairs and under the furniture.

2. The hand held turbo tool is another useful component that facilitates comfortable cleaning and powerful suction.

3. The pet hair tool which, as the name suggests, has been specifically designed to vacuum the pet hair and fur. Vacuuming of the pet hair is one of the most common needs of people seeking vacuum cleaners and a separate tool for this purpose significantly removes this problem.

4. There are also various onboard attachments which users can attach with the machine when required. These attachments include crevice tools, brushing tool and upholstery tool.


An important feature that distinguishes SEBO 9501AM from most other vacuum cleaners is that it has the ability of automatically adjusting the height of the roller brush. This is done by using integrated sensors which are used to detect the height and type of the floor. The vacuum cleaner then adjusts itself according to the specific requirements of the floor type and height.

Sensors are also used on SEBO 9501AM to detect any malfunction that can occur in the machine. The sensors would indicate whenever the bag is full and needs to replaced, of when the suction path has been clogged. The sensors would also indicate if the roller brush has worn and needs to be replaced. Such a mechanism makes sure that any kind of damage is avoided and product durability and long lasting service is made possible. This also results in considerably reducing the maintenance cost.


Great thing about SEBO 9501AM is that it gives all the features of a high-end vacuum cleaner in an incredibly low weight. You would hardly find any other vacuum cleaner in the market which gives all these features and weighs only 17 lbs. The sensors on the vacuum help you remain aware of any kind of problem and you can enjoy vacuuming any kind of floor. And then we also have a five year manufacturer warranty which makes this vacuum pretty irresistible.

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There is no deficiency of durable and high quality vacuum cleaners in the market today. And so sometimes it becomes hard to decide which vacuum cleaners to purchase. But there are still some vacuum cleaners that distinguish themselves from other because of their high-tech features, smooth performance and elegant design. EBO 9806AM Felix 1 Premium Ice Blue Upright Vacuum can be included in this remarkable class of vacuum cleaners.

Notable Aspects:

There are a lot of notable aspects and remarkable features that SEBO 9806AM can boast of. These features present a very balanced blend of smooth performance and high-tech capabilities. For instance, the suction hose of SEBO 9806AM has additional tools to go along with it. These tools include 9 foot extension hose that has been designed to make its reach possible on the stairs and under furniture.

SEBO 9806AM has cleaning capabilities that can work on just about any kind of floor. Other than being able to adjust the power of suction, you can also adjust the height of the brush according to the specific requirements. In cast of an obstruction jamming the efficient performance of the brush, the light indicators on the vacuum let you know about it.

You can shut off the brush if they are not required, which usually happens while vacuuming on the bare floors. Besides, removing and cleaning the brush is also very simple and easy process and does not require any kind of additional tools. In cast the bristles of the brush are worn out or require replacement, the light indicators start blinking.

Versatility and Maintenance:

There are various onboard tools available with SEBO 9806AM that significantly enhance the versatility of the machine. These tools include the pet tool which is designed to remove any kind of pet hair and fur from carpets and floors, crevice tools for vacuuming in narrow spaces, upholstery tool and the suction nozzle. These tools can be attached with the power head of the machine. Power head can also be separately purchased. There is also 31-foot long cord along with the machine which facilitates vacuuming without any interruption. You can plug in at some central location in the home and vacuum around without bothering to unplug at regular intervals. We all know that can be very annoying.

The exhaust filter with SEBO 9806AM is also a class in its own right. This filter, other than providing smooth and reliable filtering performance, also suppresses the motor noise. This filter results in significantly lower noise level of the machine compared to most other vacuum cleaners. Then we also have the pre-motor filters which keep the motor cool and result in increased life of the machine.


SEBO 9806AM is a machine that provides guaranteed performance at a cost which is not very high. Besides, it comes with a five year manufacturer warranty which makes it even more worth your while. If you are ready to spend some buck for a vacuum cleaner that is fitted with all the features and tools required for a reliable and comfortable performance, SEBO 9806AM is a device you should certainly check out.

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Rarely would you find a vacuum cleaner that combines versatility, style and durability. SEBO 9803AM Felix 1 Premium Fun Upright Vacuum happens to be one such machine which not only provides smooth and reliable performance, but is also long lasting and versatile. Just like other high-tech vacuum cleaners from Sebo, it has all the features that you can ask for, with the added feature of unique style.

sebo 9803am

sebo 9803am

Distinguishing Aspects of SEBO 9803AM:

– An always-ready suction hose that is always instantly available for use. Like other high-end Sebo products, it accompanies a 10 inch wand and 9-foot extension hose to increase the ease of use and versatile performance.

– Manual height adjustment is available according to the floor type and height. Height can be adjusted according to four height levels for effective cleaning operation.

– Sensors are available to indicate any possible problem in operation or any technical flaw that needs to be overcome. These problems and flaws include wrong height adjustment, clogging, filling of the bag and wearing the brush bristles.

– Suction power can be adjusted according to the requirements. This facility of gradually increasing or decreasing the power saves the motor energy and ensures long life of the product.

– Multi-layered bags are fitted in SEBO 9803AM which make sure that dust is efficiently trapped and suction powered is retained. Suction power is retained by ensuring that dust settles at the bottom of the bags and the air flow path remains clean.

Versatility of Use:

– Reliable maneuverability is made sure due to the 180 degrees swivel capability of the vacuum, making it extremely effective for cleaning around hard obstacles, under furniture and on the stairs.

– Suction hose can be detached which not only reduces the weight of the vacuum cleaner but also provides it a more compact form, thus making it extremely useful in narrow spaces such as inside of a car and behind the curtains.

– Cord that comes with the machine can be easily unwound by a simple rotation of the hook. Besides, it is very easy to remove and change the filter bags on SEBO 9803AM. Changing bags on this vacuum is a matter of a few seconds during which dust remains efficiently trapped.

Sealed Filtration:

Filters of SEBO 9803AM are tightly sealed to make sure that fine dust particles do not escape into the room via seals or any other way. This ensures that the surrounding air remains clean of any dust particles and thus eliminates any possibility of dust allergy. Filters are tested multiple times before being sent into operation.


If you are a style conscious person but don’t want to comprise on the quality, SEBO 9803AM can be a perfect product for you. Equipped with all the high-tech features found on other high-end Sebo products, SEBO 9803AM also comes with a five year manufacturer warranty. Sebo vacuum cleaners are designed and manufactured to last for 10 to 15 years and besides, the technology used in the production of power-brush of the machine also helps in increasing the carpet life. Bottom line is that SEBO 9803AM can safely be included among the top five vacuum cleaners in the market at present.

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SEBO 9559AM Automatic X4 EXTRA Upright Vacuum is a completely automated electronic vacuum cleaner form Sebo. Just like other automated vacuum cleaners form the company, this one also requires minimal or no manual adjustments and is perfect for people who long for a comfortable vacuuming experience. With its gorgeous new glossy red finish, this is certainly one of the most stylish vacuum cleaners from Sebo.

Features and Performance:

First off, the automatic controller of the machine is a delight to use. The controller keeps close track of the cleaning process and informs you via warning light if any possible problem has occurred. This problem can be clogging or filling of the bag or any other minor flow. This automatic controller can even shut off the machine if there is a danger of some serious problem. So basically, the automatic controller is a perfect device against any damages and hence acts as a shield against the maintenance cost.

We then have electronic height adjustments on SEBO 9559AM. With this feature, the height of the vacuum cleaner can be adjusted according to the requirements of the user or the floor. This makes sure that efficient cleaning is afforded on all floor types. The vacuum is also highly maneuverable and can bend at any angle, thus facilitating reliable and smooth cleaning under furniture and around obstacles.

There is Hospital-grade S-class filtration system integrated with SEBO 9559AM. This filtration system sucks and traps all the dust and debris up to 99.9% and effective to 0.3 microns. Besides, this filtration system also makes sure that any dust particles are not released in the air, thus eliminating any danger of dust allergies.

Accessories and Tools:

Various useful tools and accessories are available with SEBO 9559AM to be used according to the floor and cleaning types. For instance, there is a handheld turbo brush to make sure that optimal cleaning is achieved on stairs because it if usually the stairs that many users have problem cleaning. Besides, extended cleaning and reach is made possible with upholstery tool and a 9.2-foot accessory hose. The pet tool accompanying the machine is a perfect device for people who have problems cleaning the scattered pet hair and fur. This tool traps the pet hair and fur from any kinds of floor down to the minutest details. Above-the-floor cleaning tasks are made simple and smooth with the active wand and hose. Finally, SEBO 9559AM also comes with Lifetime Belts in order to extend the life and improve the operation of the machine.

Who Should Purchase SEBO 9559AM?

Well, to be perfectly honest, this vacuum cleaner seems to be perfectly reliable for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Of course its price is high but that is just what you have to pay for electronic and automated vacuum cleaners with so many useful features. If you are not on a strict budget and are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is highly efficient and can last long, you would certainly like to invest some money into this machine.




SEBO 9558AM Automatic X4 Upright Vacuum has to be one of the most versatile and technically advanced vacuum cleaners in the market. This statement can definitely be backed up with a lot of advanced features and components of the vacuum. It is also very light weight, having a net weight of only 16.7 pounds.

Electronic Controller: The Brain of the Machine

There is an electronic controller on the machine which regulates the smooth performance. This controller measures the resistance of the brush roller against the floor according to which the power head is then adjusted up or down at an appropriate height. This ensures efficient performance on all floor types. Another noteworthy feature of this electronic controller is its warning system. This warning system is sued to inform users of the possible problems such as such as clogs, a worn brush, a full bag and brush roller obstructions. Great thing is that, in order to protect the motor and belts from damage, the electronic controller automatically shuts off the vacuum to avoid any major problem.

Adjustable Height:

On SEBO 9558AM, you can adjust the brush height according to your requirements. But this is not manual and you don’t need to fight with the device, just tell your preference to the electronic controller and it would do the adjustment. This automatic adjustment ensures optimal cleaning of both carpets and hard floors. A unique feature of this adjustment mechanism is the “sealing strip”. This strip is located behind the brush and channels the air flow in order to prevent debris kickback.

SEBO Filtration System:

The SEBO filtration system comes with multiple-layered bags making sure that virtually all dirt is captured by the vacuum. This results in increasing the useful life of the micro-filters. Dust enters from the top and deposits at the bottom, resulting in continuously strong suction. SEBO filters also make sure that surrounding air remains clean and are thus recommended by The British Allergy Foundation.

Warning Light for Worn Brush:

SEBO 9558AM features a special warning light which is used to indicate when the brush roller needs to be removed and replaced. It also indicates whether the brush needs to be cleaned.


When the bag is full or when there is clog in the airflow path, the red warning light indicating “bag full or clog” illuminates. This saves you from any unpleasant scenario and you can clean the bag according to the warning. The warning is also issued upon the detection of a dirty micro-filter. If the problem seems to be serious, the vacuum automatically shuts off. This makes sure that any major damage is avoided. It also efficiently prevents the machine from overhearing and the motor from damaging.


This vacuum cleaner is almost completely automatic. You only need to put your hands on the handle and roam around with and it would do the rest of the job. Of course, complete automatic, safety checks and useful features have hiked the price but if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for guaranteed safe and clean home, it seems like a fair bargain.